Monthly Roundup: August 2021

It’s been a very productive month, but a quieter month than usual and you’ve probably noticed I’ve not published as much content compared to the past few months and I’ll explain why.

Following the last set of photographs I produced while up in Piccadilly Circus which I published, I’ve been having some downtime to relax and recuperate especially after having the second vaccine and annual leave and then going to a proper club up in Soho for the first time which, let me tell you, was so liberating I didn’t want to leave especially as I hadn’t gone out clubbing for a long time.

On top of that, I’ve been hard at work on the photoshoots I’ve produced as I’ve done 10 photoshoots so far this year to make up for last year being a write-off, but at the same time, it’s an absolute blessing to have done more photoshoots this time around as the photos I published throughout 2021 have given me something to look forward to, and I’m excited to show all of you what I’ve got in store!

If you missed the first photoshoot of 2021, don’t worry as I’ll be putting all the links to August’s photos below this monthly roundup, and I’m excited to announce the second photoshoot is currently in the process of being put together and I’m excited to show all of you what I’ve got planned!

Without further ado, I’ll quickly summarise the photos published throughout August.

1.8.2021 – August kicked off on an exciting note as I mentioned that I had the last remainder of photographs from the 23rd April of Piccadilly Circus to publish while announcing that the first few photo-sets would finally go live on here that I’ve done over the last few months.

3.8.2021 – Want to satisfy your taste buds with the best food Hard Rock Cafe offers?

Come down to Piccadilly Circus and enjoy the tasty delicacies they sell! Curb those hunger pangs for all the best food they have in store!

It’s so peaceful in Coventry Street; the road isn’t busy, and the best feeling about it is walking up the road, knowing there’s a feeling of calm which relaxes me and puts my mind at ease.

Hotel Indigo on the corner of Leicester Street stands proud; it offers many reasons for you to enjoy your time in and around the place!

Lisle Street’s given everyone a reason to brunch and dance; The Slug & Lettuce serves brunches by day, but by night, it is a meet-up venue perfect for letting your hair down to dance!

5.8.2021 – It was a quiet day in Lisle Street; the path was peaceful, and walking through the street put me at ease.

Chinatown is a stunning part of London; the clear sunny days uncover the area’s beauty during the quiet hours.

Every lantern in Chinatown provides positivity!

It’s such a lovely feeling to get another perspective of Chinatown; the beauty of the landscape and the lanterns bring together the beauty of Chinatown.

7.8.2021 – The bright lights of the sunny weather brighten up the bigger lanterns; their size symbolises the joy of Chinatown, and with Soho known as the gay capital of the world second to New York, it’s a fun place to visit!

Shaftesbury Avenue is a beautiful place; it is gorgeous!

The best thing about walking through Wardour Street on a beautiful sunny day is the peaceful atmosphere.

The sun is shining; Shaftesbury Avenue’s in happy spirits, and everyone is enjoying the warm and peaceful atmosphere!

Music brings everyone together; Shaftesbury Avenue does that!

9.8.2021 – Shaftesbury Avenue has so much potential for success and is full of exciting opportunities!

Charing Cross Road is a beautiful place; it feels peaceful even during hectic periods of the day.

Charing Cross is a beautiful place booming with vibrance; it’s so colourful and exuberates bundles of fun!

There’s a beauty in Charing Cross Road; the beautiful scenery, the gorgeous buildings and the booming positive atmosphere of the landscape fill the place with fun and happy times!

Concluding my visit to Piccadilly Circus on the 23rd April, I took the opportunity to travel to Great Newport Street, and I was not disappointed!

22.8.2021 – Kicking off the first photoshoot for 2021, the first subject I’ve photographed for the series this year is Matt Luke Spike Taylor.

It’s been a very productive month indeed, and I have to admit it’s nice to have so much to do on the photography side of it as it feels so good to travel around so much more than before, and I cannot wait to get the photoshoots published over the coming weeks and the last few months of the year!

I hope you all stay safe, everyone!

I’ll see you all in September! I love you all!

Alex Smithson

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