A Foggy Morning!

Yesterday’s dip in temperature as we approach the winter season saw the landscape covered in thick fog, limiting visibility on the road!

It may be the last month of 2022, but nature is full of surprises, and yesterday’s foggy landscape felt like a movie scene as the fog engulfed the buildings, providing little to no warning for the incoming vehicles.

The fog lasted all day into the night hours but slowly lifted as the evening passed.

Still, foggy weather like this has to be expected around this time of the year as the temperatures dramatically continue to fall.

Considering there was a lot of traffic yesterday morning, it’s not surprising that everyone driving on the road went slowly as we all watched for our safety, whether it was on the road or by walking, as our health, safety and well-being matters every single day of the year.

Did you have foggy weather your end?

I would love to hear from you.

Alex Smithson

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