Perfect Illusion: Lady Gaga is Back!

After three years, Lady Gaga, best known for her albums, The Fame, The Fame Monster, Born This Way and ARTPOP, is back! Perfect Illusion, which was released on the 9th September 2016, went straight to Number 1 on iTunes and before Perfect Illusion was even released, it was already topping the charts, which was obviously a good sign because it was Lady Gaga’s return to the music scene three years after ARTPOP.

I won’t lie to you, when I first heard Perfect Illusion, I wasn’t sure at first whether I would like it or not, considering I am a fan of Lady Gaga’s music, but after a couple of listens, it has actually grown on me and I love it. Perfect Illusion is Lady Gaga’s way of unleashing her true feelings about love, as well as her deep connections with music. I can honestly say that Perfect Illusion is certainly the perfect comeback for Lady Gaga, as it is guaranteed to give you goosebumps, but most of all, Lady Gaga’s Perfect Illusion will give you something to shout about. It’s that good that I am constantly listening to the record on repeat.

“It was a perfect illusion…” – Lady Gaga

Below is Lady Gaga’s Perfect Illusion!

What do I think of Perfect Illusion? At first, I initially wasn’t sure to be honest with you, but after giving Perfect Illusion a couple of listens over and over, I can honestly say it has officially grown on me and I love it. Lady Gaga is officially back with a bang and has certainly done Perfect Illusion justice! As Perfect Illusion is Number 1 on iTunes around the world, and with more than 3,000,000+ streams on Spotify, including over 5,000,000+ views on YouTube, it is safe to say that Lady Gaga is not just back with a bang, but she has returned and exceeded mine and everyone’s expectations with her Perfect Illusion. I’ve also purchased Perfect Illusion and I will continuously have it on repeat. It’s that good!

Overall, I can honestly say that Perfect Illusion is worth listening to and it’s a record that I know for a fact will have a force of its own to be reckoned with. With this song, you cannot go wrong at all with Lady Gaga’s Perfect Illusion.

Do you own a copy of Lady Gaga’s Perfect Illusion? If so, I would love to hear your review of Perfect Illusion. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

Apple Watch Sport: Your Get Up & Go Daily Exercise Watch and Why the Apple Watch Sport Edition is Beneficial for You. (38MM)

As Apple released their first ever Apple Watch last year, I thought it would be nice to review the Apple Watch Sport considering I brought it a short time ago. With Apple’s first iteration becoming a part of the watch industry, the Apple Watch has been able to help those who own the Apple Watch Sport, the standard Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Edition and the Hermés version of the Apple Watch have the ability to track the person’s Activity in terms of exercise, steps taken, not to forget the amount of calories it tracks that you burn off over the course of 24 hours.

Having owned the 38MM 7000 Series Edition of the Apple Watch Sport for over a month now, I absolutely enjoy the things it can do. In this instance, I can play/pause music and skip or go back to the previous track, no matter whether I’m using the official Music app or even the Equaliser Music Application, TuneShell. TuneShell is like the Music app, but comes with the ability to use an equaliser, including being able to listen to previews of songs from the iTunes Store, not to forget to mention the ability to listen to songs or remixes through SoundCloud.

The things I can also do with the Apple Watch is that I can turn the volume of my iPhone up or down and as the Remote app comes bundled with the Apple Watch, this means I can turn the volume on my iTunes library up and down as well, including the ability to skip certain songs, including being able to play and pause.

The Activity app is the most beneficial way of keeping track of your health, as well as the amount of calories you burn off, the duration of time you spend exercising, including the amount of hours you stand. Bundled with the Activity app is Workout. Workout comes with a range of exercises you can use, which are:

  • Outdoor Walk
  • Outdoor Run
  • Outdoor Cycle
  • Indoor Walk
  • Indoor Run
  • Indoor Cycle
  • Elliptical
  • Rower
  • Stair Stepper
  • Other (If you’re planning on creating your own exercise regime that you can work with).

The ability to be notified of a text message, tweet, status update or even a notification, including being notified of progress updates by the Activity app with Prominent Haptics is a bonus, as this means I never miss out on a single thing. Gone are the days where I would have to keep taking my iPhone out of my pocket each time there was a notification, now I can raise my wrist to see the most recent notification available, including the time and also the amount of battery I have left before charging the device. This also includes being able to raise my wrist to track my activity, in terms of exercise minutes, standing hours and also the overall amount of calories that have been burned off each and every day.

The ability to track my heart rate (BPM – Beats Per Minute), including being able to track my activity, as well as being able to find out the latest updates on the weather forecast with Glances helps me to stay productive throughout the day and is beneficial for you in mind, as this can help you to keep yourself on top of the things that keep you productive throughout each and every single day.

What other kind of functions/abilities work with the Apple Watch?

It has a large range of functions you can use, such as Maps, Calendar, the Weather app and even the Camera app. The Camera app is bundled with the Apple Watch and even has the ability for you to take the perfect photo without you needing to hold on to your iPhone. All you have to do is press a button on the Apple Watch to take a photo and it even comes with a 3-second countdown timer that allows you to get the best group photo or group photos you want without your photo or photos becoming compromised.

There’s a lot of fun to be had when it comes to the Apple Watch, because if any friends of yours have an Apple Watch as well, you can send sketches to your friends, even taps and also your own heartbeat, which are just a few of the ways you can communicate. With Emojis, Apple allow you to send your friends your own customisable Emoji expression just by adjusting the emoji’s expression with the digital crown. This is also beneficial, because if you wanted to send your friends an Emoji that you customised and they didn’t have an Apple Watch, they will still be able to respond and even send the same Emoji back with their iPhone’s, their iPad’s or even with the use of an iPod touch. As I said, there is a lot of fun to be had with the Apple Watch.

