It Feels So Good to Be 20! What a Milestone!

It sure does feel good to be 20, and the fact I’m celebrating turning 20 today is surreal! It’s perfect timing for me considering that I’m now officially on annual leave for two weeks, but I will be making sure to celebrate my 20th Birthday, and I’ll also be making sure to get out as often as I can over the two weeks I’m off on annual leave.

What a milestone!

Alex Smithson

I Know You’re Somewhere Out There, Somewhere Far Away.

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster this week, getting through each day has been quite hard, and I was away for a whole week as I’ve been making sure to pay my respects as I lost a close friend of mine of two years last week.

I won’t make this too long-winded, but I want to take this opportunity to pay my full respects to my close friend who was an absolute inspiration to me and everyone else, and that she’ll be remembered for spreading positivity and happiness with everyone she came across.

I thought it would be wise to use this photo of the moon I produced as Bruno Mars‘ ballad, Talking to the Moon, moved me to tears but in a way where it helped me to understand and come to terms with her sudden passing at such a sudden, yet saddening time.

This week has been really emotional for me and everyone else, but with each day, I’ll get stronger. We’ll get stronger. I want to be strong for my friend and continue to get stronger and value the time me and all of you have.

I want to make the most of every opportunity to go out and make the most of the time, as going out and making the most of the time and valuing every single second is what my friend would want for me to do.

I know you’re somewhere out there, somewhere far away, but I’ll always be thinking of you in my heart, and the inspiration you gave me and everyone else.

You are and always will be greatly missed, but I shall remember you for the positivity and happiness and that you’ll always be my close friend.

Rest in peace, my dear friend.

Alex Smithson x


After months of rumours and speculation, Cheryl has officially announced she is pregnant! This news has come at the perfect time and it was only a few weeks ago that Beyoncé announced her pregnancy with twins to the world. February is most certainly shaping up to be a fun-filled and heartwarming month.

I am over the moon and absolutely overjoyed at the news of Cheryl’s pregnancy because it has been a long time coming and I am absolutely happy for both Cheryl & Liam Payne! Both of them will most certainly make fantastic parents and to see Cheryl at her happiest makes me and everyone smile. Happiness, love, respect, compassion and care is what matters and I send all of my happiness, love, respect, compassion and care to both Cheryl & Liam Payne.

Congratulations Cheryl & Liam! Both of you will most certainly be wonderful parents and I wish you every ounce of happiness all the way because you are both worth it 🙂

Alex Smithson

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She’s a Grown Woman! Beyoncé is Pregnant with Twins!

In a surprise announcement, Beyoncé has announced she is pregnant with twins! This news comes after she uploaded a photograph to the photo-sharing service, Instagram, in which she cradles her stomach with a veil on in front of a floral display.

Who knew that this would be the best highlight of 2017. Beyoncé is pregnant! Her last pregnancy came in 2011 when she was pregnant with her first child, Blue Ivy Carter, who she gave birth to on the 7th January 2012 and now she has confirmed along with her husband of 9 years, JAY Z, that she is pregnant with twins.

I am so excited and words cannot describe how over the moon I feel at this stage. I am sending my best wishes and happiness her way and also to JAY Z. Congratulations to both of you, Beyoncé and JAY Z. May this year be a special year for you both.

Alex Smithson

Tranquility & Euphoria

We all experience certain moments of tranquility and euphoria at certain stages in our  lives, but there’s always one question that needs to be answered. What’s so good about tranquility and euphoria?

What is so good about tranquility and euphoria is that they both connect and merge together very well, as tranquility can be recognised from certain angles; peaceful, tranquil, quiet. Euphoria, on the other hand, can be recognised from other certain angles; happiness, excitement and paradise. Having a mixture of both can create a sense of joy and happiness which can be found to be overwhelming at the best of times.

At certain stages in my life, I have experienced senses of tranquility and euphoria, and it’s great how both tranquility and euphoria connect at the best of times. For instance, when you study hard, like I have been over this past year, you create for yourself the senses of tranquility and euphoria, as you suddenly find that you have a massive bag of free time that you didn’t use to have before.

Life is better when both tranquility and euphoria are involved, as you can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful life without needing to worry about what isn’t important.

Overall, I love the thought of tranquility and euphoria, but at the same time, both of those come at times when you’re hanging out with a group of friends and the same can happen for both especially when you’re around your family.

If you liked this article based on tranquility and euphoria, then please feel free to submit feedback.

All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

For the First Time in this World. Do You. Be Happy.

Always be yourself, and be happy in this world.

It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you, and it doesn’t matter if you’re different to everyone else, just be you and only you, and also be happy, that’s what really matters the most.

Stay true to yourself, and realise that you are better than you think.

There’s more to your life than you think, and it’s also about doing what you love the most. If you love a hobby that much, keep doing that hobby, and if there’s something that makes you smile, keep smiling.

What matters the most is that you keep doing you, but most of all, that you keep being happy.

Always keep positive and always keep strong because your life is what matters.

So for the first time in this world, just do you and be happy.

But most of all, be yourself and just stay true to who you are, and you will find that your life gets better as the time flies by.

Do You. Be Happy. Be Yourself.

Alex Smithson

Life is Precious. Make the Most of a Happy & Positive Life.

Life throws at us what we do or don’t like to experience, but it’s being able to accept who you are that really matters. Whether you have anyone around you who chooses to see you differently because of who you are and how you choose to appear, that doesn’t matter, it’s what comes from your heart and who you are that really matters the most.

