Serene Summer!

What a Serene Summer for this other Daisy I found!

Don’t you just love the quiet, calm, peaceful and serene feeling of Summer?

I do!

Please tell me if you love the serene feeling of Summer. I would love to know.

Alex Smithson

Happy Halcyon!

It was a Happy Halcyon for this Daisy!

Did you experience a moment of Halcyon?

I would love to know.

Alex Smithson

Seeing Red?

Did you see red? I did!

This rose was a sight for sore eyes! Wouldn’t you agree?

If you agree, please tell me. I would love to know if you saw red.

Alex Smithson

Precious Primrose!

What a precious primrose!

Is this plant rare?

I would love to find out more on this plant, so if it’s a rare plant or a plant that is commonly growing around the world, please tell me.

I’m fascinated with nature and would love to hear from you.

Alex Smithson

Put Your Buttercup!

Put your buttercup in the air and make sure to show some love to Mother Nature.

Are you in high spirits for the Summer season?

I would love to know. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Alex Smithson

Cheeky Cherokee!

This Cherokee plant was cheeky to blossom so early on Sunday morning when I was on my way to work for my first early morning shift.

It was very uplifting to know that nature was so beautiful to blossom so early even though the sunkissed sunrise beamed in the distance with a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Did you enjoy the wonderful sunny weather on Sunday?

I would love to hear about how you made the most of the weather at the weekend.

Alex Smithson

Celebrating 5 Years of Mother Nature!

It’s hard to believe exactly five years ago today, I started this website.

I remember publishing my first ever amount of photography work during the Summer season on the 6th June 2013, and the photos I produced were all taken on the old Samsung ST200F camera I used to use.

Nature didn’t just fascinate me when it came to photography. It was the beauty of Mother Nature that interested me.

I remember when I first joined WordPress before I started this website that I tried to write reviews on some technology-based products and some albums for two blogs I used to use and both of those blogs never took off, despite trying to keep at being consistent with publishing articles, and initially I gave up hope thinking I would never get my work noticed.

It was only when I asked a friend of mine and a former lecturer who used to teach me at secondary school whether they thought it was a good idea for me to try again, and they did, and I gave publishing articles another go, only this time, I wanted to make sure I could create a website where I wouldn’t just want to be consistent with publishing, but where I could set my creativity and photography skills free.

Fast forward to now, and I never thought I would be able to achieve so much in the space of exactly five years.

It gives me peace of mind knowing I can publish either frequently or now and then, as I’ve kept at publishing on this website and it’s kept me active and has taken me places I thought I would never go.

Having a website is an achievement in itself, but to publish consistently and to keep at it is a lot of hard work, especially if you want everyone to see the work you can produce, as well as pouring your heart and soul into a hobby you love.

Photography, for me, isn’t just a hobby, but feels more like a job, as it’s a visceral and interesting career aspect as you could take a photo, and deep down, that photo has meaning, and for me, because I love photography, I love to make sure my photographs have meaning, where they can be understood from more than one opinion, perspective or point of view rather than the photo be just a photo.

I intend to produce more photography work and I intend to continue raising awareness for mental health, so thank you so much for sticking by, as I shall continue to publish and raise awareness, but for now, I want to propose a toast and celebrate five years of Mother Nature.

Here’s to another five years, and if you’re thinking of starting up your own website, blog or business, WordPress is the best platform to use.

Alex Smithson

Holy Hollyhock!

Holy Hollyhock, it was warm!

Was it warm for you? Are you coping well with the hay-fever season now Summer is here?

Please tell me. I would love to hear your responses.

Alex Smithson

Calmer Camellia!

They come and go, and they give off a calm and relaxing feeling that puts your mind at ease.

Do you often see this plant around during the Summer Season?

Please tell me. I would love to know.

Alex Smithson

Valley of the Lilies!

Imagine the valley of the lilies blanketed in red, pink and magenta all in one.

This is what nature is all about.

Explore the valley of the lilies and let nature blossom around you.

Summer is a beautiful sight to be reckoned with!

Do you enjoy the Summer weather? Does it feel good to have the warm weather?

I would love to know. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Alex Smithson