Nature’s Bliss!

To end the weekend on a high and positive note, this photo moment from yesterday, for me, was a positive and vibrant moment considering nature beamed with vibrant colours for the Royal Wedding Celebration, not to mention that she created a blissful atmosphere that was tranquil.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and please tell me how your weekend went.

I would love to hear your responses.

Alex Smithson

Silky Spring!

As well as yesterday’s Royal Wedding Celebration, this silky plant caught my eye, and it reminded me of a four-leaf clover in some aspects, like it was a plant to symbolise luck in disguise.

Nature is a beautiful sight! She blossoms comfortable silk in this plant and you cannot help but think that it’s a blessing to see Mother Nature in her finest glory.

Does Mother Nature fascinate you?

Did yesterday’s Royal Wedding Celebration get you in the Silky Spring mood to go out and soak in the beautiful sunny weather?

I would love to hear your responses.

Alex Smithson

Royalty’s Red Carpet of Flowers!

To continue the Royal Wedding Celebration, I seized the opportunity to photograph Mother Nature in her finest form whilst I was on my way home from work yesterday.

Mother Nature certainly blessed us with wonderful weather and for such a special occasion. Talk about a perfectly warm and sunny day, but yesterday was no different.

If you watched the Royal Wedding unfold yesterday, please tell me, as I would love to hear your thoughts on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry getting married yesterday.

Did you make the most of this wonderful weather? Please tell me, I would love to hear how you made the most of this wonderful, breezy, warm and sunny weather.

Alex Smithson

A Purple That’s So Royal!

What a beautiful day it was yesterday!

The weather was wonderful, Meghan Markle & Prince Harry got married at Windsor Castle, and Mother Nature was wonderful to let yesterday be special by going all out with the sunny weather and the beautiful royal purple flowers.

Below is the photograph I took on the way home from work to celebrate and congratulate Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on getting married.

Did you enjoy the Royal Wedding? What about the wonderful weather?

I would love to know how you made the most of the Royal Wedding Celebrations and the wonderful weather.

Alex Smithson

Tickled Pink!

Nature was certainly tickled Pink with the wonderful, yet breezy and sunny weather.

Below is this photo I took of one of the plants that inspired me to write about this little photo moment.

Did you enjoy the wonderful, yet breezy and sunny weather yesterday? Please tell me, I would love to know how you made the most of yesterday’s wonderful, yet warm, breezy and sunny weather.

Alex Smithson

Mental Health Awareness Week: Be in Your Friend’s & Family’s Corners!

As this week is Mental Health Awareness Week, I urge all of you to come together to support everyone and be in your friend’s corner.

Whether you, a family member or relative, or even a friend, suffer from a mental health condition, diagnosed or undiagnosed, I urge all of you to be in your friend’s and family’s corners by asking them how they are, how they’re really feeling, and if they suffer from a mental health condition or they have a mental health condition that has been left undiagnosed, help them and encourage them to open up, as they will know you support them, that you’re there for them, and that you’ll always provide them with the best support regardless of the mental health condition they may have, especially if they are or have gone through losing someone close to them.

Make sure to spread the word and raise awareness for Mental Health and know that you are not in this alone.

We will all experience moments where we feel down, lost and even broken, but it’s okay to feel that way.

Never be ashamed to open up, but always be in your friend’s corner and your family’s corners. Support one another and be there for one another, but most of all, open up.

Don’t man up for anyone, open up. Cry if you want to, let all that frustration out if you want to, but more importantly, be open with your real emotions and know that you’ll always be the stronger person even if you break down because you’ve been strong for too long.

You’ll always be strong, but one more thing.

Never prove yourself to anyone and always be yourself and always show real emotion, as you’ll feel so much better knowing you’ll never be in this alone and that mental health is to be acknowledged and that you deserve to seek the best help, support and treatment where possible.

I hope I’ve inspired you, and please tell me if you were inspired by my words, as I want you to know I will always care and always will take you as I see you and respect you for who you are, what you do and how you really feel.

Alex Smithson

A Beautifully Baked Bank Holiday!

Whilst making the most of the Bank Holiday with this wonderful weather, I seized the opportunity whilst I was on my way to see Avengers: Infinity War to photograph some more plants and flowers, whilst experimenting with the exposure of the photographs I produced.

You can imagine because I decided to, again, walk rather than get onboard a bus, I did catch the sun, but it was worth it considering that it was a Bank Holiday worth seizing the opportunity and getting out and enjoying the sun for.

Below is the huge collection of photographs I produced that documented the wonderfully baked Bank Holiday weather.

I absolutely enjoyed this sunny weather and it was safe to say that I made the most of the Bank Holiday weather and with Summer on the way, it’s safe to say I will be making sure to ditch the coat more often if we are going to have more of this wonderful sunny weather over the next few weeks.

Did you enjoy this wonderful Bank Holiday weather? Please tell me as I would love to hear how you made the most of your Bank Holiday while the wonderful weather was here.

Alex Smithson

Device Used: iPhone 7

App Used: Camera & Camera+

Blushing Pink!

What a beautiful and wonderful day it was.

It was quiet again at work today and I’ve been enjoying the wonderful weather, and as it’s set to get warmer over the next few days, I’ll be off on Monday so I’ll be making the most of the free time while it’s available.

Here’s a photo of one of the plants that were blushing pink in this wonderful, sunny Spring weather.


Was mother nature blushing pink for you today?

Please tell me. I would love to hear your response.

Alex Smithson

May the 4th Be With You!

I felt inspired to write this today considering today reminds me of Star Wars and also because we have the lovely sunny weather.

I photographed Mother Nature in her most wonderful form on the way to work as the trees were vibrant and filled with colour, and the sunny weather gave her the chance to shine.

If you’re having a wonderful day and you’re enjoying the sunny weather and soaking in the rays of light, please tell me.

I would love to hear your responses.

Alex Smithson

Welcome to May!

Welcome to May! What a great start to the month! After a week of showers, the sunny weather came back just in time for the first day of May.

Over the course of the next few weeks, things will be so much busier than usual as I’ll be working and completing work-related documents, which means that I won’t be able to use some of the free time to publish articles, but will be making sure that full priority comes first where my job comes in, but if there is a little bit of free time available, then I will try and publish as and when I can.

Hopefully, we will get more of this lovely sunny and warm weather over the coming weeks, but if you’re a hayfever suffer, like me, you’ll be cautious of the pollen count as we approach Summer, so it’s safe to say we all need to prepare ourselves for when it gets warmer and eventually humid, as hayfever season is here, but we shan’t take hayfever season lying down.

Also, beware of pesky insects and use a bug zapper to get rid of any crane-flies and wasps if you have one because they are the worst insects. Crane-flies make my skin crawl, which is why I kill them with a bug zapper, but wasps are definitely the worst, though a can of fly and wasp killer or a bug zapper usually does the trick. Be on your guard for huge spiders because the daddy-long-legged spiders are enough to make your skin crawl, especially in warm weather.

Until then, Welcome to May!

Alex Smithson