Monthly Roundup: January 2023

The first few weeks of 2023 have flown by so fast! January came and went faster than I expected!

It has been a productive month despite being mostly busy, but the good news is I’ve produced the first two photoshoots for this year so far, with potentially more photoshoots to follow throughout the year.

I have to say most of January has been freezing cold, to say the least; we’ve all wrapped up warm for the commute to and from work despite the travel chaos that is ongoing at the moment, but things are slowly starting to look up which is a good sign.

Kicking off the first monthly roundup of 2023, I’ll quickly summarise the content I published throughout January, and if you missed any of the content I published throughout the month, I’ve provided the links to all of January’s content below this monthly roundup.

1.1.2023 – The fireworks kicked off 2023 in style as we had a dazzling firework and drone display that closed 2022 on a high note, and with everyone celebrating until the early hours, it proves that with every new year comes the exciting and fantastic opportunities that lie ahead.

10.1.2023 – With Saffron Tower in the distance, the Interchange that sections the roads off in various directions paves the way for every building to stand out from the crowd!

11.1.2023 – We all have a purpose; we realise our potential to succeed when we work hard to achieve our dreams.

14.1.2023 – There are moments in our lives when we face the darkness; we feel like there’s no way out, but the light brings hope.

BOXPARK has so much to offer; from the pop-up restaurants that can be found inside and outside the venue consisting of food and drinks, and even the best barber shops that are available, you’re getting the best of what BOXPARK has to offer!

23.1.2023 – In life, we always see the perspective from above, but what about the view we observe from below?

There’s a sense of rustiness and grunge from below that uncovers the beauty of every place we visit and the architecture we see.

31.1.2023 – There’s something about the fog we notice in ourselves; feeling lost.

We tend to notice in the fog that we open our eyes to the clouded judgments of others.

What a busy and productive month it has been!

I’ve got more content on the way over the coming weeks which I’m excited to share with all of you, and I’m aiming to get more photoshoots done throughout this year as I want to share more of my work for the photography series with you so that it encourages all of us to open up more about mental health.

Until then, I’ll see you all in February!

Alex Smithson

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