Family Emergency

My sincerest apologies for the radio silence over the last two weeks; it’s been an eventful few weeks as my mum, who recently underwent total left knee replacement surgery, returned to the hospital two weeks ago after one of the stitches burst.

The patella was out of place, with muscle tissue damage noted for her knee bleeding on/off.

After the hospital fixed her left knee with internal and external stitches, with a leg brace to help her elevate her leg while also allowing her to walk around using the zimmer frame, she was able to come home last Sunday.

Following mum’s return home, she made excellent progress as she got up on the zimmer frame unassisted.

She’s such a determined woman that she is determined to remain as mobile as possible with her Secondary Progressive MS despite the relapse she’s been going through in the last few years.

On Wednesday night, her legs became restless due to her Multiple Sclerosis flaring up while trying to readjust to the bearings of being at home again after two weeks in hospital.

She suffered two falls on Thursday; one in the morning as I was getting ready to leave for work, and then the second fall was during my shift.

She fell awkwardly on her right knee twice while using the zimmer frame, and in the process, dislocated and broke her right ankle.

The emotional distress the hospital caused all of us due to the lack of communication and hope-building from them not telling us anything is the real reason I’ve been silent for the last two weeks.

It got too much for me to deal with mentally.

I sincerely apologise for being inactive in publishing; my main focus has been on my mum recovering and coming home than on publishing anything.

I wanted you all to know that as of now, she’s resting in the ward, and her right ankle is now in a cast, but it may be some time before she eventually returns home from the hospital.

It’s been an emotionally traumatising time for all of us, and I hope she can return home from the hospital soon as I miss her so much and wanted you to know I’ll still be publishing where I can, but not as frequently.

I want to help her out when she eventually comes home, so please forgive me if I don’t publish as much as I’ve been throughout the year.

I wanted to notify and apologise to all of you for the inactivity.

Alex Smithson

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