A Quiet & Peaceful Walk Down Shaftesbury Avenue.

I love the peaceful and quiet walk down Shaftesbury Avenue; it’s an excellent way to clear the mind, and the weather is a massive benefit with a hint of a breeze to help relax the soul.

The sunny weather makes all the difference; the shade is a beautiful way to cool down, and this avenue is full of inspiration.

This avenue inspired me because it made me feel happy, it gave me something to smile about, and Shaftesbury Avenue itself is aesthetically pleasing!

I’ll most certainly revisit Shaftesbury Avenue; I love the design aesthetic of the beautiful landscape, and I cannot wait to find more inspiration in and around this avenue!

Alex Smithson

Device Used: iPhone 11
Apps Used: Apple Camera, Apple Photos & Instagram (Free)

Apple Photos Settings:

Filter Used: Vivid Warm

Instagram Settings:

Filter Used: Aden

Lux: +50
Highlights: -50
Shadows: -50
Vignette: +50

ISO Speed: ISO-32
F-Stop: f/1.8
Focal Length: 4.25mm

Date of Photograph Produced: Saturday 17th April 2021

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