Monthly Roundup: October 2017

October sure has been quite an interesting month, wouldn’t you agree? It’s been quite an interesting month despite some ups and downs but it’s most certainly been the best month on record.

Without further ado, I shall now take a look back on the articles published over the course of October.

1.10.2017 – Welcoming you to October on Mother Nature, I mentioned that October was set to be just as busy as the last considering I was looking around for jobs, which meant I wouldn’t be publishing as much as I used to.

10.10.2017 – As this day marked World Mental Health Day, I wanted to raise awareness by telling you to make a difference, so that if you are or know someone who has a mental health condition, this day was about coming together and supporting everyone regardless of what mental health condition you and everyone else has or may have.

13.10.2017 – It’s been five years since The Truth About Love, but P!NK is back with a bang! Beautiful Trauma is the hotly anticipated album of the year and it’s no surprise to see P!NK bless us with such good music. In case you missed it, to read my review of P!NK’s album, Beautiful Trauma, click here.

16.10.2017 – This day was strange, to say the least, and for a good reason too. The sky was all yellow as a result of a sand and dust storm. This was due to Hurricane Ophelia leading a destructive path of its own, considering that the United Kingdom is no stranger to this kind of weather.

26.10.2017 – “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.” was my way of telling all of you that it’s okay that you’re not okay, that you should never keep your emotions inside and open up to everyone, and that you’ll begin to notice that you’re much stronger than before.

30.10.2017 – After months of job-hunting and a lot of hard work, I finally secured myself a full-time job! This day was the best highlight of my year alongside passing my UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma Film & Photography Course with a Pass, as well as passing GCSE English with a C.

31.10.2017 – As Halloween Night finally arrived, everyone got into the spirit of dressing up to look like some characters from films or TV Shows, even with some going to such effort to dress up like the zombies from The Walking Dead, but what about the films? Well, to get into the Halloween spirit, I recommended up to almost 50 horror films for all of you if you wanted to put some fright in your ghoul for Halloween.

Thank you so much, everyone, for such a fantastic month. I know there has been some ups and downs over the last few weeks and I’m glad to have got through these past few weeks and I couldn’t have done this all without my family, my friends, especially all of you, so thank you so much for everything!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Again, thanks so much, everyone, and I shall see you all in November!

Alex Smithson

Ready for Fright Night? Get Your Claws into These Films!

As Halloween Night is finally here, everyone likes to get into the spirit of dressing up to look like some characters from films or TV Shows, even with some going to such effort to dress up like the zombies from The Walking Dead, but what about the films?

Well, to get into the Halloween spirit, if you’re staying in for Halloween, there’s plenty of horror films to watch.

Below is a massive list of horror films that will be worth watching if you’re ready for the fright of your life.

  1. IT (Original TV Mini-Series (1990) & Film Version (2017))
  2. SAW
  3. The Exorcist
  4. Salem’s Lot
  5. The OMEN
  6. The Shining
  7. The Blair Witch Project
  8. Scream
  9. A Nightmare on Elm Street
  10. The Conjuring
  11. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  12. Paranormal Activity
  13. Paranormal Activity 2
  14. Paranormal Activity 3
  15. Paranormal Activity 4
  16. Paranormal Activity 5: The Ghost Dimension
  17. Psycho
  18. The Fly
  19. Hellraiser
  20. The Silence of the Lambs
  21. Jaws
  22. Rosemary’s Baby
  23. Let the Right One In
  24. The Invitation
  25. Sinister
  26. Get Out
  27. 28 Days Later
  28. Night of the Living Dead
  29. Nosferatu
  30. The Evil Dead
  31. The Sixth Sense
  32. Creep
  33. Poltergeist
  34. The Descent
  35. Halloween
  36. Carrie
  37. Christine
  38. Dracula
  39. Frankenstein
  40. Cat People
  41. Pet Sematary
  42. Piranha
  43. Dolores Clairborne
  44. The Langoliers
  45. The Birds

If you want to put some fright in your night with an added touch of ghoul, and you have either one of these horror films and love blood, guts and gore, which must make you as disturbing in the Halloween sense, pick one of these films out of your film collection and watch them and see if any of these films make your skin crawl to the max!

Happy Halloween!

Alex Smithson

I Just Got a Full-Time Job!

After months of job-hunting and a lot of hard work, I have finally secured myself a full-time job! I’ve not given up once despite some stress along the way following rejections from some companies left, right and centre, which isn’t too bad as I got used to that, but I am pleased to say I am officially in a full-time job.

I have felt euphoric about the positive news since I woke up at 8:30 AM this morning, and even now I still feel the sense of euphoria in the air. As it is a retail assistant full-time apprenticeship, this is beneficial for me considering I’ve had some retail experience following a two-week work experience placement with Tesco PLC which I completed from the 13th May to the 25th May 2013, with my most recent work experience placement being with Watches2U, but this full-time job will really help me to gain confidence whilst I retake GCSE Maths.

