Spiralling Spirea!

I witnessed a spirea spiralling in nature’s roots!

Did you witness a spirea spiralling in nature’s roots? Have you seen the spirea plant before?

I would love to hear your responses and please tell me how you’ve been making the most of the Summer weather. I would love to hear whether this heatwave has kept you active on the go.

Alex Smithson

Oh Venus!

Venus! Why So Serious?img_8670-2If you found this photo moment to be humorous, please tell me, I would love to hear your responses.I wanted to create a bit of humour so that you can read this and think it could rhyme with anything that might make you laugh.Alex Smithson

A Silhouette of Sunshine!

It was absolutely beautiful to see a silhouette of sunshine when I was on my way to work.

It cooled down a bit and I was glad to have photographed this plant before I got to work as the weather was wonderful and it wasn’t as hot compared to how hot it has been recently.

How have you been finding the weather recently?

I would love to hear how you’ve been coping with the Summer weather.

Alex Smithson