In life, you can be called every name under the sun that some people may see as a gateway to all sorts of trouble, but you are the only person that matters because you can stand up for what you genuinely believe in, and not give a care about what anyone thinks of you.

In my eyes, it doesn’t matter who you love and who you choose to be, and it doesn’t matter what you look like, what matters is that you should be yourself and that you should never change for anyone because they may see you in a different light, just be yourself and realise that your life is precious, and it’s always good to make the most of the happy and positive life you will have, because you only get this kind of chance in life to be happy and to be positive as well. So make the most of your life and value how precious your life really is.

Forget what anyone thinks of you, and so what if you look different in size to everyone else, that doesn’t matter, and so what if you are different to everyone else, at the end of the day, just think, we are all different. We are all not the same. We are all born to do our own thing, and the less we take ourselves for granted, the better we feel, and the more we bring ourselves together, the better we all become.

We were all born for many purposes, and that was to be ourselves, to be accepting and equal with each other and to show complete respect to one another. Anyone’s respect doesn’t go unnoticed, but can be noticed depending on how much you respect someone and how much you care and value them.

I always believe that if you can respect everyone around you and treat everyone equally and treat everyone with diversity, then you’ll find you will move up in the world because the more respect you show, the more you’ll get respected back in return. In other words, the more equal and diverse you are, the more equal and diverse everyone will be towards you.

Life is without a shadow of a doubt precious, and it’s always good to make the most of your happy and positive life now, because you’ll never get this chance to live a happy and positive life again.

However hard things can be life, especially if you’ve been through a bad patch or if you’ve lost someone close to you, always make sure to keep positive, not just for yourself, but for them as well, and show those that are no longer around that you can keep strong for them and make sure to do them proud. After all, I always believe this, even if that person is no longer around to be by your side, keep this in mind: “I want to make sure to do you proud and to make sure to continue all of the good work you’ve done, and I will work my socks off to make sure I can do you proud.

Happiness and Positivity, in my eyes, are the keys to a wonderful life, so start living now and make something good for yourself ☺👍👌.

If this article has put a bundle of happiness and positivity in your step, please feel free to feedback your thoughts. Your feedback is absolutely appreciated. Remember, I’m always going to be here to inspire you all, so I will make sure none of you go without :-).

Alex Smithson

Topic: Does Each Photograph Capture a Memory or Emotion?

Photographs. They can capture all kinds of happy memories, including all kinds of emotions, but they can be the photographs that are permanently attached in our minds, but most importantly, in our hearts. Each photograph tells a story, and also has a memory or emotion behind it that somehow can still make you have goosebumps, for instance, when you’re older and you look back on a photograph you took about 5-10 years ago, that photograph becomes a part of you and never leaves you, even when you feel it may have done.

To spread and encourage positivity in this topic, I will talk about whether each photograph captures a memory or emotion, and I’ll be making sure to give my views on why I believe that a photograph does capture either one of them or both.

Does Each Photograph You Take Capture a Memory?

To me, each photograph that I take captures a memory, and a happy memory too. Why? Because each photograph I take tells a story, and is also a memory because I can remember the day I took it, whether there has been good or bad weather, I see each photograph as a happy memory, as each photograph I take feels like a happy achievement at that stage or point in my life.

Each photograph I take, whether it is a photograph of something that is landscape-based, or even if it is a photo I’ve taken with my friends, I see those photographs as happy memories, as they count as memories that will not only live with me forever, but will also be the footprints that have been left on my heart.

Also, every photograph that I take, it doesn’t matter what kind of photograph it is, is a permanent memory that will stay with me for the rest of my life, as I can look back and know how many happy moments I have had along the way.

Does Each Photograph You Take Capture an Emotion?

Each photograph I take captures a different kind of emotion, but the kind of emotion that I can connect with. For example, if I took a photo with a close friend of mine who went to my school or college, and those years passed, looking back would make me miss that close friend of mine, as that photo has a connection behind it, which makes me feel a bit teary, but happy at the same time, because I know I have got that photo to prove the happiness I would share with a close friend of mine, even with all of my friends as well.

Each photograph carries its own emotion, especially where the photos I’ve taken or the photos that I’ve asked my friends, or even anyone else to take for me that I couldn’t take properly are concerned, as each photo, whether I’ve taken it or not, carries a bundled connection of emotions, including any happy emotions that I can reminisce in at any time in my life, no matter whether I’m younger or older than them. To me, each and every photo memory makes me smile, as I can prove that I’ve been through a lot of happy times with everyone, and had a lot of happy experiences along the way too.

For every photo I take, or for every photo I ask someone to take for me, every photo, to me, is an everlasting and happy memory that will last a lifetime, as a photograph is like an album, you take the photo or get someone to take that photo for you, and then you add it to the photo album, so that as you get older, those photos can be handed down to the younger generations, so that they can see how much of a good life you had, and that it can influence them to have a happy life as well.


In conclusion, I feel that a photograph, whether you are the one that took it, or whether you asked someone else to take that photo for you, captures both memories and emotions. I also believe that if a photograph can carry both memories and emotions, then those photos are worth keeping, as they will be something you can reminisce and look back on as you grow older. To me, every photograph is a happy memory, and a happy memory that’s full of mixed happy emotions is the key to a wonderful life.

If you feel that a photograph captures not just memories but also emotions that have made you have a happy and wonderful life, then please feel free to comment below. After all, a photograph that contains happy memories and mixed happy emotions can tell more than a thousand words, so your feedback is absolutely appreciated :-).

A quote from me to put a spring of happiness in your step :-).



Alex Smithson