My Tribute to Amy Winehouse, Ten Years On.

A month before the coronavirus pandemic began, I got Amy Winehouse’s eyes tattooed on my arm with her legendary trademark makeup by Jakki at Harlequin Tattoos, as her music resonated with me because her mental health, for me, played out entirely in the public eye.

It was eye-opening to hear her music as she documented her Back to Black album during a period of her life that was widely publicised.

Ten years on since her passing, I remember so vividly I was at home with my family after being off school for the last week of the term due to a cold.

I remember my mum came into the living room and changed the channel to Sky News, and it was so heartbreaking for every single one of us who followed her music to learn she passed away at the age of 27, and fast forward to now, her music and her personal and public life in the public eye both played a part in her mental health, and even now, her music is not only influential but cemented her legendary status as she is a legend that went too soon.

Getting her eyes tattooed on my arm was my way of remembering her for the fact her passing is what prompted for a call to change for mental health to become more widely recognised in today’s society, but her music was what I could relate to as she’s made us all realise our mental health matters, and the vulnerabilities we all have in our mental health matter too.

This tattoo carries meaning for me as her music inspires me to keep opening up about my mental health and struggles and I feel that we all need to open up more as we all must reach out to each other and show love and support.

Amy, you are forever the legendary musician that went too soon who inspired all of us and future generations that we must open up more and show our vulnerabilities. Forever a legendary great and you’ll forever be missed Amy Winehouse, but you’ll forever be in our hearts ❤️xxx

Alex Smithson

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