A Rusty & Grungy Perspective!

In life, we always see the perspective from above, but what about the view we observe from below?

There’s a sense of rustiness and grunge from below that uncovers the beauty of every place we visit and the architecture we see.

When architectural landscapes contain that rusty and grungy appeal, it speaks volumes about the history of the places we visit and how long certain buildings have been around.

It’s so fascinating capturing that feeling that is surreal and allows us to visualise the way the landscape is now compared to many years and decades ago.

I’m forever fascinated and inspired by the historical landscape and how everything we see changes and evolves!

There’s nothing I love more than embracing the history of old come full circle with modern-day architecture, fusing old with new to create a magical yet exquisite landscape that builds on the foundations of the past while we embrace the future!

After producing this photo, I wanted to create some duotone versions that show this photo in 12 different colours that would reflect my love for pop art.

If you’re an iPhone user and love photos that blend into the design aesthetic of Apple’s iOS 16 Lock Screen, I’ve provided below the full versions of the photo in Duotone form which are completely free to download with the Hex colour codes for the Lock Screen’s font colours which can be customised by tapping on the clock and swiping right to the end for the custom colour palette.

I was largely inspired by the Duotone feature Apple implemented in iOS 16 where you could customise the look of the Lock Screen to the mood of the photo, and by Andy Warhol’s pop art and the way he produced his work, largely through photography, screen printing, which was also known as silk screening as silk used to be the traditional process before being made available for other print uses, from printing decals to producing clock and watch faces and other various products.

Andy Warhol’s pop-art influence and Apple‘s Duotone feature in iOS 16 is what influenced me to produce the Duotone Collection using the original photograph I shot on location at The Queen’s Gardens in Croydon, which consists of the 4-block apartments known as The Fold.

The name of the app I used to manually produce the Duotone Collection is Batched, and the app is by ADVA Soft GmbH.

Click/tap below to download the app, Batched, which is free! The app also offers the optional choice to subscribe to Batched Premium!

Batched / ADVA Soft GmbH – Apple – App Store – FREE

If you enjoyed reading about this photo including about the extended process on the Duotone Collection I worked on, I would love to hear from you as I want to create more work like this as I’m forever inspired by everyone’s creativity around me that I want this, and any other work I produce in the future to inspire and empower all of you!

Alex Smithson

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