Photography Work on Hold. Please Read.

As my laptop went off for repair due to a problem with Audio Enhancements not working when headphones were connected, I have decided to put the photography work I produced in August for the photography series: “The Concept of Expression” on hold, and an article which I was supposed to be publishing before the end of this month that is photography-based is also going on hold for the short time being.

However, I can still publish articles briefly with my HP Stream 11 whilst my other laptop is being repaired, but don’t worry, the photography work I have produced that is due to go up on here will be published soon, so rest assured they will still be published but at a later stage whilst I get everything sorted.

On the plus side, I have some fantastic news I would like to bestow.

As my former GCSE English lecturers felt the D grade I got was an unfair result, I am pleased to announce that after my former GCSE English lecturers sent my paper off to be re-marked, I have finally passed GCSE English with a C grade after three whole years! It took me long enough after some ups and downs, including some bumps in the road, but I finally got there and I no longer have to do GCSE English. Result!


On a positive note, the photography work will go up soon, but in the meantime, I will be continuing to apply for more jobs whilst I work hard.

Thank you so much for your patience so far, it really does mean a lot to me and I will do the absolute best I can to get everything back up and running soon.

With love,

x Alex Smithson x

Welcome to May!

Welcome to May on Mother Nature. As May is set to be one of the busiest months for me considering I’ve got a lot of revision and coursework to do, it’s safe to say that the next few weeks will be full of a lot of hard work and dedication.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be publishing more headshot photographs that I take and my E-Folio will be updated a lot more so I can be sure that the photography work and research I present to you connects to my Facial Expressionism Final Major Project.

Also. today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Month, so if you are someone who suffers from Mental Health or know anyone who suffers from any Mental Health condition, then this month is our chance to raise awareness for Mental Health and to make sure we can end the stigma once and for all.

Also, as well as the headshot photographs I will be publishing, I wanted to let you all know that I won’t be able to publish frequently over the next few weeks as I’ll be revising for my GCSE exams, considering I have my only GCSE English exam on Friday 5th May, with my GCSE Maths Non-Calculator Exam being on the 25th May and then the Calculator paper on the 8th June.

Until then, Welcome to May!

Alex Smithson

Welcome to October!

Welcome to October on Mother Nature! As this month is set to be just as busy as last month, it is safe to say that this month is going to be quite a productive and busy month given my UAL Level 3 Diploma Film & Photography Course, including my GCSE English & GCSE Maths courses.

Over the course of this month, I will be publishing certain articles that may benefit your interests, one of which focuses on serious problems surrounding a news headline that caused untold controversy in the news just recently. All will be revealed soon in the article which is soon to be published.

Also, following the trip to Dungeness on Friday 23rd September 2016, I will be publishing a large photo set of the Trek to Dungeness, so you can expect the best results from my photo-set.

Whilst I remember, Book #4 is still going to be published but will be published towards the end of this year. It is bigger than how I expected it to be, considering I was initially hoping that the book would be smaller than Book #3, but Book #4 is officially a whole lot bigger than the third, so there is a lot that this fourth book can offer. Book #4, titled: “Life From My Own Perspective” is more or less finished, but I am making some gradual changes beforehand to ensure that the book is easily readable, and that you get a suitable context page that will allow you to flick to a certain page in the book a lot quicker. Book #4 will also be dedicated to my friend who I recently lost to a murder as I want him to be remembered for being the inspirational and aspirational friend that he was to myself and everyone else. I want Book #4 to be my way of saying: “Thank you for leaving such a positive impact on mine and everyone’s lives. You’ll be missed so much but you’ll live on in our hearts forever.

I have got a few articles planned for publishing this month, and I can guarantee to all of you that they will be interesting as I will be making sure to work away at them whilst I find the free time where possible.

Also, as Halloween is just around the corner, it is safe to say that the next few weeks will be interesting considering Halloween will be a talked-about subject for the next few weeks.

Until then, Welcome to October on Mother Nature!

Alex Smithson

Monthly Roundup: June 2016

After a busy and productive month, I will be taking a look back at the articles I have published over the course of June.

1.6.2016 – With the weather being expected to get warmer considering that Summer was almost here, I welcomed you all back to Mother Nature for June. I mentioned that it was great to know that the Summer Olympics in Rio are almost here, considering just how amazing and how quick the time has flown since the London 2012 Summer Olympic & Paralympic Games concluded.

