Freedom Day: How Are You Feeling?

Freedom Day is here, and everyone in the UK is gradually using the opportunity to celebrate most of the restrictions that were lifted today after six months of gradual unlocks, but how are you feeling?

I feel anxious considering that most of Croydon and London will slowly do away with the face masks despite the surge in cases, and I can bear witness to this anxiety of no face coverings because I was on the way to the gym this morning, and when I left a few hours ago, I saw virtually almost everyone with no face masks, except for me and a few others who continued to wear face masks.

Understandably, many of us are concerned about how things could be towards the end of 2021. Everyone is still awaiting their second vaccine dose while more variants potentially increase the case numbers and the death toll for COVID-19.

My main concern is even though I’m glad that Freedom Day is here, I’ll still wear my face masks in enclosed spaces where it is virtually impossible to distance from others socially and sanitise often following most restrictions which are now relaxed, especially considering there are a vast majority of people who are anti-mask and anti-vax who will continue to push their agenda by physically and mentally abusing others because they believe the virus doesn’t exist when it does.

At the same time, they preach that the vaccines will violate their human rights when it doesn’t as it’s optional.

For all of us, it’s mixed emotions right now as we’re all continuing to exercise caution. If any anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers, except for anyone who is exempt from wearing a face mask and are exempt from having the vaccines due to medical reasons that prevent them from using face masks and vaccines, are reading this intending to push their agenda and ignorant views on to me and everyone else, I have a simple message to pass on to them from here:

Please do not project your anti-mask/anti-vax views, and please don’t perpetuate falsehoods about the virus and masks onto me and everyone else, as I want this website to be a safe space for everyone. Everyone is welcome, but please do not push your ignorance and everything else mentioned on this message on to anyone. This pandemic has affected all of us, and we want to stay safe and be fully protected, and be vaccinated.

I wanted to voice my concerns because, of course, life is slowly returning to normal.

The pandemic, however, is far from over, and we all must protect ourselves and others, especially anyone who is classed high-risk and is clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV), from transmitting the virus, especially considering more and more variants are going to materialise.

At the same time, the government cannot keep running away from this virus; it’s not going to go away anytime soon, and we all know that, but everyone who wants to be vaccinated knows that herd immunity will be vital to survive against a deadly virus that has ravaged and affected us all, especially anyone who has had or continues to battle the effects of Long Covid either short-term or long term.

I know there’s a very likely chance of judgment after everyone has read this.

At the same time, I’m being realistic.

We all want to survive, but at the end of the day, all the time anyone continues to show ignorance, arrogance and inequality towards others, the world will only continue going backwards until anyone accepts that we have to keep moving forward.

Now, the UK has to face the music. Employment rates need to increase rapidly, and the global economy needs to recover for life to return to normal. The government now have to start taking the full scale of the pandemic, everyone’s mental health, including the financial aspects of everyone’s lives, seriously to survive.

We all need to accept that this virus will exist post-pandemic, and life can only return to normal if we learn to live with the coronavirus like we have had to with the flu.

Consistent scaremongering from the government, ignorance and anti-vax/anti-maskers pushing their agendas, both offline and online, has got to stop, and what needs urgent consideration is the government have to clamp down and use the funding to support mental health, and also to use the funding to drastically reduce all forms of crime, both offline and online, for the UK to become a safe place, especially for every place around the world to be a safe space.

My views are realistic, and I wanted to say this as I want all of us to be safe and well and exercise extreme caution as we all need to support one another now more than ever and stay safe no matter where we go.

Please stay safe, everyone, and if you’re anxious and need to open up about how you’re feeling now Freedom Day is here, and the third lockdown is now over, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I love you all!

Alex Smithson

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