Kuba Kotek | Devil Knocking On The Door | Out Now!

It’s forever an honour to review my dear friend Kuba Kotek’s new record, Devil Knocking On The Door, which is out now!

When Kuba first performed this record at Matthew’s Yard in February, I was amazed by his vocal range.

He carried the entire performance and immersed everyone in the experience, so much so that his voice gave me goosebumps. He is so good live as he is on the record!

Devil Knocking At Your Door has a mixture of Hip-Hop and the old-school 90s retro appeal because Kuba’s sound is so unique and reminiscent of the 90s era of Hip-Hop and Old-School when the 90s era consisted of famous rappers, such as Tupac Shakur, OutKast, The Notorious B.I.G. (Biggie Smalls), Lauryn Hill, The Fugees, including other musicians and groups of other genres, such as Destiny’s Child, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, and other various artists, that he effortlessly bared his soul and genuine emotions at the very surface.

I did a photoshoot with Kuba a few weeks ago prior to the release of this fantastic soul-bearing record as I photographed him around the Southbank Skatepark, Bermondsey and in Croydon, and I’m honoured to tell you the cover art for Kuba’s record which can be found below, contains the photo I produced which he edited and worked his magic on for this remarkable cover art.

© Kuba Kotek & Kotek Studios / Devil Knocking On The Door / Official Artwork

This photo was produced in Croydon between the big block opposite where the giant Reeves Corner Furniture Store used to be and the car park.

Devil Knocking On The Door is one of the best records I’ve ever heard as it’s a reflection of the personal experiences Kuba’s been through, and he has turned those personal experiences he’s been through into this exceptional masterpiece!

It’s so soulful and shows Kuba speaking from the heart his personal experiences as he’s brought all of that to the surface and made a record so impactful that it’ll give anyone who has been through what he’s been through, especially anyone currently going through what he went through the opportunity to break away from any cult and any abusive relationship that affects their way of life.

These powerful first few lines from the record immediately drew me in because Kuba reflected on what he went through, and even if anyone of us have or haven’t been in a relationship with someone, we have all, at some point in our lives been in that position where anyone we thought we could align ourselves with built us up as a version of ourselves to appeal to them, only to then tear us down when we take back control of ourselves from them.

This is a story about someone that I loved; someone I cared so deeply about, someone I would do anything for.

Heck, I even looked up to the person, and all they ever wanted was to build me up, just so they could take everything away from me.

Ain’t that a bitch?”

Kuba Kotek – Excerpt from Devil Knocking On The Door

This record cuts deep for me on a personal level because even though I’ve not been in a relationship myself, I used to be a version of myself when I was at secondary school to please some people who bullied me and others for their own gratification, and only when I took back control, some of the bullies sought to tear me down, but taking back control was the best thing I ever did, because who’s laughing now?

I can relate to this record because I too have been in a position of being a version of myself for others when I was at secondary school, and it did tear me down, but over time, I took back control because I had had enough of appealing to others who wouldn’t accept me for being me, and years later, I’m true to myself, I don’t care if anyone doesn’t like me for being me, and no one can take away from me my right to be my true authentic self knowing this is the best kind of freedom I’ve ever felt at this point in my life, and for the future!

This magical and inspirational and empowering sound Kuba has created I know will inspire everyone to open up, and Devil Knocking On The Door does exactly that as Kuba’s record has inspired me to open up about my own experiences.

This exceptionally fantastic record by Kuba is now available to listen to on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and other streaming services!

Check the link below for the other various streaming services this record is on, and let’s give this record the maximum impact it truly deserves!


I wanted to celebrate this record by announcing it is now available to purchase on iTunes and other global music stores!

To purchase Devil Knocking On The Door by Kuba Kotek, click/tap on the link below to purchase this inspiring and powerfully empowering record.


You’re getting two versions of the record, as you’ve got the standard version and the extended version of Devil Knocking On The Door, and they’re both worth a listen!

If you enjoyed my review of Kuba’s inspirational and awesome record, please feel free to comment below, as I would love to hear from you!

Alex Smithson

© Kuba Kotek, Kotek Studios, 2022

© The cover art for Devil Knocking On The Door, including the excerpt from the beginning of the record is copyright of Kuba Kotek & Kotek Studios. Full copyright goes to the respective owners.

#TigersDen – Use this Hashtag by Kuba Kotek on Twitter and spread the word!

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