6.6.2016 – 3 years ago to this day, Mother Nature started up as PhotographyNature: To bring the vibrancy back into your life. What started as a nature blog turned into a website, as I expanded my interests beyond nature into technology, college-related studies, music, games and also topics, some of which would focus on certain things that have gone on throughout the course of everyday life.

12.6.2016 – After a few weeks of working on the drawing, I finally completed my third artistic interpretation of Madonna. This drawing was based on a photo that was taken back in 1994 for a song called: “I’ll Remember“, which Madonna produced for an Original Motion Picture film called: “With Honors“, which would see her undergoing a radical change in her image and style for this particular song.

13.6.2016 – In light of the recent events in which 50 victims lost their lives as a result of the deadly massacre that occurred in Orlando, I published an article announcing the news that I wouldn’t be publishing any articles for Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th June as I wanted to pay my full respects to all the victims and families who are grieving at this time. I also mentioned that Mother Nature would resume operation on Tuesday 16th June. I created a Pray for Orlando badge that could be used on any blog/website, in which I asked all of you to show your support by placing the Pray for Orlando Badge I created on your blog/website.

16.6.2016 – Almost two weeks before, I took the opportunity when we had the lovely sunny weather to take some photos out in my garden, and for the first time with my Nikon D3300 DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex), I used the Aperture Priority (Av) on all of the photos, which delivered spectacular results that I didn’t achieve as much as I used to before. The Natural Roots of June consisted of all 31 colour photographs, including 5 black and white photographs of some of the colour photographs I hand-picked at random from the photo collection.

21.6.2016 – We all experience certain moments of tranquility and euphoria at certain stages in our lives, but what is so good about tranquility and euphoria is that they both connect and merge together very well, as tranquility can be recognised from certain angles; peaceful, tranquil, quiet. Euphoria, on the other hand, can be recognised from other certain angles; happiness, excitement, and paradise. Having a mixture of both create a sense of joy and happiness which can be found to be overwhelming at the best of times. The article, Tranquility & Euphoria, was all about finding out different perspectives of tranquility and euphoria and how they both work well together.

Also, on the same day, I published another article, titled: “It’s a Beautiful Day.”, as we had such lovely weather on this day, and I ceased the opportunity to publish a photograph I took in its edited and original form so that you would get a choice of the same two, depending on which one took your interest the most.

23.6.2016 – Five years on since her untimely death on the 23rd July 2011, Amy Winehouse, the iconic music legend that made her mark with her unique musical sound, released two of her most iconic albums, which were Frank, and also Back to Black. Her posthumous third studio album, Lioness: Hidden Treasures, consisted of some new songs which were previously unreleased, including different versions of certain tracks that we listened to and grew to love, given that the iconic look for Back to Black and Lioness: Hidden Treasures saw Amy Winehouse with the iconic beehive hairstyle, which has since become the biggest trendsetter for all independent women in fashion.

I took the opportunity to draw Amy Winehouse, as I wanted to pay my full respects and pay homage to the iconic music legend as it has been five years since her passing. She was a talented young musician who was gone too soon. I’ve put her age, 27, in brackets, in the article title, as that number is the age she was when she passed away on the 23rd July 2011.

I wanted to make sure to pay tribute to Amy Winehouse by drawing just her face, and nothing else, as I wanted to make sure the most important features of her face stood out, which were her eyes, her nose, her piercing and her mouth and teeth.

Also, on this day, I published an article about the EU Referendum being the most talked about event of the year, considering the controversy and history behind it. I chose to vote Leave and was pleased that the Leave side of the campaign won, and I gave my reasons for why I chose to Leave the European Union in the article: “The EU Referendum. The Historical & Most Controversial Voting Event in History.”

26.6.2016 – Since I voted to Leave the EU on the 23rd June, which I don’t regret in doing so, I have noticed the large amount of Facebook statuses on my News Feed, not to mention the large amount of tweets that have appeared on Twitter that are xenophobic, racist and even disgraceful, especially certain statuses that have come up on my News Feed from those who feel I should have to delete them off of my Facebook because I chose to Leave. I wrote this article in which I vented my frustrations loud and clear, and not for a split second did I even hold back.

