The Concept of Expression: Hayley Jane Tarrant


The next subject I’ve photographed for this series is Hayley Jane Tarrant.

Exactly one year ago, while I was in Lloyd Park, as Summer fast approached, Hayley and I, along with a couple of close friends of ours, seized the day and did photoshoots at the park while the beautiful sunny weather was out.

Because the weather was so lovely one year ago today, I wanted to capture the emotions Hayley conveyed in a few of the photographs.

Considering it was a long time since we met up, as we last met in 2019, it was a perfect reason to have a much-needed catch-up.

Because it was so warm, I caught the sun while we were at Lloyd Park as I got home and my neck was red from being in the sun for longer than I anticipated, but doing the photoshoot with Hayley was worth it as I was able to produce these photos to capture her genuine emotions.

These photos, for me, capture Hayley’s genuine emotions perfectly, as she conveys feelings of happiness mixed with moments where she questions her thought process, and often enough, we all reach that point where we sometimes question ourselves and show concern about the way we feel.

Sometimes, we may not say it, but our genuine emotions in the facial expressions we show are a reflection of what and the way we feel inside.

For me, I wanted this photoset to encourage empowerment and inspire everyone that it’s okay to open up and be entirely open about how we feel, as too many genuine emotions go unnoticed.

We must actively encourage positive change where mental health comes in and encourage everyone around us who may be struggling to confide in us and open up to us about how and the way they feel so that we can all be the positive change we all want to see in this world.

If you are or know someone who is going through consistent struggles and feel like the world is weighing you or others down, it’s okay to not be okay, and always know you will never be in this alone.

To access information on this website referring to Mental Health, please refer to the ‘Mental Health Organisations’ page on the menu at the top of this website by hovering the mouse over the ‘Mental Health’ menu if you’re on a Windows PC/Laptop or Apple MacBook or iMac, or, if you’re using an iPhone, iPad or Android tablet or smartphone, press the ≡ Menu button and then the Mental Health Menu Arrow, and then the Mental Health Organisations tab to be directed to the ‘Mental Health Organisations’ page which contains all the helplines and contact information from the United Kingdom and the United States.

If you feel this photoset has inspired and empowered you to open up about your mental health struggles, please feel free to get in touch as I want the photoshoots I produce to make a positive difference to every single one of you.

Alex Smithson

Equipment Used:

DSLR Used: Nikon D3300
Lens Used: TAMRON AF70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Macro 1:2

App Used: Instagram (Free)
Filter Used: Inkwell

Date of Photoset Produced: Saturday 5th June 2021


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