Monthly Roundup: April 2022

April’s been a busy month and quite an interesting one indeed.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve produced photography work as I prepare to publish the third photoshoot from last year, and in the process, I’ve managed to do the first two photoshoots of 2022.

Now that Spring has finally graced us all with its presence, I’m making it my intention to travel around much more than last year as I want to create work that empowers and inspires all of you to unleash your creativity in this ever-changing world that needs more love, happiness, inspiration and wisdom.

Without further ado, I shall quickly summarise the photos/tributes I’ve published throughout April.

1.4.2022 – April was a month full of exciting opportunities, and despite the chilly weather which would end now Spring’s arrived, the next few weeks are set to be busy and full of productivity.

4.4.2022 – It was devastating to learn the news that the legendary actress, June Brown OBE, best known for playing the on-screen character, Dot Cotton, on EastEnders, passed away at the age of 95.

5.4.2022 – Fifty to sixty years ago, Croydon used to be full of life; everyone travelled in and around George Street, North End, Katharine Street & Croydon Flyover to enjoy the scenery at the height of the Space Age Era, which occupied the 70s with retro appeal reminiscent to certain parts of the modern era.

12.4.2022 – At times, we feel emotionally suffocated by the norms of social media, the press, and all governments, including the dangerous behaviour where people are often ignored and overlooked for showing genuine emotions.

16.4.2022 – The sunset over Greenview was beautiful; the gorgeous hues of the sunset landscape and the clouds creating what feels like a painting filled me with peace.

18.4.2022 – The weather’s been excellent recently. I’ve been making the most of the sunny weather and the days off from work while soaking in the beautiful Spring weather.

21.4.2022 – In the evening, the sun setting on the landscape brings that spring glow, but some days stay gold forever!

The photo I published on this day, Some Days Stay Gold Forever referenced the lyrics from The Wanted’s record, Gold Forever, as I wanted to pay tribute to Tom Parker who sadly passed away on the 30th March, and I wanted the photo to be a respectful tribute to him and his family and friends, including The Wanted, as I wanted him and everyone to know we’ll forever be Chasing The Sun with him as this day would stay Gold Forever.

The spring season makes me feel so warm inside; the sun’s glow as it rises first thing in the morning and the last thing in the evening as it sets brings about the beautiful comfort that puts my mind at ease.

23.4.2022 – Despite the weather being overcast, the atmosphere of Bromley was beautiful; the mixture of the sun and clouds made the overall scenery feel so peaceful!

If you missed anything I published throughout April, I’ve provided below the links to all the photos/tributes so that you never miss anything I post.

I wanted to end this monthly roundup by paying my respects to Tom Parker and June Brown OBE, as both of them will forever live on in our hearts as the truly inspirational icons they truly are and their spirit will forever live on in all of us as they’ve truly inspired me and us all.

Alex Smithson

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