The Clock Goes Back 1 Hour Tonight! Are You Prepared?

As Daylight Saving Time comes to an end at 2:00 AM, it is safe to say that the much-needed extra hour of time is not long now. I’m prepared for the extra hour of sleep as I seriously need it, plus it is useful as I tend to get more work done with an extra hour in hand. It sounds like an excuse, I know you may have every reason to think that and I would never hold that against you, but it’s true, I tend to get a hell of a lot more of work done with the extra hour hand. Plus, I tend to be a whole lot more productive when it comes to writing articles for Mother Nature, as I can prepare articles in advance and then publish them at the times that I feel are best suited for anyone.

Are you prepared to get back that much-needed extra hour tonight? Please let me know by commenting below. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

Mother Nature Marks its 3rd Anniversary!

3 years ago today, Mother Nature started up as Photography – Nature: To bring the vibrancy back into your life. What started as a nature blog has turned into a website, as I have expanded my interests beyond nature into technology, college-related studies, music, games and also topics, some of which focus on certain things that have gone on throughout the course of everyday life.

I still find it hard to believe that it has been three years down the line since I started Mother Nature, because three years ago, I was nearing the end of Year 10, going onto Year 11 and three years later, Mother Nature marks its third anniversary and I’ve almost wrapped up my second year of college already. Now that is surprisingly scary, considering how far I’ve come within that time.

Obviously putting your heart, mind and soul into setting up a blog, turning it into a website and expanding your horizons is a big ask, but for me, that’s exactly the point. It’s taken me three years to put my heart into making this website become what it is today and I feel absolutely fortunate to have worked so hard on making this website a reality.

In the three years since Mother Nature started, I’ve talked about nature, including publishing tribute articles to remember those who sadly passed away over the past 3 years, including writing music and technology reviews, most recently a technology review of which I did on the Apple Watch. I feel I have come a very long way since then, and not only that, but I’ve just managed to finish all my coursework for the Final Major Project two weeks early, which is a bonus, as I can continue revising ahead of tomorrow’s Paper 1 exam, including finishing up revision ahead of the GCSE English Paper 2 exam on Friday.

Overall, I feel absolutely proud with how far I’ve come since I started Mother Nature and I hope that Mother Nature is around for many years to come.

So all I can say is:

Happy 3rd Birthday Mother Nature!

Alex Smithson

Who’s Ready to Head Back to School or College?

As this two-week holiday is coming to an end soon, I wanted to tell you all that I feel ready to go back to college on Monday. Why? Because as I now feel full of energy now that I have had this two-week holiday to relax and recuperate, as well as being able to write and publish more articles than before, I have now got all of that energy to use wisely for when I go back to college on Monday.

For those of you still studying at primary and secondary school, all I can say is stay in school, work extra hard and go the extra mile to achieve the best out of what you want to do, and if you really want something that bad that will get you the best possible future in your life, then work for it, and study as much as possible, as you will find that it will all pay off in the end.

For those of you that are currently in Year 11 who will be heading to a large variety of colleges come September, it’s time to work hard now, because these next few weeks, however hard they may be, will be full of hard work, and I can guarantee you one thing, if you work extremely hard now, you will find that all of that hard work will eventually pay off, and not only that, but you’ll also find that all that determination and courage you’ve been given will pay off for you in the end.

For those of you currently in Year 11, I know exactly what you are going through, and yes, studying hard may be a big ask for you at this stage, but really it isn’t, because working hard and showing that you’re determined to pass is key, and all I can say is this. Work hard now, go the extra mile and prove just how determined you are to pass and you will find that all that determination and all that courage you have will eventually pay off in the end. Never give up, just work hard and show that you want the best future that you want, as if your life depended on it. Go for it!!!!!

Overall, I feel more than ready to go and I feel more than ready to head back to college. I will make sure that the next 7-8 weeks are hard-working, and I will also make sure to get the best possible grade by the end of the first year of this two-year Film & Photography course.

