Welcome to April!

Welcome to April, everyone!

It’s a new month full of exciting opportunities; despite the chilly weather which should end soon now Spring’s here, the next few weeks are set to be busy and full of productivity.

As daylight continues into the evenings before nightfall, it’s a good reason to get out and make the most of any sunny weather that comes our way before nightfall approaches.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be aiming to produce more long exposure photographs, and I’ll be looking to get back up to speed on the remaining photoshoots I intended on publishing last year but took a break from while mum and I were recovering from our surgeries, and the good news is I’ve got 8 photoshoots left to publish which I’m determined to publish throughout the coming weeks/months.

How has your start to the month gone so far? I cannot wait to hear from all of you.

Alex Smithson

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