Monthly Roundup: October 2021

It has been an eventful and mentally exhausting month considering the way everything’s been over the last few weeks.

I’ve been focusing on my mum’s recovery after her recent full knee replacement and the falls she had the other day which resulted in her right ankle being dislocated and broken.

However, I’m hopeful that mum will return home from the hospital soon, but I’ll give you all an update here and there where I can to let you know how she’s getting on so that you’re in the loop about her road to recovery.

I’ll quickly summarise the articles/photos I published throughout October.

1.10.2021 – It was a bit of a chilly start to the month considering Autumn arrived, and the next few weeks were set to be busier than usual while the fuel crisis was still in full swing.

2.10.2021 – I was inspired by Cheryl Tweedy’s album, Messy Little Raindrops, when I produced the photo of the raindrops on the glass, because every raindrop symbolised the beautiful mess of nature letting off steam.

4.10.2021 – Autumn is in full bloom; nature’s embracing the autumnal weather, and her beauty shines!

The beauty from this time of the year is nature’s ability to exuberate the autumnal glow.

5.10.2021 – The leaves from trees may fall, but the beauty of fall comes to the surface.

It’s a beautiful reason to break ground as Autumn uncovers nature’s beauty.

15.10.2021 – After six years, ADELE finally marks her return with her first single, Easy On Me, off her highly anticipated fourth studio album, 30, which releases on the 19th November, coming six years after the release of her third studio album, 25!

31.10.2021 – It’s been an eventful few weeks as my mum, who recently underwent total left knee replacement surgery, returned to the hospital a few weeks later after one of the stitches burst. A few days after returning home, despite the excellent progress mum made using the zimmer frame unassisted, she suffered two nasty falls, with the second fall causing her to fall awkwardly which, in the process, dislocated and broke her right ankle.

Again, I wanted to take this moment to sincerely apologise for the inactivity over the last few weeks. It has been the most eventful few weeks for all of us and I want to make sure I can be there for mum when she returns home, which means that throughout the last two months of the year I’ll be publishing less frequently as I want to be there to ensure my mum’s knee and right ankle can recover in the coming weeks and months ahead.

It will be a long road to recovery, and I’ll be making sure to be there for mum as often as I can, but I’ll still try to publish here and there where I can.

If you missed anything I published throughout October, don’t worry as all the links for October are below.

I wanted to take this moment to wish you all a Happy Halloween, and I hope all of you stay safe and wrap up warm as we slowly journey into the Winter season.

🎃 Happy Halloween! I’ll see you all in November! 🎃

Alex Smithson

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