The purpose of Mother Nature is to capture every moment whilst it’s valuable, as I want to take a photo that the viewer may love and treasure forever for the rest of their lives.

For example, the rosebud photo I took created a silhouette of darkness, surrounding the dark, cloudy sky, which gave a rough idea of how the weather looks behind the rosebud, and why it was taken.I also like making Mother Nature a place for other interests that I have as well as photography, as this gives me the chance to

I also like making Mother Nature a place for other interests that I have as well as photography, as this gives me the chance to not only be creative, but also gives me the chance to show you my interests aside photography.

I love expressing my creativity through taking photos as it gives me the opportunity to make every photo come to life, and this allows me to strike the opportunity while it’s there. This helps me to give an in-depth description of the photos I take, and this also helps me to make sure that what I talk about in any article connects with the photos I have taken, as well as anything else that’s not photography-based.

I’ve used a wide array of themes for Mother Nature, which are:

1. Newsworthy

Newsworthy - Photography - Nature

2. Truly Minimal

New look blog design - Truly Minimal

3. The Yoko Theme Demo

YOKO - Photography - Nature

4. Fanwood Light

Fanwood Light - 3 & 5 - Photography - Nature

5. Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal - 4 - Photography - Nature

6. Eventbrite Single Event


7. Quintus


8. Ever After

New Blog Theme - Ever After

9. Twenty Fourteen

New Blog Theme Preview

10. Motif

Mother Nature Current Appearance

11. Karuna

The Karuna Theme

I always aim to change the look of Mother Nature to make sure it stays fresh, relevant, but also modern and up-to-date. I always aim to make sure that all of you feel comfortable with every new layout I activate for Mother Nature, and I intend to keep Mother Nature fresh, relevant, but also modern and up-to-date.

I make sure that every theme I use is suitable for all your daily needs, and I also make sure that Mother Nature works properly to a standard where I know it will feel easier for all of you to access.

Here are some examples of the photos I took:

The photos I upload to this website give me the chance to come up with newer and better ideas that I can use in future articles.

To conclude, I sometimes on the odd occasion upload videos of the photos, or even videos I take or record to YouTube, so that all the photos or videos I take are easy to view on YouTube, giving me the chance to add more and more to this website.

A video I recently uploaded to YouTube:

Thank you for viewing this page.

Alex Smithson


  1. To capture special moments in time on camera is a great way to leave a lasting legacy. Your photos are full of life and color…indeed they are treasures to behold! Thanks for visiting and following my blog…I look forward to seeing more of your work.


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