Fazal Sheikh / Research

As part of my Final Major Project, I have been doing research on the photographers that influence me in the photography work I want to produce, which will be based on Facial Expressionism. The first photographer I have researched for my Final Major Project is Fazal Sheikh.

Fazal Sheikh’s photography work aims to document and personalise the power of portraiture whilst bring the displaced parts of the world, including its own people, into focus.

Below are the slides in the exact order, and the work I have done Harvard Referencing for which references Fazal Sheikh’s photography work I take absolutely no credit for. I also take absolutely no credit for the photograph of Fazal Sheikh produced by the MacArthur Foundation. I’m just merely referencing Fazal Sheikh’s work and the photograph of Fazal Sheikh produced by the MacArthur Foundation in my research as inspiration to inform and develop my own photography work inspired by him.

The pages that are referenced can be found below, complete with Harvard Referencing, the awards that Fazal Sheikh has received for his work, as well as the various exhibitions he has done that showcases his work, not to mention the publications and ISBN numbers, and also his collections, with external links to further research. All credit goes to Fazal Sheikh and the MacArthur Foundation.

This research will help me to develop my Facial Expressionism Final Major Project better, as I will be photographing some subjects for my project, so you should see some photography work very soon. This research presentation can also be found in my E-Folio and any of the subjects I photograph will also be in the E-Folio once the subject photographs are published. There’s a lot of good photography opportunities in store so I can be sure that I will be able to present to you a lot more of my creative film and photography work.

If you enjoyed or found this research presentation useful, please let me know. I would love to hear your response.

Alex Smithson

Welcome to April!

Welcome to April on Mother Nature! As this month is set to be just as relaxing and as peaceful as last month, it’s safe to say that the weather is set to get better, and this month is also set to be quite the busy month for me, because I will need to travel up to places in London that I can photograph, including heading to certain galleries in London to further my research and development for the Facial Expressionism Final Major Project that I am currently working on.

During the holiday break, I will be doing coursework and revision, as I’ve got my GCSE English exam on the 5th May which I have to prepare for and I also have my GCSE Maths exams coming up soon as well, so I can only apologise in advance if I don’t publish as much on here over the next few weeks.

It’s hard to think, by the end of June, beginning of July, I will have just finished my last year of being in education. The time has flown so fast! I wish it could slow down but time isn’t slowing down anytime soon, so it’s time to make the most of it and make use of the time available whilst I am still in education to work hard and to succeed in my coursework.

Who has been loving this nice and sunny weather lately? I’d love to know if you love the nice and sunny weather that we’ve been seeing more of lately.

Until then:


Alex Smithson

Welcome to February!

Welcome to February on Mother Nature! As this month is expected to be just as busy as last month, it’s safe to say this month will be a lot busier considering I have a mock exam just around the corner, but also because I will be making sure to get out more and make use of the free time I have on my days off to photograph nature-based places for my Self-Directed Curiosity Project.

I should note I will be publishing less frequently considering I have a lot of revision and coursework to do, but also because I will be dedicating a whole lot more of my time to my studies, as I’ve only got the last few months of my education to think about, so I will be making sure to make use of the free time to head out to places that I can photograph for my coursework and publish any collections I can create on this website so that I can at least say I’ve worked hard and gone the extra mile to showcase my passion for photography, as well as nature and other core areas of photography.

January sure flew by real fast. I hadn’t realised how busy the beginning of 2017 would be, but I am pleased to say I have worked hard and done the best I can in the space of the first month of this year. February will be no different because I am used to being busy and I would rather work hard and achieve the best I can and also work on publishing articles for Mother Nature as I love to stay active. Inactivity and me simply don’t go together unless I decide to take a break and relax and recuperate, but still, I love to keep as active as possible so that I can have the energy to balance my coursework, revision and publishing articles for this website effectively.

Still, I will be making sure to dedicate more of my time to my studies, but I will try to publish articles here and there when I can find the free time.

Until then, welcome to February!

Alex Smithson

Welcome to April!!! A Month Full of Relaxing Times, Happiness & Joy!!!

Welcome to April on Mother Nature!!! It’s good to be back. As this month is set to kick in with some good weather, despite the solar eclipse that happened just a few weeks ago, this will give nature the chance to blossom and also create a beautiful landscape that will flourish well.

As well as this, this month is also going to be a good month for me, as I’ll be going on a trip up to the Victoria & Albert Museum on the 14th April, which will give me the chance to photograph some images for my coursework.

While this month is in sight, I will be aiming to finish working on my third book before the end of April comes, which is set to be the biggest book I will have ever produced, marking the biggest follow-up from my second book: “A Year in Photography”. My Journey Through a Lens is set to comprise of the first 5 case studies that have been published on Mother Nature, as well as some of the things that I’ve talked about, with two musicians being mentioned in this book, along with my own showcase of my own photography skills.

I have some exciting weeks ahead to look forward to, as I’ll be focusing on my final project once my last few pieces of coursework for the second to last unit are completed, but it feels good to keep on top of the work, which is why I have been able to find some time to write and publish articles for Mother Nature, whilst working on this book.

I had made it my New Year’s Resolution at the beginning of this year to keep on top of my work, as I wanted to be able to have more time to relax, and to also publish articles and work on my book as well. I have kept to this resolution from the start of this year, and I feel more than glad to have kept on top of the heavy workload this year, as this gives me a lot more of time to carry on doing the things that I want to do whilst I have no college work available.

For the first time this year, I have decided to not take a hiatus, despite a heavy workload, given the fact that I took one last year, but my goal for this year is to publish articles over the course of the whole of 2015, as I took a 4-5 month break last year to concentrate on my exams, but for this year, I will make sure to keep on publishing articles, and also complete any work that may involve a possible heavy workload, which I will also work on keeping up-to-date on.

Until then, welcome to April on Mother Nature!!!

Alex Smithson