Trails of Happiness!

At night, the passing vehicles leave behind light trails of happiness so vivid and bright you’ll feel warm inside!

The light trails have that ethereal feeling that makes me feel like there is an otherworldly beauty that I don’t often see!

If you told me you didn’t love the beauty of nightfall, you would be missing out on the beautiful tranquillity that the light trails bring.

I love that feeling where I can stand or sit back and take in the scenery while watching the light trails develop into a beautiful junction of brightness, and it is a perfect reason to live life bright!

Alex Smithson

Device Used: iPhone 11
Apps Used: ProCam 8 (£6.99) [Price Subject to Change], Apple Photos & Instagram (Free)

ProCam 8 Settings:

Slow Shutter: On
Light Trail: On
Duration of Long Exposure Shot: 8 Seconds

Apple Photos Settings:

Auto: On

Filter Used: Dramatic Warm

Exposure: -11
Brilliance: +48
Highlights: -41
Shadows: +35
Contrast: +23
Brightness: -46
Black Point: +6
Saturation: +13
Vibrancy: +100
Definition: +100

Instagram Settings:

Lux: +50
Brightness: -50
Structure: +25
Warmth: +50
Saturation: +50
Shadows: -25
Vignette: +50

ISO Speed: ISO-800
F-Stop: f/2.4
Focal Length: 13mm

Date of Photograph Produced: Wednesday 16th March 2022

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