I was sick and tired of the way everyone was reacting to the result on social media, and I felt by writing and publishing this note, I could get all of my frustration off of my chest, and it actually felt good to use this note as my opportunity to shut the kind of people down that kept complaining that they didn’t get the result that they wanted by giving those my full outlook on what I thought about the whole thing.

30.6.2016 – Recently, I mentioned to all of you I had some stuff personal-wise going on with college work, well these past few weeks haven’t been easy for me, as there has been so much stress and upset given something far more serious which I can’t discuss for certain reasons in mind, but the work has been stressful lately and with learning the news about something as horrible and grim, it just sent me over the edge.

I wrote this article explaining why I wasn’t as productive and I also apologised for not being as productive recently, but I also used this article I published as my own way of letting go of it all. Writing this article was my way of letting go and releasing it all, so that I could, in other words, never look back, but most of all, look forward.

Thanks so much to all of you for a really good month, and again, I am sincerely sorry for not being as productive lately, but as I am finally on the long Summer break, I will be concentrating more on getting more articles published on Mother Nature.

Until then, thank you all for a really good month and I’ll see you all in July.

Alex Smithson

Welcome to June!

Welcome to June! As this month is expected to get warmer considering that Summer is almost here, it is great to say that the Summer Olympics are nearly here. It’s amazing how fast the time flies, because when you consider that it was 4 years ago since the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games started and finished, you wouldn’t believe just how fast the time has flown by. As the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic & Paralympic Games kick off soon, it’s safe to say that everyone’s excited for this year’s Summer Olympic & Paralympic Games in Rio.

This month is set to be a productive month for me, as I have two GCSE English exams coming up next week, which fall on the 7th and the 10th June, which is next week and I do feel nervous about sitting those exams to be honest with you, but I really am determined to pass them this time around, I want to make sure to nail them both on the head and pass them this time, so the next few days, crossing into next week will be all about revising and working extra hard to the best of my ability, which will mean I will be putting the remainder of this week and next week for publishing articles on hold, as I am serious about wanting to succeed, including being serious about wanting to pass the GCSE English course.

Once the GCSE English Paper 1 and 2 exams are out of the way, I will be making sure to round off the first year of my two-year UAL Level 3 Diploma Film & Photography Course, considering I have been extremely productive over the course of the entire year, but I will be making sure to publish more articles over the course of this month.

Until then, Welcome to June!

Alex Smithson

A Note of Sincere Apology.

Dear all,

I am ever so sorry I haven’t been as productive this month, I’ve had a lot of personal things going on lately and haven’t had the energy to publish as many articles as I hoped. The past few weeks haven’t been easy for me and I haven’t been able to be as productive as much as I thought.

If I have not published as many articles this month, then this is the reason why. I do sincerely apologise if you haven’t seen many articles from me, I’ve got so much going on personal-based, but also a lot going on with my Final Major Project, which I’m ready to start wrapping up and finalising before the public show goes on at Croydon College from the 13th – 17th June.

Also, another reason behind this is because I’m under a lot of pressure regarding revision which I’ve got to do for my GCSE English Paper exams, so please forgive me if I haven’t been productive as first thought.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, I am ever so sorry I haven’t been as productive as I usually have been, but I will try to publish some articles as best as I can as things get back to normal.

Alex Smithson

Welcome to May!

Welcome to May on Mother Nature! As the next couple of weeks are set to get warmer considering that Summer is just a few weeks away, it’s great to say that the weather is finally looking up. Today has actually been a lovely day and I hope this lovely weather continues.

Over the course of this month, I will be very busy with my college studies, but this may mean I’ll be publishing articles less frequently than I did last month, considering last month was extremely productive, but fear not, as I will be heading up to London on Tuesday 10th May to the Barbican Gallery where Madonna was a few weeks ago as I will be going to see an exhibition that comprises of over 250 intuitive works produced by Martin Parr.

As you can imagine, I’m really excited about the trip, though I will be making sure to be cautious about the photographs I will take as I have been given notification that some parts of the Barbican Gallery are okay for taking photographs, whereas some parts of the gallery are restricted in terms of photography, due to security reasons of course which is what I’ve taken into full consideration.

Over the course of this month, I will be focusing more on my studies, but also revision as I have two of the most important GCSE English exams coming up next month and I will be making sure to dedicate a lot of my time to revising as I want to stand a good chance of passing this time around. I will try, however, to fit time in now and then to publish articles on Mother Nature, as I want to make sure I can keep everything balanced so that nothing goes haywire whilst I’m studying or writing articles.

