Battersea Park / Revisited / 13.4.2017

As it has been four years since I last visited Battersea Park, it is safe to say that not a lot hasn’t changed since my last visit.

The weather was absolutely lovely; the scenery gave me a sense of relaxation because it is a place to relax and unwind.

Whilst me and my family were at Battersea Park, we played a game of cricket, and twice in one day, two dogs grabbed the tennis balls we were using, though two of the tennis balls were knackered after a couple of whacks with the cricket bat, but it was good for us all to get out and enjoy ourselves while the two-week holiday lasts.

It’s hard to think it was four years ago that I last visited Battersea Park. Where has the time gone? I still find it hard to believe that I was just about to sit my final year at Oasis Academy: Shirley Park and 4 years down the line, I am sitting the last few months of my UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma Film & Photography Course at Croydon College. That’s quite scary knowing just how fast the time has flown, because it only felt like yesterday I started my first year at Croydon College and now I’m in my last year at Croydon College and it just feels so unreal knowing I’m sitting the last few months of my education before I finish my education for good and go into the world of work.

Below is the large photographic collection I have produced of Battersea Park.

iPhone 5

Nikon D3300

I won’t lie to you, I’m absolutely glad to have revisited Battersea Park after such a long while, because the weather was just right, the temperature was just right and not only that, but there wasn’t a single spot of rain which was a bonus! Mind you, I will revisit Battersea Park in the future as I want to photograph the plants again soon considering I photographed the plants mostly the last time I visited Battersea Park back in 2013.

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed my time at Battersea Park after such a long wait and I cannot wait to go there again soon.

If you enjoyed this photography collection, please feel free to submit a response. Your feedback is much appreciated and if you have visited Battersea Park before, please let me know, I would love to know what you think of Battersea Park.

Alex Smithson

My Journey Through Photography – A Free Blogbook!!!

Hello everyone!!! I wanted to surprise you all by letting you know that I’ve just published a free digital book to Dropbox and is a blog-book based on my journey through photography. In this free digital blog-book, I have picked out the best and worst parts of photography, and have also done 2 pages based on my days out at Kelsey Park and Battersea Park, plus a page which talks about this blog. I also wanted to thank all of you bloggers and viewers for helping me to achieve and surpass my target of 2,000 views, these first few weeks of 2014 have been fantastic as I have almost reached the 3,000 view mark and have almost beaten the overall amount of views from June to December.

I also want to thank all my great blogging friends, including Vijay Shah and Ajay Tao as they have all inspired me to make my blog get this far, and I also want to thank my 2 main role models, Rhys Brown & Zofia Niemtus (Miss Niemtus as a mark of respect) for being the biggest inspirations overall. These 2 bloggers and my 2 main role models are a true inspiration to me and are also a true inspiration to us all.

The blog-book is free to download via Dropbox now: Click here to download your free copy of “My Journey Through Photography”

Thank you for reading this post, and I bet you’ll enjoy reading my little blogbook :-).

-Alex Smithson

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The Dusty Miller of Battersea Park – A Look Back

Hello everyone!!! I wanted to do a little look back on one of the blog posts, so I decided to find out the name of the plant. The name of this plant is called a Dusty Miller, as I did a little bit of research to find out the name of this plant. I was eager to find out what it was called. By using this photo of the plant I took back in August, I used Google Images to find the name of this plant, and just by looking at the Dusty Miller, you can see a lot of detail, it has that kind of feel to it where it appears to be glowing around the edges.

When I looked at this plant, it had what appeared to be a wintry appearance, as you would normally associate snowflakes with that curved shape of the plant. The Dusty Miller has a beautiful texture, and because of how structured it looks, it stands out. Going to Battersea Park in August was special, as it was a place where I could expand my creative ideas further.

Despite the hot weather last summer, it was truly special because you could see the whole of London from a glimpse, and to top it all off, I could see the River Thames below, which gave me two ideas to create a few panoramic photos that would show the whole landscape around Battersea Park. I hope to go there again soon after I leave school as I’m now in my last couple of months of secondary education.

To conclude, I have provided 4 images of the same Dusty Miller plant photo for different sizes that are suitable for the iPad & iPad mini, iPhone & iPod touch, Laptop/PC and Apple’s iMac/Macbook. Feel free to download these wallpapers anytime:

Thank you for reading this blog post.

-Alex Smithson

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A Fantastic Day Out at Battersea Park!

Hello! Just as promised, I have got photos today of Battersea Park, as the weather was chilling, and I wanted to share a lot of photos like flowers, and also panoramic photos as well.

As the weather was perfect today, I got a few good photos of sunflowers that blossomed, and I also took 3 panoramic photos of the city landscape.

To much of a cute surprise, I managed to get a photo of someone’s dachshund (a.k.a. sausage dog) clutching a stick in its mouth, and it was the same dog that jumped in the fountain twice to fetch his tennis ball.

To round off the last few days of August, I am putting together a video of all these photos, and the video will also contain 2 video clips of the fountain launching the water up high. I will upload the video tomorrow, and will let all of you know via a blog post when it finishes uploading and processing.

If I forgot to mention about some of these photos, I apologise, feel free to save these as wallpapers for your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad anytime you like.

