Welcome to August!

Welcome to August, everyone!

As we continue to make the most of the beautiful Summer weather we’ve been experiencing over the past few weeks, the next few weeks are set to fly by as everyone makes the most of the warmth while it lasts.

I’ll be publishing content throughout the coming weeks as I have some annual leave days planned towards the end of the month, though I may be looking into publishing a few photos here and there while I work on the photoshoots I intend to publish.

It’s been a wonderfully warm start to August, and I find it hard to believe it is August already; this year has flown awfully fast, but it has been such a fun year so far I don’t want the fun to stop!

I’ve been making the most of going for nights out on the town as I’ve been travelling to Soho more often than last year, and it’s such an escape to immerse myself in the music and fun of the scenery while dancing with friends, and there’s nothing more liberating than letting your hair down and letting loose and enjoying yourself, as this is something we all get to do only once in life, and that’s why I’m making every single day count.

How has your start to August gone so far? I would love to hear from all of you!

Alex Smithson

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