Until then, Welcome to May!

Alex Smithson

Welcome to March!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to March on Mother Nature, as this month is set for some possibly nice weather, despite the weather forecasts suggesting possible rain and snow, this month is set to be not as busy, but more so full of energy, and is also set to be quite a relaxing month, considering that the clocks will be going forward 1 hour on the 27th March at 1:00 AM.

As I’ve been able to keep as productive as possible over the course of the first two months of this year, I will be making sure to keep a productive mindset as I want to make sure I can get more articles published so that there is more for all of you to read and not less, after all, although the last few months of 2015 were productive, given that much of last year wasn’t as productive due to the amount of articles I published almost each month, given that I also had a lot of work to do, I want to make sure that I can publish a lot more than before, considering that I want to make the most of the free time that I have available when I don’t have work to do.

As I want to publish those tribute articles that I wasn’t able to publish over the course of January and last month, I am currently working on them, though they will take a lot of time to make before they can be published, so please forgive me dearly if I can’t get the articles published straightaway, but I will make sure to keep to my promise of getting them done as soon as I can.

So what will be happening this month? Oh yes, the photos that I weren’t able to publish last month following the laptop problems I had initially towards the end of February will be published this month, so I can promise all of you that, and I’ll make sure that none of you go without :-).

I will also be making sure that I can publish on a frequent basis, as I want to be able to keep in the loop and keep as active as possible. I will also be making sure to publish at the right times during each week, which reminds me, I will be putting up a little widget on the sidebar for the times I’ll publish articles from Monday’s to Friday’s, and then the times I’ll publish articles over the course of each weekend.

I’m doing this because I want you all to be rest assured that I can publish any articles at the chosen times, so at least that way things are balanced out better. Of course, there are going to come times when I won’t be able to choose what times to publish, considering that I’ll be re-taking my real English GCSE exams, which I hope to pass by the end of the first year of this two-year course, though I will be making sure to publish articles on a daily basis, so at least that way none of you will go without something that will keep you reading for the rest of the day.

But still, I will make sure to keep to my promise of doing those tribute articles, but I will also be making sure to keep to my promise of being more productive by publishing more articles over the course of this month.

Until then, I just wanted to say:


Alex Smithson

Topic of the Day: Is Life Easier for Young People Today than it was for their Grandparents?

For this topic of the day, I will be talking about whether life is easier for young people today than it was for their grandparents, and I’ll also be giving an indication of the basic points that cover my own line of arguments as to why I am for and against certain statements. In this instance, I will be talking about why I think life is easier due to more resources being available at hand, why more help is at hand and why there are more job opportunities available, and why I am for these arguments, and I’ll also be talking about why I disagree on communities being safer, as well as talking about childhood obesity.

“Life is easier as there are more resources at hand.” – FOR THIS ARGUMENT

The reason I am for this argument is because life, as we all know it, is a lot easier now, given that there are a lot more of resources now available at hand when we really need it. In this instance, we are able to use the internet more to find our research for our studies quicker, especially for our own interests as well, and a lot of medical aid is now provisional around the world, as more lives are being saved almost everyday, and not only that, but certain things that weren’t available back in the previous generation are now more advanced in modern-day life.

In this instance, when it comes to resources, for those who may suffer from a disability, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, Autism, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Spina Bifida etc., life is made a lot easier now for those who may suffer from a disability, or for those who suffer from a certain disease that can turn into a disability, as there are more options and resources available, and accessibility is now a lot easier for those who lead their lives differently to ours, as more help is available and more options are available at hand now.

“More help is at hand.” – FOR THIS ARGUMENT

I am for this argument on more help being at hand, as there is more help available from almost everywhere, for example, many of the charities who are dedicated to making the lives of those easier always give their undivided attention to help everyone around the world who is in need of full support, and again, where disabilities and diseases are concerned, more help is indeed at hand, as those who are suffering in pain as a result of any disabilities and diseases have more of a chance to seek all the help and guidance they need to get themselves through daily life, just like we do.

In the past, there used to be some help at hand, but because of how much time has flown, with the evolvement of the NHS, as well as everything else not connected to the National Health Service, there is more help available now for almost everything that’s around, which is beneficial in this day and age, because as long as the help is available, then having all of the help and support available at hand is entirely beneficial.

