Monthly Roundup: June 2021

It’s been an extremely productive month for me; I’ve published so much content on here over the last few weeks, and I’ve been teasing some shots I’ve produced that serve as a hint of the content that I’ve done over the coming weeks which will go up on the website in the coming weeks and months ahead.

I’ve enjoyed the last two weeks of annual leave as I celebrated my 23rd birthday and made the most of my free time by travelling to Camden, which was the first time in four years since I first travelled there.

While I’ve been enjoying the time off, I’ve been going to the gym, which I started doing a month before my annual leave, and I’ve gained newfound confidence as a result of working out.

My mindset’s changed, and I’ve been so active that it feels nice to get up to speed on everything.

The benefit of doing all of this combined has given me continued energy, and the drive of working out and publishing content on here while doing everything else has helped me get my mojo back.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll publish more content from my visits to Piccadilly Circus. 

Then, I’ll be making a point of getting all the photoshoots I’ve produced ready for publishing, so there’s tons of content I’m itching for all of you to see, and I’m so excited!

Without further ado, I’ll quickly summarise the photos I’ve published throughout what has been a fun, exciting and happy June!

1.6.2021 – Kicking off June, the website was given a complete makeover to celebrate the start of Pride Month and was all the more reason to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ Community given Pride Month will always be full of compelling reasons; to celebrate, honour and love all!

3.6.2021 – One of the parks in Mayfair I visited in April consisted of so many beautiful flowers that were vibrant and made me feel like Summer had already arrived that I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of one of the plants.

Red flowers always tend to stand out from the crowd as they’re so colourful and bold and beautiful!

There’s no better feeling than knowing that even when nature has been thriving and showing off her explosion of beautiful colours and her vibrant personality, even she needs a rest.

5.6.2021 – The way this rose I saw in Mayfair creates a rippling appearance shows nature stretching out her photosynthetic veins and her beauty to open up her personality to the world.

Nature’s two reasons to blossom are:

  • she loves showing her wildly vibrant side
  • her explosion of colourful red hues to set the mood of the day beautifully!

There’s nothing I like better than seeing the beauty in the plantation and the floral colours nature expresses!

7.6.2021 – If you need a reason to travel, take the bus to Chinatown or the train and you won’t be disappointed by the beautiful architecture, the scenery and the signs!

Chinatown, Soho is known for its beautiful lanterns, and everything about Soho is beautiful!

Seeing Chinatown busy and succeeding in lighting up the place with the public out in their hundreds and thousands proves that Soho’s roars are just like the dragons which are so successful in roaring so loud they can be heard from miles away!

9.6.2021 – While life slowly returns to normality, Chinatown thrives and is full of fun opportunities and good times that are to be had especially while the beautiful weather is here!

If you’re looking for more than one reason to roar and want to enjoy the beautiful weather, come down to Chinatown, Soho!

There’s something beautiful about Chinatown, Soho; the scenery, the beautiful lanterns all lined up in concentric order and the beautiful, bold and bright colours of the sky and buildings that brighten up the landscape.

11.6.2021 – In the midst of the beautiful sunny weather, all the red lanterns will help guide the way!

Chinatown’s lanterns give off that beautiful glowing feeling every time; the boldness of the red lanterns and the patterns on the lanterns are what make each lantern unique to its own design.

Imagine walking down Little Newport Street in Chinatown, Soho, to be greeted by such a view!

13.6.2021 – It’s a nice feeling to be out in the beautiful sunny weather when you’re in Chinatown, Soho, but sometimes it’s good to enjoy the peace in the shade.

If you fancy a bit of cabaret, the high life of the casino or six different bars to make your days and nights go down with a swing, look no further than the Hippodrome!

Chinatown, Soho & Piccadilly Circus are all beautiful places, but it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate Newport Court in the shade given its beautiful open space and the comfort it brings!

15.6.2021 – Cranbourn Alley is a beautiful part of London which is literally a short walk from the Hippodrome Casino, and on a beautiful sunny day like this, it’s a bustling sight to behold!

I can see the signs in Charing Cross Road, and they stand out like a sore thumb!

Piccadilly Circus, Chinatown, Soho and other parts of London are full of exciting spots, but the best spots when they’re not too busy are the peaceful spots of London!

17.6.2021 – The sun shines bright in Piccadilly Circus; the beautiful landscape is alight with beautiful shadows, and it’s the perfect occasion to get out and soak in the sun!

While bustling in the shade, Hippodrome Casino is full of so many reasons for you to enjoy your time and the fun!

For your safety when travelling in and around Piccadilly Circus, make sure that if you ever experience symptoms of Covid or you potentially feel unwell, call 111 immediately.

19.6.2021 – Springtime in Piccadilly Circus is beautiful!

What a beautiful reason to be in Piccadilly Circus!

Piccadilly Circus is a beautiful place, but have you noticed there’s an old-school retro appeal going on?

21.6.2021 – If you’re looking for a reason to see Courtney Act and Monet X Change do the Death Drop, head to The Garrick Theatre in Piccadilly Circus!

The Hampshire Hotel in and around Piccadilly Circus is a beautiful place!

Fancy a reason to wine and dine in the sun? Visit All Bar One in Piccadilly Circus and bring your friends along for the fun!

23.6.2021 – As Wardour Street celebrates the beautiful scenery and lanterns surrounding Chinatown, Soho, what better way to do it than to do it on a beautiful sunny day?

Piccadilly Circus is one of the best places to have fun and relax, but it stands tall and proud with its monuments and buildings!

If you fancy a drink, come down to The Duke of Wellington in Wardour Street and enjoy the beautiful weather.

25.6.2021 – While I was with Matt in Croydon’s Memory Box, I tried my hand again at doing low light photography and used Apple’s Portrait Mode Stage Light feature to produce a photo of him posing under the beautiful neon lights.

It’s so refreshing to see Old Compton Street booming and full of people after a chaotic year with Covid closing everything down, but it’s so refreshing to see the area reopened to a crowd of people after a long time.

It certainly feels like a walk in the park down Walker’s Court, especially with the beautiful sunny weather!

If you want to be horsing around in Soho and enjoy the beautiful weather, come down to The White Horse pub!

27.6.2021 – When you’re in Soho and need a reason to cool down in the beautiful sunny weather, come down to Rupert Street!

If you’re feeling cheeky and are looking for the latest lingerie and many reasons to quench your desires, or if you’re looking for a reason to enjoy many fun nights out in Soho, come down to Old Compton Street!

Being under the shade in Rupert Street on a beautiful sunny day brings about the peacefulness of the area as Soho is a fun place to visit, but it’s nice to have a moment to relax under the shade.

29.6.2021 – During my visit to Piccadilly Circus in April, I came across this beautiful part of Archer Street in Soho, and the scenery down both roads was so beautiful!

It may be busy and full of traffic on Shaftesbury Avenue, but that’s a good thing because there are so many exciting opportunities that await you!

The beautiful lanterns that decorate Chinatown, Soho are glowing down Shaftesbury Avenue and they’re absolutely remarkable!

It’s been one of the most productive months I’ve published the most content in five years as I last published this much content in April 2016, so for me, I feel like this is a massive achievement as I’ve been so keen on publishing as much content as I’ve made up for so much lost time from last year that I feel like I’ve achieved so much more this time around and I intend to keep achieving the best in everything!

If you missed any of the photos I published throughout June, don’t worry, as I’ve included all the links for June’s content below this monthly roundup and if you enjoyed the content I’ve published this month, I would love to hear your feedback.

Until then, I hope you all had an action-packed and fun June and I’ll see you all in July!

Stay safe, everyone! I love you all!

Alex Smithson

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