Welcome to October!

Welcome to October, everyone!

It’s a bit of a chilly start to the month considering Autumn is now here and the next few weeks are set to be busier than usual while the fuel crisis is still in full swing.

On the plus side, I’m returning to work next week Sunday before my two week annual leave begins, which is good as it’s given me more of an opportunity and more time to get the photos for the second photoshoot prepared for when it goes live and I’m aiming to publish the photoshoot as soon as I can so stay tuned for when it goes live as I’m making that my aim for this month to publish it as it’s such a huge photoshoot that I want to make sure I can share the best photos from the photoshoot with all of you.

Speaking of photoshoots, after my return to work next week Sunday breaks for when I go on annual leave, photoshoots are back on which I’m excited about as it gives me a reason to travel around more, and I’m excited because the photography series which I’m slowly turning into a book is expanding which has given me a reason to travel to many places and produce more work for the series as mental health is such an important part of our lives and there needs to be more widespread awareness of mental health everywhere.

The good news I can announce to all of you is my mum is slowly healing well as the district nurse came to check her knee this morning and changed the dressing and she’s back next week Friday to remove the remaining loop stitches which should hopefully speed up the recovery process.

Excited for Halloween? I certainly am and I cannot wait to hear from all of you.

Stay safe, everyone!

I love you all!

Alex Smithson

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