Manic Monday

It sure was a manic start to the week! With snow over the weekend, anyone like myself getting into work was a little bit of a challenge in itself considering the roads were a little icy, but the pavements were more or less clear of the snowfall.

It was good to see the sun come out after a few days, but either way, I’m still wrapping up warm tomorrow just to be safe in the event of the snow returning to try again for some more.

It’s no wonder the transport system was experiencing total chaos over the weekend, but hopefully, the level of transport shouldn’t be too chaotic considering I’m going up to Oxford Street tomorrow, but today was a great day despite the weather.

Is it still snowing where you are? Is it raining where you are? Is it sunny where you are? I would love to hear your responses. The Bangles‘ record: “Manic Monday“, written by the late music legend, Prince Rogers Nelson, was what inspired me to write this article with the same name.

Alex Smithson

Who’s Excited for the Summer Break?

I’m excited for the Summer Break, given that the long holiday break is not far behind, and although the time has been flying like clockwork, considering that we are already in April, I do feel a sense of relief that Summer is on the horizon. Although I may not be partial to the spells of hot weather, I do love the thought of lovely Summer days where it’s nice and sunny and where it is also absolutely peaceful.

I mainly enjoy the Summer break because of the fact there’s a huge amount of free time available, and it’s useful for me as I love writing articles, so with how productive I’ve been this month, I want to make sure to be as productive like I have in the past few days again in July and also through August.

It’s hard to think how Summer is fast approaching and we are all in Spring. It only felt like yesterday all of us were having to wrap up warm because of the chilly spells of freezing cold weather over the course of the Autumn and Winter seasons, but for this time of year to be Spring, going on Summer, it feels like it can be impossible to keep up with the seasons of change.

Still, at the end of the day, what matters is that we have the right kind of weather and that we all enjoy ourselves whilst all the good weather lasts.

Are you excited for the Summer Break that is coming not far from now? If you’re excited that the Summer Break is just around the corner, then please feel free to submit feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson