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I was like a bag of nerves yesterday morning, all of us were, and when I got to my school, Oasis Academy: Shirley Park, I was almost ready to cease up because the nerves almost got to me. Even then, after I arrived, I picked up my envelope containing my results, and I was absolutely petrified of opening it, because I was worried about the results I might get. I braved it, and went ahead and opened my envelope containing the results, and I was pleased to find I earned 6 GCSEs from 4 different subjects.

I passed in Art & Design with a C Grade, a P in BTEC PE (which is two GCSEs worth), a C in Science and a P in ICT (Also 2 GCSEs worth). I am absolutely over the moon I’ve now got 6 GCSEs right under my belt, and because of you, my family, my friends, my teachers and all of you, I never gave up.

I would like to say an absolute thank you to everyone for giving me the chance to achieve better, I couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you :-).

I’ve provided a link here of the Oasis Academy: Shirley Park website, featuring how all of us did, and how other students felt when they got their results.

Shirley Park Students celebrate their best ever GCSE results achieving 69% in English and Mathematics

Again, thanks so, so much to all of you, my friends, my family, my teachers and everyone else who wished me luck before yesterday, I couldn’t have done it without you all, and also a special mention and thanks to the singer, Marcus Collins for wishing me the best of luck for yesterday’s results day.

Alex Smithson

The Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games | Day 7 – Highlights

Hello everyone, well what a fantastic day it has been for all of us. There has been such a close competition between England and Australia, as England have 105 medals overall, while Australia have 106 medals. One of our main athletes struck it lucky by bagging a Gold medal, and that was Greg Rutherford. He has truly carried on the Olympic Spirit from the London 2012 Olympic Games into this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

As well as this wonderful news, we are guaranteed to win seven medals in Boxing, while Northern Ireland is guaranteed at least 9 medals. Overall, today’s events have been wonderful, as everyone gave in 110% of constant determination and never gave up. A mind-blowing performance of today’s events at the Commonwealth Games was better than I first imagined it.

Here, I will round off today’s events by going through a quick summary that highlights the events as they unfolded.

  • In Athletics, Greg Rutherford and Kirani James won Golds.
  • In Gymnastics, England finish with a 1-2-3 result for Fragapane, Harrold and Whelan in the women’s all-around, while England’s Whitlock won the men’s title from Keatings of Scotland.
  • In Diving, Laugher won Golds in the 1m Springboard, while Blagg and Gallantree won Golds in the 3m Synchro.
  • In Boxing, England is guaranteed to win 7 medals, while Northern Ireland is guaranteed to win at least 9.
  • In Weightlifting, David Katoatau won Gold, which marks the first ever Commonwealth Games medal for Kiribati.

Below are the updated medal results following on from today’s events that have just finished.

Nations Gold Medal Count Silver Medal Count Bronze Medal Count Total Medal Count
Australia 35 32 39 106
England 38 35 32 105
Canada 22 7 22 51
India 10 19 12 42
Scotland 13 12 14 39
New Zealand 12 10 14 36
Republic of South Africa 9 10 12 31
Wales 4 10 13 27
Nigeria 6 5 8 19
Malaysia 3 5 5 13
Kenya 5 5 2 12
Jamaica 5 3 4 12
Cyprus 2 3 2 7
Singapore 4 1 1 6
Cameroon 1 3 2 6
Pakistan 0 2 1 3
Samoa 0 2 1 3
Trinidad & Tobago 0 1 2 3
Papua New Guinea 1 1 0 2
Grenada 1 0 1 2
Northern Ireland 0 1 1 2
Namibia 0 0 2 2
Kiribati 1 0 0 1
Bahamas 0 1 0 1
Bangladesh 0 1 0 1
Isle of Man 0 1 0 1
Mozambique 0 1 0 1
Sri Lanka 0 1 0 1
Barbados 0 0 1 1
Fiji 0 0 1 1
Ghana 0 0 1 1
Mauritius 0 0 1 1
Uganda 0 0 1 1
Zambia 0 0 1 1

Before I conclude this blog post for the night, I would like to say that the general performance of today’s events in Glasgow blew the pressure out of the water. The overall performance was outstanding, it was all systems-go for every athlete, boxer, weightlifter, swimmer etc. You name it, everyone was on it, and since the Opening Ceremony concluded a week ago today, the determination and fight for everyone has been there, and all the Commonwealth countries have put in as much energy as they possibly could. Today has truly been a perfect day for all of us. Let’s all hope that the last couple of days of the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games are truly something for all of us to remember.

Thank you for viewing this blog post :-).

Alex Smithson


The Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games | Day 3 – Highlights

Hello everyone, well what a day it has been for all of us, we have had another score of medals, from Bronze, to Silver and to Gold. All of us have strived for the best in today’s events as they unfolded, and my goodness, we have certainly done well. Despite falling to second place in the medal table, we still earned an extra 13 medals, totalling our medal count overall to 45. Australia are currently in first place on the medal table with 50 medals overall, but at the end of the day, we all still did our best, and that is what matters the most.

Here, I will give a small, but quick and detailed summary which wraps up what has been an eventful, but exciting day for all of us.

  • In Swimming, England‘s Fran Halsall and Adam Peaty both won gold.
  • For Cycling, Scotland‘s Fachie/Maclean won their Para-sport tandem golds.
  • In Weightlifting, Zoe Smith won the 58kg Gold for England.
  • In Gymnastics, Frankie Jones from Wales wins Gold in the Individual Ribbon.
  • For Judo, Scotland’s Burton, Adlington, Sherrington and Powell of Wales won Golds.

Today has most definitely been full of surprises for all of us, as our swimmer, Fran Hansall was beyond shocked when she got Gold, because she was worried she wasn’t going to get Gold, but she did. WE ARE ALL PROUD OF YOU FRAN, THAT WAS YOUR BEST EVER RESULT WOOHOO!!!


Below are the updated medal table results, following on from the event’s that finished yesterday.

Nations Gold Medal Count Silver Medal Count Bronze Medal Count Total Medal Count
Australia 17 14 19 50
England 17 14 14 45
Scotland 11 6 8 25
India 5 7 5 17
Wales 2 7 8 17
Canada 7 3 6 16
Republic of South Africa 3 5 6 14
New Zealand 3 2 7 12
Malaysia 1 2 3 6
Cyprus 2 1 2 5
Nigeria 1 2 1 4
Cameroon 0 1 1 2
Singapore 1 0 0 1
Bangladesh 0 1 0 1
Isle of Man 0 1 0 1
Jamaica 0 1 0 1
Pakistan 0 1 0 1
Papua New Guinea 0 1 0 1
Sri Lanka 0 1 0 1
Ghana 0 0 1 1
Mauritius 0 0 1 1
Northern Ireland 0 0 1 1
Samoa 0 0 1 1
Zambia 0 0 1 1

Before I conclude this blog post for the night, I would like to say that even though we are 5 medals behind Australia, we are still at the top and we’re still doing very well, Australia are doing extremely well, and so are we. So for every Commonwealth country that’s taken part in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this year, strive for the best as much as you can, and even if you may only get a small amount of medals, or even more, a few medals to a large amount of medals is better than none at all. I will always feel proud for every Commonwealth country that’s taken part, as I’ve seen just how much determination everyone has been putting in. Keep up the good work everyone, you’ve done us all proud :-).

Thank you for viewing this blog post :-).

Alex Smithson

The Wait is Over!!! Bring on the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, my apologies for being away for a bit as I was doing a lot of needed work on my new blogbook: “A Year in Photography”, which will be released for free download on the 22nd August. Excitement is in the air today as the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games begins at 9:00PM with the Opening Ceremony. My excitement is literally at an all time high, as the Opening Ceremony is going to be full of fantastic surprises.

To mark the occasion, I have updated the Mother Nature Home Banner with the new strip, titled: “The Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games”. This gives the overall design of this blog a chance to blend in well with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games over the course of the next 11 days.

Later on, I will be uploading another blog post after the Opening Ceremony finishes, which reviews the Opening Ceremony as it unfolded.

Make sure to stay tuned!!!

Thank you for viewing this blog post.

Alex Smithson

Welcome to the New Look!!

Hello everyone! I thought I’d let you all know I updated the theme on the blog last night to the Quintus theme, and I’ve also made changes to the header, making it big and bold for the visually impaired, for those who experience blurred vision.

The Home button has made a comeback, and to make it easier to look back on previous blog posts, there is now an ‘<–Older posts’ button in place on the right of the page.

Search has moved to the left of the toolbar, meaning you’ll be able to search from the toolbar a lot easier than before. Gone are the days when Search used to be the norm for difficulties. All of that is put to rest.

Feel free to suggest new ideas for my photos via the contact button, or even comment at the bottom of this post.

Please let me know what you think of the new Quintus theme on this blog.


1 Small Change – Accessibility made easier + New Header Design!

Hello again! I gave the blog a bit of a slight redesign, and to make the accessibility easier around the blog, I have made a home button, so if you want to get back to the home-page, the home button is in the top left-hand corner. I have also done away with the title and tagline of the blog, as I have designed a header, placing both the title of this blog and the tagline in the middle of the home-page, making it easier to view, so that the blog stands out.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the new ‘Home’ button, or drop me an email via the contact form on this blog.

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Hello, and Welcome back for a Chilly October!!!

As you know I recently mentioned in the ”About this Blog” column about 2 weeks ago that I’ve had to make allowances for my GCSE’s and iGCSE’s on top, which I’ve just updated now. I have also given the blog a whole new look, and have also made the background blend in to fit with the Winter weather which is soon to arrive in the coming months. I thought ”update the appearance of the blog, give it a tidier layout and top it off with a background that will blend in with the new appearance”, because I want to be sure I can keep all of you up-to-date on the latest blog posts.

To get back to the home page, I have provided this picture of the new appearance, and I have also put an arrow facing to the Header of the site as a guide if you end up feeling a little lost around the site.

Please comment on what you think of the new design (The Eventbrite Single Event), and feel free to drop me an email via the ‘Contact’ column of this site, where I have made a contact form for all of you to suggest ideas, and your thoughts of future blog posts to come.

Thank you.

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