Monthly Roundup: August 2022

It’s been a busy few weeks, but a couple of fun weeks too as we made the most of the beautiful Summer weather, though I’ve been producing photography work on the go here and there, and it’s been really nice to make the most of the days off work.

These last few weeks have flown so fast, and it’s hard to think we’re a few months away from nearly seeing the year out, but it’s been so fun so far I don’t want this fun year to end.

I’ve been publishing photography work on and off throughout August as I made the most of the wonderful weather despite the heatwaves we’ve experienced in recent weeks, and in the process, I enjoyed visiting Brighton for the first time in eleven years, and it felt so good to make the most of the peaceful seafront.

Without further ado, I’ll quickly summarise the photos and other content published throughout August.

1.8.2022 – As we continued to make the most of the beautiful Summer weather we experienced over the past few weeks, the next few weeks were set to fly by as everyone made the most of the warmth while it lasted.

16.8.2022 – During my visit to Brighton, I noticed time stood still as we all made the most of the heatwave.

My dear friend, Sinead, posed for the photo I produced of her while in Brighton, and the view there was beautiful!

We all need some fizz in our lives to satisfy our tastebuds as we experience the sizzling heatwave!

24.8.2022 – The beautiful sunset in the distance was like an orchestra of dreams; every cloud around the sunset felt like pieces of a dream put together.

31.8.2022 – Sunsets during the golden hour are truly remarkable; the glistening everglow of the orange hues that fill the sky create silhouettes that feel like a painting in a postcard-style form unlike no other!

It’s been such a fun few weeks, but it has been very busy and very productive, considering I travelled with Sinead down to Brighton a few weeks ago to celebrate Brighton Pride a day early, and I have to admit I would happily travel to Brighton again when the opportunity arises.

If you missed any of the photos and other content I published throughout August, don’t worry, as the links to the photos are below this monthly roundup.

I love you all!

I’ll see you all in September!

Alex Smithson

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