Monthly Roundup: November 2022

It’s been a very busy few weeks, but I find it hard to believe it’s already the end of November, and the time has flown so fast this month.

I produced a massive collection of photographs earlier this month and towards the end of October surrounding the fireworks, and was surprised to learn that the official Stranger Things Experience Instagram account saw the photo I produced and published: “The Nightly Afterglow!”, and they liked it, which stunned me as I was heavily inspired by the Netflix series.

Having said that, the last few weeks have been interesting, but I have something awesome to share with all of you which I’ll share at the end of next month as I’m itching to show you something that arrived a few weeks ago.

Without further ado, I shall quickly summarise the photos published throughout November.

1.11.2022 – It was quite the expected wet start to the month as there was rainfall our end, but it was rather windy too.

5.11.2022 – In the high spirits of bonfire night, everyone set off their fireworks and created remarkably vibrant and bold displays, and I seized the opportunity to produce a large collection of photographs in the lead up to the firework celebrations!

15.11.2022 – The afterglow of the passing vehicles turned the scenery a dark shade of red, reminiscent of an old-school retro appeal so vivid the area felt like something out of Stranger Things.

25.11.2022 – If we wish upon a star, we seek to brighten every lucky star that shines so beautifully by uplifting everyone around us!

30.11.2022 – Croydon has a close-knit community that diversifies and brings everyone together, even in the face of a pandemic that closed the world down for a brief time.

Despite much of the negativity and problems surrounding the borough, we are all diamonds in the rough who, repeatedly, have never stopped working hard to bring light and positivity to the borough.

What a busy month it has been!

It has certainly been busy and productive, but it has been a fun-filled few weeks, and so far, everything has gone really well, especially now I’m back at the gym, and the good thing is that I’m finding more time in the day to do more things with my photography work as well as travelling around.

The last few weeks of the year will be strenuous and busy as we’re now at the turning point crossing into the Christmas festive season, but I’ll be making sure to get the next photoshoot published before the end of 2022.

If you missed any of the content published throughout November, don’t worry, as the links to the month’s content is below!

I love you all!

I’ll see you all in December!

Alex Smithson

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