Monthly Roundup: December 2021

It’s been a quiet last month of the year but a very productive month away from publishing as I was travelling around doing events photography which I never anticipated would ever become something I love doing, and it’s given me so much to feel thankful, grateful and happy for as my days off here and there will be more productive now, and I’m excited as I cannot wait to produce content on the go more often.

It doesn’t seem possible it is officially the end of the year, and I cannot believe I’m writing the final monthly roundup of 2021. The time has flown much faster this year, but it’s been fun despite some bumpy moments here and there.

On the plus side, as the doors on 2021 finally close, 2022 will open to exciting and new opportunities!

For one last time, I shall quickly summarise the articles/photos I’ve published throughout December.

1.12.2021 – It was a cold start to the month, and Christmas finally arrived!

22.12.2021 – It was a few weeks in the making! I was away for a few weeks producing content at events in Croydon, Deptford & London, and I’m pleased to announce the launch of MN Events!

25.12.2021 – I took the opportunity to wish you all the happiest Christmas, and may you have the most wonderful New Year for 2022!

30.12.2021 – The next subject I photographed for the series is Jamie Albert Hills.

What a way to end the monthly roundup! It’s been a crazy few weeks and a crazy year but it’s been better than 2020!

If you missed any of the articles/photos I published throughout December, don’t worry as the links to the content published this month can be found below.

Thanks so much for an awesome last month of the year!

Check back very soon for 2021: A Year in Review!

Alex Smithson

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