Are you ready to head back to school/college? Please feel free to submit feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

Study Time: Does a Large Workload from School, College or Even University Stress You Out?

Study time. It can be a good thing to study and do some research based on the kind of work you may be looking to produce, but does having a large workload from school, college or even university stress you out?

Although I believe study time is crucial, I have known on some, if not, a lot of occasions, that it can be stressful, especially when you’re in school, college or university. Over the course of last year, I did notice how stressful the workload was, because I would get on a number of occasions, a lot of work piled on top of me, which, when deadlines were around the corner, I would sometimes panic about any work that may have not been completed, and in a lot of cases, I would often get stressed out.

Sometimes with me, a large workload and stress just don’t go together with me, because if the workload I’m given contains stuff that I haven’t studied, mainly because a teacher has asked or told me not to, I sometimes get stressed out. September 2014 to July 2015 was a massive learning curve for me, and I’ve noticed since I’ve been back at college that I’ve been keeping on top of all the work and completing any work I’m given as soon as I’m given it, because I hate the thought of falling behind, but I have noticed, however, that I’ve been prioritising my time more on my studies than I have on everything else, which is much better now, but I’m also finding that because I have a huge amount of time on my hands now because I have kept all of my work up-to-date, and kept far ahead in the Film & Photography course I’m on, I’ve actually noticed that I’ve been able to publish more articles on Mother Nature, which, to me, is absolutely brilliant, because I’m being a lot more productive now than I was last year. October to December were probably the only three months of the year where I actually published the most articles in those 3 months.

I must admit, although I always keep my work up-to-date now, I have also begun to notice that I feel a lot more relaxed now because of the huge amount of free time I have on my hands, and sometimes, I like to use that free time to play games and possibly take some photos, but a lot of the time, I like to write articles for Mother Nature, as I always like to try to keep as productive as possible, so that my body and mind stays active for as long as possible.

When it came to school studies, I was always feeling stressed about doing work during study time, because the energy was often not there, and because of the fact that the time was either so slow or so fast on some days, it was virtually impossible to keep on top of the work. It was only when I got to Year 10 and Year 11 that I noticed my way of studying was improving, but Year 11 really was the year where my focus would stay up, as I just made sure to concentrate and get all of my work done, including completing homework on time. Year 11 may have been possibly the most stressful and the most anxious year of my life, given that my final exams were just around the corner at that stage, but I just thought that it would be a good idea to just work hard and revise, and then do the exams, at least that way, all that work would eventually pay off.

For college studies, however, I was only stressed out at some stages when it came to completing work in my first year, because I accidentally fell behind in my work at least a month after I began my first year at college, and as a result, to add to my stress further, I had to go in on the days I wasn’t scheduled in, which were, at the time, Wednesday’s & Friday’s, and as you can imagine, I was annoyed, tired and stressed, but now, I don’t feel like that at all, because ever since I went back to college in September 2015 after successfully completing my first year, I just made sure to keep on top of the work, and ever since then, I’ve not looked back, and not just that, but I enjoy the fact that I get more free time to myself now.

School work is stressful enough for those of you currently going through secondary school, but college work isn’t as stressful, because although there may be more work, it’s less stressful when you’ve only got a bit of work to do or no work at all.

Before I conclude, all I can say is even if you are stressed out with large workloads from school, college or university, make the most of the study time you have and value each second as it comes, because those seconds you spend now will never come back, and it’s always the best idea to value your study time, because it is important, and yes, time is precious, so make the most of it while you can now. You might not think it now, but in the future, you’ll be able to look back on your past at the time you used to study, and you’ll be able to say that: “I did all that, and that is the main reason why I am here today”.

Even if study time stresses you out, just keep being yourself, concentrate on you and only you and go for the highest opportunity you can possibly think of, trust me and believe me when I say this, it will all be worth it in the end.

Have you ever had a large workload stress you out? Have you ever wanted to look back and think of how much you achieved? Most importantly, how do you feel now that you’ve used that study time? Do you feel you have used it wisely? What part of your study time would you want to revisit in your life?