20130827-102547 PM.jpg20130827-102600 PM.jpg20130827-102554 PM.jpg20130827-102634 PM.jpg20130827-102640 PM.jpg20130827-102747 PM.jpg20130827-102739 PM.jpg20130827-102727 PM.jpg20130827-102721 PM.jpg20130827-102753 PM.jpg20130827-102800 PM.jpg20130827-103025 PM.jpg20130827-103031 PM.jpg20130827-103051 PM.jpg20130827-103059 PM.jpg20130827-103044 PM.jpg20130827-103143 PM.jpg20130827-103149 PM.jpg20130827-103216 PM.jpg20130827-103159 PM.jpg20130827-103224 PM.jpg20130827-103240 PM.jpg20130827-103233 PM.jpg20130827-103301 PM.jpg20130827-103308 PM.jpg20130827-103348 PM.jpg20130827-103355 PM.jpg20130827-103402 PM.jpg20130827-103318 PM.jpg20130827-103428 PM.jpg

20130827-103510 PM.jpg

20130827-103411 PM.jpg

20130827-103518 PM.jpg

20130827-103614 PM.jpg

20130827-103628 PM.jpg

20130827-103656 PM.jpg

20130827-103635 PM.jpg

20130827-103644 PM.jpg

20130827-103621 PM.jpg

20130827-103729 PM.jpg

20130827-103840 PM.jpg

20130827-103937 PM.jpg

20130827-104028 PM.jpg

20130827-104118 PM.jpg

20130827-104205 PM.jpg

20130827-104247 PM.jpg

20130827-104257 PM.jpg

20130827-104349 PM.jpg

20130827-104406 PM.jpg

20130827-104417 PM.jpg

20130827-104423 PM.jpg

20130827-104454 PM.jpg

20130827-104436 PM.jpg

20130827-104533 PM.jpg

20130827-104548 PM.jpg

20130827-104541 PM.jpg

20130827-104604 PM.jpg

20130827-104623 PM.jpg

20130827-104632 PM.jpg

20130827-104749 PM.jpg

20130827-104758 PM.jpg

20130827-104806 PM.jpg

20130827-104831 PM.jpg

20130827-104945 PM.jpg

20130827-104955 PM.jpg

20130827-105049 PM.jpg

20130827-105106 PM.jpg

20130827-105114 PM.jpg

20130827-105122 PM.jpg

20130827-105151 PM.jpg

20130827-105245 PM.jpg

20130827-105525 PM.jpg

20130827-105545 PM.jpg

20130827-105556 PM.jpg

20130827-105605 PM.jpg

20130827-110018 PM.jpg

20130827-110029 PM.jpg

20130827-110037 PM.jpg

20130827-110045 PM.jpg

20130827-110053 PM.jpg

20130827-110100 PM.jpg

20130827-110124 PM.jpg

20130827-110139 PM.jpg

20130827-110132 PM.jpg

20130827-110157 PM.jpg

20130827-110149 PM.jpg

20130827-110217 PM.jpg

20130827-110209 PM.jpg

20130827-110240 PM.jpg

20130827-110252 PM.jpg

20130827-110301 PM.jpg

20130827-110308 PM.jpg

20130827-110317 PM.jpg

20130827-110323 PM.jpg

20130827-110329 PM.jpg

20130827-110345 PM.jpg

20130827-110339 PM.jpg

A Web of Flowers

As autumn nears, I wanted to make the most of the nice weather whilst I could before it starts to get cold, so I’ve uploaded a few photos of the weather before and during the heavy rainfall from yesterday.

If the nice, warm and breezy weather holds for Tuesday, I may be able to get a lot of photos at Battersea Park, so I’m hoping this good weather lasts.

On the 1st September I will be updating the header on this blog to reflect this autumn, and winter months soon to come. It is a simple, sunrise-based header, with bold text to make it look simplistic.

I have uploaded them as they are on here if you want to save them as an iPad wallpaper, and I almost forgot to mention, I have added at least 8 new wallpapers to the folder ‘Nature’s Wonders’ on Dropbox. I have provided a link below, so feel free anytime to download and use these as an iPhone or iPod touch wallpaper.

Keep your eyes peeled, as I will update this post with a video of these photos when the video has finished uploading and processing.

Update: The video has finished uploading and processing, and here it is.

20130825-075237 PM.jpg

20130825-075244 PM.jpg

20130825-075249 PM.jpg

20130825-075301 PM.jpg

20130825-075355 PM.jpg

20130825-075406 PM.jpg

20130825-075414 PM.jpg

20130825-075427 PM.jpg

20130825-075444 PM.jpg

20130825-075439 PM.jpg

20130825-075451 PM.jpg

20130825-075458 PM.jpg

Update: Battersea Park

As the weather is permitting and pouring down with rain, I may need to leave Battersea Park until next week.

I’m really sorry to disappoint all of you, as I was hoping the weather would be nice today.

I am hoping, and fingers crossed that there is a spot of sunny weather by Tuesday or Wednesday at the least.

A Blossoming Friendship!

Hello!! I was away for a few days after getting snaps of Mallows and Roses. To cut this short, I took lesser photos as I’m doing another blog post tomorrow from when I get back from Battersea Park, so I’ve put the photos below for a full-size download.

I have provided a Dropbox link below of these photos (cropped) in a folder named ‘Nature’s Wonders’, so if you want to save these photos for your iPod touch and iPhone 5, you just tap on the picture you want to save, then tap & hold, and then press ‘Save Image’ and it.

Stay tuned, as I’m also uploading a video to YouTube of these photos.

Update: Just as promised, the video is now available to watch, it plays better in 1080p HD.

20130821-085548 PM.jpg

20130821-085557 PM.jpg

20130821-085604 PM.jpg

20130821-085611 PM.jpg

20130821-085627 PM.jpg

20130821-085621 PM.jpg

20130821-085639 PM.jpg

20130821-085647 PM.jpg

20130821-085653 PM.jpg

20130821-085705 PM.jpg

20130821-085659 PM.jpg

20130821-085728 PM.jpg

20130821-085712 PM.jpg

20130821-085741 PM.jpg

20130821-085754 PM.jpg

20130821-085748 PM.jpg

20130821-085802 PM.jpg

20130821-085816 PM.jpg

20130821-085821 PM.jpg