“More job opportunities are available.” – FOR THIS ARGUMENT

I am for this argument on more job opportunities being made available, as there are loads and loads of job opportunities becoming available almost every day. In the past, getting a job was known to be very difficult, depending on the type of job you wanted, as well as the requirements you would have to meet in order to get that job, but now, as everything has advanced so much in terms of opportunities becoming available, all it takes for you to do now is to send many of the top leading companies in the world your CV (Curriculum Vitae, also known as a Resumé in America) based on the grades, achievements and hard work you’ve done to get to where you are now, and before you know it, you’ll be in a part-time or full-time job, depending on what you’re currently doing, whether it would be to do with something that relates to your studies, and you’ll be finding that you’ll earn more money in that job whilst you learn.

There are so many job opportunities available nowadays that they can go really quick if you don’t act, and I absolutely believe hand on heart that with more job opportunities available, this will really boost the economy, and I also believe hand on heart that this will give those from the ages of 14 up to 65 the chance to really find some work that they can earn money from, which will help them to build a better understanding of what it’s like earning money in the world of work. There are so many job opportunities available now that it’s best to grab those job opportunities with both hands as if your life had depended on it.

Safer Communities” – AGAINST THIS ARGUMENT

Now this is where my views change, nowadays, communities are no longer safe due to all the gun and knife crimes that go on today, because almost every day in this past year alone, there have been a large number of stabbings and shootings, with 17 fatal deaths this year in London. Most recently, the community of Paris recently suffered a devastating massacre that resulted in the loss of 132 lives in the Bataclan Venue (where the Eagles of Death Metal band performed) and outside the Stade de France Football Stadium, after some suicidal attacks occurred, which resulted in dangerous explosives being set off.

As a result, the whole world lit up their most famous landmarks in blue, white and red to remember those who lost their lives after the Friday 13th November events. Now, gun and knife crimes, including the horrific events that took place in Paris are just the prime examples of why our communities are no longer safe, as all of these first world problems are just getting worse as the months and years go by, and it’s only a matter of time before all these problems blossom into one great big problem, and before you know it, World War 3 will have already begun. We must act now to make all communities safer, and to make sure that there is an immediate crackdown that will bring all of these first world problems to an end.

Childhood Obesity” – AGAINST THIS ARGUMENT

In this day and age, childhood obesity is becoming a growing problem in modern society, and also across the world. Because of all the fast-food restaurants you get nowadays, from Burger King to McDonalds and from KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) to Pizza Hut, there are so many fast-food restaurants around now that if you go into one, you are literally able to order more food and eat it at your own comfort, which I’m really sorry to say is appalling and, in other words, disturbing.

The reason I am against childhood obesity is because there are so many people who I walk past nowadays in the streets who are overweight and stuffing their faces with food, and I’m sorry, it is absolutely gross and volatile. I do take into account and into full consideration that some people especially at a young age may be suffering life-long health problems that result in them being overweight or underweight, which is entirely understandable, possibly due to their thyroid gland being over-active or under-active, but when it comes to someone who eats lots and lots of junk food just for the fun of it, that’s where I feel the government could put a stop to it. At the end of the day, childhood obesity is the ultimate killer that can shorten the lives of those who want to live for a very long time, and only we can stop this from happening by putting an end to it now.


To conclude, I am for the statements based on life being made easier due to more resources being available at hand, also for the fact that there is more help at hand and with more job opportunities becoming available, though I am against the statements about the world having safer communities, including childhood obesity.

I feel that with more resources at hand, with more help at hand and with more job opportunities being made available, these three key factors can give the world a better upbringing that will enable everyone to be able to rise to their full potential, but, as for the statements about safer communities and childhood obesity, I feel that these are the two core areas that really need to be focused on and improved, as these two problems can only be fixed if we all do something about it by acting now.

My final thoughts? I personally feel that we should go for every job opportunity that becomes available, I believe that we should accept more of the help that is provided at hand to us, and I also believe that we should make use of more of the resources that are available now, but as for safer communities and childhood obesity, I personally feel that this where these two core areas need a lot of improvement and a lot of work, in order for them to become less of a problem, and more of a priority to fix.

Please feel free to give feedback based on whether you’re for or against the statements. Please keep in mind, however, that I also did this topic for my GCSE English class today.

Alex Smithson