Please feel free to feedback your answers to the questions I’ve asked. Your feedback is much appreciated ☺.

Alex Smithson

Announcement: Mother Nature is now on Instagram. If you’re someone who uses Instagram on a regular basis, and would like to be kept up-to-date on the articles I’ll be publishing over the course of time, please feel free to follow Mother Nature on Instagram at this username: @mothernaturewebsite.

The Dusty Miller of Battersea Park – A Look Back

Hello everyone!!! I wanted to do a little look back on one of the blog posts, so I decided to find out the name of the plant. The name of this plant is called a Dusty Miller, as I did a little bit of research to find out the name of this plant. I was eager to find out what it was called. By using this photo of the plant I took back in August, I used Google Images to find the name of this plant, and just by looking at the Dusty Miller, you can see a lot of detail, it has that kind of feel to it where it appears to be glowing around the edges.

When I looked at this plant, it had what appeared to be a wintry appearance, as you would normally associate snowflakes with that curved shape of the plant. The Dusty Miller has a beautiful texture, and because of how structured it looks, it stands out. Going to Battersea Park in August was special, as it was a place where I could expand my creative ideas further.

Despite the hot weather last summer, it was truly special because you could see the whole of London from a glimpse, and to top it all off, I could see the River Thames below, which gave me two ideas to create a few panoramic photos that would show the whole landscape around Battersea Park. I hope to go there again soon after I leave school as I’m now in my last couple of months of secondary education.

To conclude, I have provided 4 images of the same Dusty Miller plant photo for different sizes that are suitable for the iPad & iPad mini, iPhone & iPod touch, Laptop/PC and Apple’s iMac/Macbook. Feel free to download these wallpapers anytime:

Thank you for reading this blog post.

-Alex Smithson

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2013: A Floral Blast & A Brighter Future


Hello everyone!!! I wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the first 6 months of this blog, and wanted to thank all of you bloggers and viewers for helping me along the way, and I really appreciate the thought and kindness that all of you have given since this blog started, you have all made my life and love for blogging truly special.

Below, I’ve listed the amount of views I have received over the past 6 months, and from the bottom of my heart, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you for viewing my blog over these first 6 months since I started it up, and have a Happy New Year into 2014 where you are :-)!!!!!!!

June (The month I started this nature blog) – 126 Views Overall

July – 72 Views

August – 29 views

September – 42 views

October – 184 views

November – 173 views

…and finally, December – 917 Views!!!

The overall amount of views from June to December has brought my blog to an astounding 1,543 views, which I thank you all for solely, and also a massive thanks to Vijay Shah of the HalfEatenMind blog and Ajay Tao of the Ajaytao2010 blog for viewing and commenting on my latest blog posts, and have a wonderful, and Happy New Year into 2014!!!

-Alex Smithson

Plus, check back at 12:00am for the all new Twenty Fourteen layout, plus the new name for this blog!!!

Welcome to the New Look!!

Hello everyone! I thought I’d let you all know I updated the theme on the blog last night to the Quintus theme, and I’ve also made changes to the header, making it big and bold for the visually impaired, for those who experience blurred vision.

The Home button has made a comeback, and to make it easier to look back on previous blog posts, there is now an ‘<–Older posts’ button in place on the right of the page.

Search has moved to the left of the toolbar, meaning you’ll be able to search from the toolbar a lot easier than before. Gone are the days when Search used to be the norm for difficulties. All of that is put to rest.

Feel free to suggest new ideas for my photos via the contact button, or even comment at the bottom of this post.

Please let me know what you think of the new Quintus theme on this blog.


Theme Reversion

Hello again!! I apologise that the theme of this blog has changed again. I have changed it back to Fanwood Light as I was experiencing a difficulty within the Adventure Journal theme when trying to get the Follow button for Twitter to appear on this blog.

Apart from the problem with the recent theme I just used, I have now reverted back, and I have also put up a follow button. Feel free to follow this blog and also feel free anytime to follow me on Twitter.