Welcome to November!

Welcome to November on Mother Nature! As this month is set to get a whole lot busier for me considering I am about to embark on my first ever full-time job following finishing my education, it’s safe to say I’ll be trying to keep to a schedule of when I can publish articles, which means I won’t be free mostly as I am putting myself first to earn from my full-time job whilst I learn and re-take GCSE Maths, but at the same time, I will try and publish a few articles here and there when I can find the time.

The next few weeks are set to get much colder as we near the Christmas period, so it’s now the time to wrap up warm and don the scarves and woolly hats as we are set for a breezy and frosty winter. I too find it hard to believe it’s almost the end of 2017, and it only felt like the start of 2017 yesterday! My my! How time flies!

In terms of the photography work I have produced in recent months which still need to be published, I will try and find the time to publish my photography work for the photography series: “The Concept of Expression”, whilst also trying to get my photography work I produced of my recent trip up to London published soon.

Until then, Welcome to November!

Alex Smithson

Welcome to November!!! A Bitter Cold & Chilly Month Awaits!!!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Mother Nature for a bitter cold and chilly November. This month sees the cold and bad weather getting even worse, with patches of mist and fog which opened November to a near-wintry landscape.

As the next few weeks are going to be very busy for me, considering I’ve got my studies to worry about, among other things, I’ll try my best to publish some more articles like last month, though I must say that it was the first time ever this year that I actually published more than 10+ articles, as most of this year I’ve only published up to 5, 6 and 7 over the course of the year, but last month was quite an energetic month on record for me, considering that October was the busiest month of the year, given that I also had a lot of work to do.

How I was able to fit the time in where possible is beyond me, though I’m actually pleased that I was able to surpass the target for the amount of articles I wanted to publish this year, though my aims are to get more than 10, if not, maybe more than 15 articles out, as I want to try and make sure I publish more and not less.

Yes, there will be certain stages where I won’t be able to do as many articles as I want, considering I’ll be taking exams and completing work for my course, which is something I’ve taken into full consideration, but I’m making sure that my priorities stay as balanced as possible, by doing a balanced amount of work, and also a balanced amount of articles and everything else in that matter, so that I can make sure that everything stays in the right places where possible.

As the time has flown so fast this year, I will, just like last year, be taking a full look back on all of the articles that were published over the course of this year, as this will be useful for when I do my fourth book, which reminds me, I have some good news on hand.

My fourth book, which I have long teased, will be out sometime next year, and will be 100% a free download on Mother Nature when it’s finished and published, and the name of the fourth book, which I am pleased to reveal is called: “Life from My Own Photographical Perspective“.

This fourth book will talk about how I see life from my own photographical perspective, as well as a large number of articles that I’ve published on Mother Nature. Just like the past three books, I will be making sure that the book is full of new information, and if possible, I’ll be making sure to add some articles to the book that I’ve published this year, so that when it comes to the book being released sometime next year, I will be able to give all of you the chance to take a reflective look back on yesteryear, that’s 2015, not 2014, just to prevent confusion :D.

I am absolutely excited to be making this fourth book, but the front and back covers have been designed in the same third-book style, but with two different colours that will make the book look and feel more like an eco-friendly book to look at. But, for now, I can’t wait to release the book sometime during 2016, which will also be a kind of landmark year for me, as I’ll be 18 in June :-).

To conclude, November also sees the start of a 30-day run of the landmark Movember cause, where every man in the world grows a beard and doesn’t cut their beard off at all until the month is over and December starts. Unfortunately for me I can’t do it because I’m starting to develop a slight hint of facial hair, but I probably won’t have a beard for some time yet. The good news though is I can make the most of this month with writing and publishing articles on Mother Nature, to make up for Movember as well :-).

Until then, welcome to November!!! A Bitter Cold & Chilly Month Awaits!!!

Alex Smithson

Photography | Nature is now Blog of the Year 2013!!!

Hello everyone!!! I wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you bloggers and all of you viewers out there for visiting this blog. Without you all, I wouldn’t have got this far in the first 6 months, and to top it all off, Photography | Nature has passed the 1,000+ view mark and has become the Blog of the Year for 2013. I owe a massive thank you to Vijay Shah of the HalfEatenMind blog who nominated me for the 5* on the Blog of the Year 2013 award, and also a massive thank you to Ajay of the Ajaytao2010 blog for the 1* to make it 6*. Another great announcement is that Vijay of the HalfEatenMind blog has just won the Blog of the Year 2013 award as well!!! To follow his blog, the link is below…and again, thanks for a wonderful first 6 months

Thank you Vijay and Ajay, without you both, I wouldn’t have won the Blog of the Year 2013 award, and a massive congratulations to you Vijay for winning the Blog of the Year 2013 award, you deserved it as well and have a Happy New Year Vijay Shah and also Ajay Tao :-)!!!

Have a Happy New Year, and I’ll see you all in 2014 :-)!!!!!!!!!

Vijay Shah’s HalfEatenMind blog: halfeatenmind.wordpress.com

Ajay Tao’s Ajaytao2010 blog: ajaytao2010.wordpress.com

Welcome back to my blog for a chilly November, a month of Remembrance!

Hello everyone, how did your fireworks night go? As Autumn begins to draw to a close, I thought I’d give the blog a slight makeover in terms of the header. I’ve redesigned the header for this month to celebrate a well known event, which is based on rememberance day, commemorating and paying tribute to a lot of our soldiers that died in the first World War. I’ve provided a link from Wikipedia that gives an in-depth description of World War I that went begun in 1914 and ended in 1918: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_War_I

I also redesigned the header to mark another event that continues through the whole of November, Movember!!!

I’ve updated the pages bar on here with an ‘About Alex’ column, where I introduce myself to all of you, and what I like to blog about. I also gave an in-depth description of what kind of things I do on my blog to keep myself occupied. Feel free to give it a read anytime you want. Here is a preview of what the pages bar looks like now with the new column:

New 'About Alex' Column

Please send in your photos of the fireworks via email, also please include your name with the photos so I can put the photos you sent in into a separate gallery. To email me your pictures of the fireworks, my email address is: asterisk1598@outlook.com

Please make sure to wrap up warmer this winter, as we could be facing a harsh winter, after all the baking hot weather we had a couple of months back.

Thank you for reading.

Alex Smithson