I wanted to share this fantastic news with you today as it is my first ever full-time job and I’ve been bursting with excitement to tell everyone, including all of you, the fantastic news.

Alex Smithson


Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!! As Halloween is the time of the year where everyone goes out celebrating fright night, I thought it would be good to celebrate Halloween with all of you.

At this time of the year, the glow-sticks come out, all of the Halloween costumes are worn and everyone makes food in the style of Halloween, to possibly put a bump in anyone’s step if you get my drift :D.

As Halloween is also the time of the year where everyone dresses up to go to Halloween parties, and to celebrate a yearly event, it’s often known that Halloween can be a bit of a scary part of the year, but also exciting at the same time, considering that there are often good elements of Halloween that connect well together.

I know Halloween isn’t really my thing, but I like to get involved and have a good time by celebrating Halloween on here with you all, because I don’t like the feeling of not being a part of a ghoulish, yet special event.

I love the thought of all of us getting together on here to celebrate such a special event, as it really helps us all to celebrate what Halloween is really about.

To conclude, I would like to say to you all…


Alex Smithson

Monthly Roundup: October 2014

To mark the end of what has been a not so good month, I will go through a quick roundup of the articles that I did over the course of October.

I started off this month with a new article based on an autumnal dawn that broke, where there was suspected to be a warm spell supposedly lasting until the end of November, which is absolutely false, because the weather, recently, has been very cold, even at night, what with the cold snap being just around the corner. Autumn is slowly, but surely creeping in, which sort of worries me because of the fact that last year’s bad weather was much worse than it was initially presumed, given the fact Hurricane St Jude was causing trouble for the UK over a night or two. This article would mean that October would also be a very busy month for me, given the fact I will be committing more to the work I receive whilst I’m at college.

I did a special music feature for the Sydney-born singer, Vander. Known as: “William Vandermade”, Vander, over the last few years, has enjoyed worldwide success in both the international and local industries. His music was also featured and played around the world on many of the various radio stations, including countries, such as the UK, the US and Australia. To add, Vander’s music has also been featured in several different newspapers, featured on radio shows, in a wide range of different magazines, podcasts and blogs. His music has grown on me since I listened to his debut single: “Back to the Sun“, and things are set to get even better soon, as Vander has said to me on Twitter that: ” The EP is getting closer to being done!”. This leaves me feeling even more excited, as I can’t wait to listen to Vander’s EP as soon as he releases it.

The next article would focus on The Big Draw 2014, a drawing event like never before, as this would also fill October with a month full of hard work, drawing, and also, wide-scale designs. I’m a part of The Big Drae event, as I study Art & Design at Level 2 on the UAL course, and it is a fantastic opportunity not just for me, but also for all of you who are willing to take part in such an important event. The Big Draw will also give you the chance to show off your own drawing skills, and also your creativity of further skills that connect to Art & Design, and also The Big Draw. One tip I did add to the article I crafted about The Big Draw, was that if you are taking part in this event, always make sure that what you create is your own, and never use or copy anyone else’s works. Plagiarism is never the answer, that is why I recommend that you always be original, create something that is your own, and make what you design original, because being original and doing something that is your own will indicate that you have done something yourself that no-one has ever done before.

On the 19th October, the world lost one of the most-loved Loose Women, which was Lynda Bellingham. Lynda Bellingham passed away at the age of 66 on the 19th October from colon cancer. I found out the news of Lynda’s death the day after she died, as I was at college the following day that the news broke of her death. I broke down when I got home from college, as I was 15 minutes into watching the episode of Loose Women that aired earlier that day, when I cried bucket-loads. Famously known for being on the “OXO” adverts and also Loose Women, Lynda brought us all with many joyful laughs along the way, such as the famous moment where she mis-took Bob birds for the word: “Bollocks”, which has since been an unforgotten moment that made Lynda Bellingham the funniest, and most loved Loose Women I had ever known.

I’m literally breaking down in tears as I type this because it’s just looking back to the 20th October, and those few weeks before when she announced that her cancer was terminal, and that she had a few weeks to live. Before she died, Lynda released her final book, which is titled: “There’s Something I’ve Been Dying To Tell You”, which has since sold out almost everywhere since the sudden news of her death hit the headlines.

Hearing the news of Lynda Bellingham’s death, including the fact that her colon cancer was terminal really did hit me hard, as cancer is a very touchy subject nowadays, a disease that should never be left to bloom, and I had a go at one of the students at my college a few weeks before, and I won’t say who his name is, but he really pushed the wrong buttons when he made a mockery about one of my old school teachers, as he said that one of my teacher’s had cancer, and that she shaved all of her hair off. I can tell you this now, I had a go at the student because of the fact that cancer is serious and that it is not something to be laughed at. I can admit though that I took a visit down to my secondary school recently, and I saw the teacher that this student made a mockery about, and when I saw the teacher, she was in perfect health, she hadn’t shaved her hair off at all, and she wasn’t suffering from cancer at all.

