Blogger Recognition Award | The First Award of 2016 | Mother Nature

I feel absolutely honoured to have been nominated by Brooke (The Utopia Universe) for the Blogger Recognition Award, which is the first award that Mother Nature has received since the start of 2016. Thanks Brooke :-)!

Below are the rules of the questions if you have been nominated for this award:

The Rules.

  1. Write a post to show your award
  2. Give a brief story of how your blog started
  3. Give two advice notes to new bloggers
  4. Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to your blog
  5. Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

Without further ado, I will answer the questions provided to me as a result of this fantastic nomination.

Mother Nature started as “Photography | Nature – To bring the vibrancy back into your life.” and this website has always been based around nature, among many other interests. Rebranding to Mother Nature was the best refresh this website needed.

The two advice notes I want to give to all new bloggers who are interested in setting up a blog or website on WordPress are:

  • Always have a professional blog/website design, as this will make viewing your blog/website a lot easier, especially if you want it to be professional, even on a mobile device, tablet or smartphone.
  • Also make sure to post frequently with stand-out featured images, as this will bring more visitors to your blog/website who may have similar interests to you.

Thanks to Brooke over at The Utopia Universe for nominating me for this award, it really means a lot :-).

Without further ado, here are my 15 nominees who I have selected to receive the Blogger Recognition Award (please feel free to decline if you don’t want to accept this award for any personal reasons or any given reasons that may be involved):

  1. Half-Eaten Mind – News & Views from a Partially Digested Brain
  2. Advocate for Mental Illness: Walking in God’s Footsteps – In Memory of Mom
  3. The Phil Factor
  4. Rolling Harbour Abaco
  5. Styx Communications
  6. Dear Kitty. Some Blog.
  7. A Harlem Point of View
  8. Musings in the Key of Devin
  9. aVeryAwkwardBlog – Books, Music, Laughs & My Awkward Life
  10. Step Out – Oh Darling, let’s be adventurers
  11. Tranquil Yet Alive
  12. Nil’s…Photography – Fotografie
  13. It’s All Coming Back to Me Now by B.A ~ About me and the world, through my words and photos
  14. Sacred Touches – Life is a time of purpose and anointed blossoming…
  15. Stephen G. Hipperson – My photography and other stuff

Thanks again to Brooke for the nomination, and congratulations to those of you who I’ve nominated for this award.

Alex Smithson

Alfie Deyes: The Most Famous YouTube Vlogger You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.

As I share my love for YouTube, I wanted to dedicate this article to the most famous YouTuber, Alfie Deyes. Also known under the name, PointlessBlog, Alfie is a YouTube Vlogger (video-blogger) who, over the past few years, has taken to YouTube to upload videos to his YouTube channels, one of which is a gaming channel, while the other two are based around his life, as well as a lot of the funniest things that he has done with his girlfriend, Zoe Sugg (a.k.a. Zoella), and their little pug, Nala, who is so cute.

With over 7,000,000+ subscribers (4,019,588 subscribers from PointlessBlog, 2,184,265 from PointlessBlogTv & 1,325,251 from PointlessBlogGames), Alfie has become one of the most popular YouTube icons in the whole world. As well as this, Alfie has also published two books, titled: “The Pointless Book” & “The Pointless Book 2“, which mainly focus around a set of games, as well as the ability to use the Augmented Reality book applications that allow you to transfer the designs that you’ve crafted in the books onto the two iPhone applications, which are: “The Pointless Book App” & “The Pointless Book 2 App“, and are both available for free download via the iTunes App Store.

Aside the vlogs that Alfie uploads to his YouTube channels, he is also featured in some other YouTuber’s videos, most notably in Zoe Sugg (a.k.a. Zoella) [Alfie’s Girlfriend], and in other YouTuber’s videos, such as Joe Sugg (a.k.a. ThatcherJoe), Jim Chapman, sometimes in Joey Graceffa’s videos, sometime’s in Tanya Burr‘s videos (Jim’s bride-to-be) and also in Louis Cole’s videos (a.k.a. FunForLouis).

And of course, Alfie & Zoe’s little Pug, Nala, most recently became a member of their family, and Nala is such a cute Pug, their dog melts my heart, because Nala is only a few months old, and every time I see a picture of Nala on Alfie’s or Zoe’s Instagram pages, I just end up going into cuteness overload, because most recently, Alfie put up a picture on Instagram of Nala dressed in a little doggy costume, and Nala is so cute, so flipping cute, and it melted my heart seeing Nala dressed in the little doggy costume, because she is so, so cute :-).

Alfie has been featured in the YouTuber Whispers video, which can be found on Joe Sugg’s channel, ThatcherJoe, and trust me, it’s really funny, but wait until you see the bloopers from this video, this is a daft and funny video that you will want to watch again and again :D.

Below are some pictures of Alfie Deyes and Zoe Sugg (a.k.a. Zalfie), including their Pug, Nala (WARNING: CUTENESS OVERLOAD ALERT!!!!!) :D. Also, some notable YouTubers and a musician are featured in this little gallery, along with Gabi Tozati’s lovely and beautiful drawing of Alfie & Zoe looking as happy as ever :-).

Most recently on Twitter, I was actually overjoyed with happiness because I tweeted to Alfie that I saw him on the Music Channel, 4Music, with a photo of him that I took, which he quickly favourited just minutes after I put the tweet up on Twitter. Also on Twitter, Alfie recently announced some iPhone cases for the iPhone 6, which had quickly sold out within 24 hours of them going on sale.

Alfie & Zoe (Zalfie) are one of the best couples around, because they both do everything together and enjoy themselves at the things that they love doing the most, and that is vlogging.

If you want to keep up-to-date on the latest videos that Alfie has uploaded to his YouTube channels, I will leave the links below this article for you all to subscribe to his YouTube channels. Trust me when I say this, you will not be disappointed at all, because Alfie’s videos are like a breath of fresh air, as you can watch them again and again, and even laugh at them as well for some or a lot of the funny things that he talks about, whilst Zoe is around :-).

Alex Smithson

Alfie Deyes’ YouTube Channels

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The Wait is Over!!! Bring on the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, my apologies for being away for a bit as I was doing a lot of needed work on my new blogbook: “A Year in Photography”, which will be released for free download on the 22nd August. Excitement is in the air today as the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games begins at 9:00PM with the Opening Ceremony. My excitement is literally at an all time high, as the Opening Ceremony is going to be full of fantastic surprises.

To mark the occasion, I have updated the Mother Nature Home Banner with the new strip, titled: “The Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games”. This gives the overall design of this blog a chance to blend in well with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games over the course of the next 11 days.

Later on, I will be uploading another blog post after the Opening Ceremony finishes, which reviews the Opening Ceremony as it unfolded.

Make sure to stay tuned!!!

Thank you for viewing this blog post.

Alex Smithson