Beneath The Neon Lights!

While I was with Matt in Croydon’s Memory Box, I tried my hand again at doing low light photography and used Apple’s Portrait Mode Stage Light feature to produce this photo.

I’m genuinely surprised at how well this photo turned out overall as I brought the highlights and shadows down a little with a hint of vignette through Instagram’s editing tools and turned up the Lux to bring the colour hues from the neon lights up a notch and I’m so pleased with the overall result!

Shot Using The Portrait Mode’s Stage Light Feature on iPhone 11

The neon lights that beamed onto Matt created this visually surreal lighting effect that I’ve seen in some adverts and music videos and even on art pieces online, and to capture this shot of Matt beneath the neon lights in Memory Box and seeing how well it turned out genuinely surprised me.

Alex Smithson

Device Used: iPhone 11
Apps Used: Apple Camera & Instagram (Free)

Apple Camera Settings:

Portrait Mode: On
Portrait Mode Feature Used: Stage Light

Instagram Settings:

Lux: +50
Highlights: -50
Shadows: -50
Vignette: +50

ISO Speed: ISO-1000
F-Stop: f/1.8
Focal Length: 4.25mm

Model: Matt Luke Spike Taylor

Date of Photograph Produced: Wednesday 23rd June 2021


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