Since this incident occurred, I have made sure that the student never says anything offensive again, that’s including not referencing the word, Cancer, again also. I have been keeping a close eye on the student to ensure that he will never say anything like this again. So, at the moment, I’m keeping a close eye on what he say’s, so that I can be absolutely sure he never makes a mockery of cancer again. I was getting fed up of people making comments about cancer, as almost 1 in 3 people suffer from the evil disease, or have just been diagnosed with it. If you ever get cancer, make sure to fight it with all the sheer determination you have got, you have everything in your own right to survive. I did, when I wrote the article about Lynda Bellingham’s passing, provide some clickable-named links that would help if you wanted to find out more about certain types of cancer, including colon cancer.

We will miss you loads Lynda, and you will never be forgotten, your memory and laughs live on forever xxxxxxxx.

Earlier today, I did an article based on BBC’s Genome Project, which focuses on the programmes that were on the day I was born, and certain programmes that may have been on certain TV channels the day you were born. I was surprised when I took a look back to the day I was born, as I was shocked to find out that the two BBC channels, BBC One & BBC Two, were the only two BBC channels that were around, before the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) started making further channel additions. The standard cable channels, such as ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and other standard cables were the only channels that were on the day I was born.

If you want to turn back time, you can now take a look at the article before this one, where I have provided the link at the bottom of the previous article, which will enable you to track back to the programmes that were on, on the day you were born.

To conclude, this month has been an absolutely eventful month which I won’t forget in the long run, but one more thing…


Alex Smithson

October: A Cold & Autumnal Dawn Breaks

Hello everyone, and welcome to October. A month that is Autumnal in many different aspects. As October is the month where everyone goes around trick-or-treating, knocking on everyone’s doors, I wanted to mark the start of October with a bang.

With Halloween just around the corner, I was feeling rather sad yesterday after finding out that my Maths Re-mark, which I mentioned to all of you in that article: “Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!” was still a D grade, despite being just 1 mark off, though as I found this out, I will still use my determination to try and re-sit Maths and English to make sure I get at least a C or B grade.

As Autumn slowly kicks in, everyone is preparing themselves for the cold snap that is just around the corner, and with a cold Winter that could indeed be worse than last year’s Winter snap, it is now the right time to start wrapping up a little warmer as it will tend to be not just cold at night, but also somewhat cold during the early hours of the morning, when everyone is getting ready to go to work, or to college or school if you or anyone else is a student.

Just like last month, this month will also be a very busy month for me, as I will be committing more to the work I receive whilst I’m at college, which will mean that I may only be able to post a small amount of articles over the course of this month, apart from when I have my week off at the end of this month.

The weather reports that say that this warm weather could last until next month still leaves me in a pickle because I don’t know whether to trust the weather reports or not, though it does get a little bit warm during the day, but not at night.

Again, welcome to October, and I’ll try my hardest to publish a few articles as best as I can.

Alex Smithson

Photography | Nature is now Blog of the Year 2013!!!

Hello everyone!!! I wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you bloggers and all of you viewers out there for visiting this blog. Without you all, I wouldn’t have got this far in the first 6 months, and to top it all off, Photography | Nature has passed the 1,000+ view mark and has become the Blog of the Year for 2013. I owe a massive thank you to Vijay Shah of the HalfEatenMind blog who nominated me for the 5* on the Blog of the Year 2013 award, and also a massive thank you to Ajay of the Ajaytao2010 blog for the 1* to make it 6*. Another great announcement is that Vijay of the HalfEatenMind blog has just won the Blog of the Year 2013 award as well!!! To follow his blog, the link is below…and again, thanks for a wonderful first 6 months

Thank you Vijay and Ajay, without you both, I wouldn’t have won the Blog of the Year 2013 award, and a massive congratulations to you Vijay for winning the Blog of the Year 2013 award, you deserved it as well and have a Happy New Year Vijay Shah and also Ajay Tao :-)!!!

Have a Happy New Year, and I’ll see you all in 2014 :-)!!!!!!!!!

Vijay Shah’s HalfEatenMind blog:

Ajay Tao’s Ajaytao2010 blog:

The Autumn Glow of October

Recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane St Jude that whirled its way in to the UK late Sunday evening, early Monday morning, with a lot of trees uprooting from the ground and hitting houses, I thought it would be nice to round off October on a positive note, by sharing these 2 photos of the Autumn glow from the sun reflecting on the tree.

Apologies for the slight delay because WordPress seems to be down at my end through the desktop version, I’ve published this post through the WordPress for iOS app.

Again, I just want to say a massive thank you to all of you for getting my blog count over 400+ views, I got over 150 views over the course of this month.

Thank you, have a Happy Halloween!!! I’ll post more over November!

Alex Smithson (asterisk15)