A Bright & Beautiful Spring Day Out in Bromley!

Despite the weather being overcast today, the atmosphere of Bromley was beautiful; the mixture of the sun and clouds made the overall scenery feel so peaceful!

With a beautiful breeze circulating Bromley, I felt at ease and took comfort in the beauty of the weather.

Despite some elements of today being busy in terms of moving traffic, there was that feeling of peace in the breeze.

I loved it! It was a beautiful change of scenery, and I made the most of it as today put a spring in my step!

Alex Smithson

Device Used: iPhone 11
Apps Used: Apple Camera, Apple Photos & Instagram (Free)

Apple Camera Settings:

Panorama: On
Ultra Wide: On

Apple Photos Settings:

Filter Used: Vivid Warm
Auto: On

Exposure: -12
Brilliance: +57
Highlights: -46
Shadows: +28
Contrast: +27
Brightness: -50
Black Point: +6
Saturation: +5
Vibrancy: +6
Definition: +100

Instagram Settings:

Filter Used: Aden

Lux: +50
Brightness: -25
Contrast: +25
Warmth: +100
Highlights: -50
Shadows: -50
Vignette: +50

ISO Speed: ISO-80
F-Stop: f/2.4
Focal Length: 13mm

Date of Photograph Produced: Saturday 23rd April 2022


  1. Nice one Alex!
    I think with the filter you’ve chosen, I get this 1970s retro vibe, as with the old colour films used for photography back then. The architecture of that view in Bromley just adds to that vibe.
    Appreciate you sharing with this us, my friend!


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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words on this photo, Vijay, I appreciate it.

      I’ve been trying some photography tricks out lately with the iPhone’s rear cameras as I’ve been using Apple’s Live Photos feature a lot lately to produce long exposure shots at night, and recently, I’ve been using the Panorama feature to produce some photos that would otherwise have been a pipe dream to produce on the normal camera settings.

      It’s such a good feeling learning new photography skills from others, and I love the editing process with photos as I can bring that otherworldly feeling into the photos I produce.

      I’m so happy you noticed the 1970s retro vibe in this photo as I’ve been wanting to reproduce that 70s retro appeal in the modern day era of photography as there’s that feeling of nostalgia looking through old photos that were from 50 to 60 years ago, and I’ve always wanted to recreate that same nostalgic appeal in the photos I produce for the present day.

      It’s a pleasure sharing this photo with you, Vijay, and with everyone else! 🙂

      Alex Smithson

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