Dungeness Beach, Romney Marsh / 23.9.2016 / Click here to view the entire photography collection of Dungeness.

The Trek to Dungeness consisted of wide-scale photographs that documented the scenery of Dungeness Beach, Romney Marsh and this showcased the natural beauty of the landscape given the rocks, pebbles and shells. I kept in mind that some areas of Dungeness, such as the Nuclear Power Plant and other areas of Dungeness were photography-free zones, which would prevent me from photographing the nuclear power plant and certain zones of Dungeness that were restricted due to security.

Kelsey Park / 24.1.2017 / Click here to view the entire photography collection of Kelsey Park.

During my visit to Kelsey Park, I was able to photograph the landscape despite the frosty weather conditions and I had made sure to get up, close and personal with the Canada Geese and some ducks, which really helped to inform my creative knowledge. This photography collection consisted of Mallard Ducks, Mandarin Ducks, even two swans and some pigeons, and this really helped me as I was able to get a better understanding of the photographers I have researched; Ansel Adams, Art Wolfe, David Muench, John Shaw & Joel Sartore.

Dulwich Park / 31.1.2017 / Click here to view the entire photography collection of Dulwich Park.

As this photography collection was a continuation of the Kelsey Park photography collection, Dulwich Park presented more of a close-up of nature, as I was able to take a close-up photograph of one of the Moor Hens, which was really good for me as this allowed me to showcase the photography skills I currently have, as well as to how much my photography skills have improved over the course of time.

Beddington Park / 1.2.2017 / Click here to view the entire photography collection of Beddington Park.

As this collection of photographs were a continuation following my previous visit to Dulwich Park, I photographed in and around Beddington Park, as I wanted to make sure to really capture the scenery, including noting down information photographically of any of the gravestones based on where that specific person was buried, as well as to what they may have died from. I did make sure to tread very carefully when I photographed in and around Beddington Park as I didn’t want to create morbidity in these photographs, also because I didn’t want to give anyone the wrong impression that I was photographing the gravestones in a least respectful manner.

Photographic Edits I Have Produced

As part of my Self-Directed Curiosity Project, I was asked to develop my photographic experiments further based on the photographs I took, so I have made sure to handpick the photographs I have taken already and edited them into four different colours each, in a Simon Says kind of style.

For the 30 photographs I have handpicked and colourised myself, I chose the primary colours; red, blue, green and yellow, as I see nature as being vibrant, full of life and full of colour. These colours, to me, represent that exquisitely natural beauty that I would expect to see in every photograph that I take.

Pecha Kucha / Japanese for Chit-Chat / Click or tap here to view the full article.

As part of my Final Major Project for the UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma Film & Photography Course, I produced a Pecha Kucha presentation which would consist of all 20 slides lasting 20 seconds each, and this presentation would consist of notes I gathered together, including some photography work that I referenced in the presentation, photography work of which that was produced by Thomas Ruff & Bert Stern, which I have confirmed I take absolutely no credit for considering the work that I didn’t produce that I have referenced in this presentation isn’t at all mine. I also included my own photography work that I produced following my visits to Kelsey Park, Dulwich Park and Beddington Park.

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