You can also switch up the standard Apple Watch straps for a massive range of different watch bands, as there are customised watch bands available on sale. For instance, the standard leather watch straps, including many other watch straps, such as the fluoroelastometer watch straps, the same type of material Apple use for their own standard watch straps for the Apple Watch Sport, the standard Apple Watch, including the Apple Watch Edition. If you’re someone who likes to dress casually for the occasion, there are a range of casual straps you can buy, and not only that, but you can also customise the Apple Watch with the Milanese Loop watch straps, which are available online and in other available store outlets. It’s amazing what you can do with the Apple Watch.

Other functions, such as the Weather app are useful, especially when you’re on the Watch screen, as it puts up the times for Sunrise and Sunset, and not only that, but the ability to take calls with the Apple Watch is a must-have for anyone as this means you can speak to a friend of yours directly from your Apple Watch if your iPhone isn’t nearby.

You can receive your usual notifications through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your Apple Watch if your iPhone is nearby and the best things that it’s capable of doing are being able to use any alarms from your iPhone to wake you up, and you even have the ability to keep track of the world clocks you have added in the iPhone’s Clock app on the Apple Watch.

The ability to add photos to your Watch is possible through the Apple Watch iPhone app, as you can choose which photo collection you want to synchronise and it will synchronise your chosen photo album to the Apple Watch.

Other features, such as the Wallet app comes bundled with the Apple Watch, which is useful because if you have added any credit cards, plane tickets, vouchers or even event tickets to the Wallet app on your iPhone, these will appear on your Apple Watch and all you have to do to get instant access to your Wallet on the Apple Watch is to double press the side button below the digital crown to bring your credit cards, plane tickets, vouchers and event tickets up. Another feature that is a part of the Apple Watch is the Stocks app, which, just like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, can tell you what is currently happening in each stock market, from FTSE 100 to AAPL, even to GOOG and YHOO.

To top it all off, you can even customise your Apple Watch Face, which includes the ability to create a Watch Face from a photo album, including the ability to look at your emails from your Apple Watch, not to forget to mention being able to instantly install any compatible Watch apps that are compatible with your iPhone’s standard apps.

Overall, I absolutely love the Apple Watch, not just because of what it can do, but I feel it has helped me in the long run with the things I couldn’t do before that I can do now and I strongly believe this will help you if you’re someone who is looking to purchase the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Sport, the standard Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition are available in 38MM and 42MM and range in price. To find out more about the Apple Watch, you can click here. If you’re looking to buy an Apple Watch, you can buy one from the Apple Store and at many other store outlets, such as Currys & PC World, and even at other outlets, such as Argos, and even Amazon.

If you enjoyed my technology review of the 38MM 7000 Series Edition of the Apple Watch Sport, then please feel free to submit feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

Apple Watch Rating: 10/10

Performance: 10/10

Responsiveness: 10/10

Battery: 10/10

Overall Performance: 10/10

Miitomo. Out Now!!! (My Review of Nintendo’s First Ever Mobile App)

After a lot of widespread anticipation, following its historical début on mobile, which saw 1 million users in Japan getting their hands on this app within 3 days of its release in Japan (17th March), Nintendo finally released their first mobile application, Miitomo, to the world. The release of Miitomo comes exactly two weeks after it was released in Japan, and within less than 24 hours after it was released, Nintendo’s first ever mobile application on the iTunes App Store and Google Play débuted at Number 1.

I’ve been playing around with the Miitomo app for 48 hours now, and I actually love it, it’s really cool, and I quite like the fact that you get rewarded everytime you achieve something good, especially where the games are concerned, as they do games inside the app, which allow you to use any game tickets that you were given upon using the app for the first time.

Since its release on the 31st March in the United Kingdom, the United States and everywhere else in the world, a lot of users around the world have been creating funny memes, using their own Mii‘s, which has resulted in the app going viral within a matter of a few days. I decided to put my own spin on the Miitomo meme effect that has gone viral on the web by making my own one for this article’s featured image. I wanted to create a kind of cheesy but interesting approach for this article by getting my Mii to do different poses and funny facial expressions :D.

I have always loved Nintendo for their creative and innovative ideas, as they have revolutionised the way we play games. For instance, when the Game Boy Advance came out, that changed the way we play games, and the Game Boy Advance SP (SP stands for Special) was no different, but it was the Game Boy Advance SP that eventually paved the way for the best-selling handheld console, the Nintendo DS.

I remember waking up on Christmas Day in 2005 unwrapping and unboxing the Nintendo DS, along with the Super Mario 64 DS game that came bundled as another Christmas present, and I absolutely loved playing on the console, especially the game, and it just goes to prove how the handheld console revolution has evolved for Nintendo since the original Game Boy was released all the way back in 1990 in Europe.

But with Miitomo, this will help to redefine and shape Nintendo’s way of developing games for the future. It’s such a fantastic app to use, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. You can link your Nintendo Network ID to Miitomo, including your Facebook & Twitter accounts, which is also useful if you’re looking to add some Facebook friends you know that may use the app, including some of your Twitter followers.

To download Nintendo’s first ever mobile app, choose the designated App Store below to be directed to your chosen App Store:


Google Play

Overall, I absolutely recommend you download the app if you’re on the iTunes App Store or Google Play, I highly recommend it. It’s such a fun-filled addictive app that will keep you going for hours on end.

If you’ve downloaded Miitomo on your Android or iOS device, please let me know what your experience with the Miitomo app has been so far :-).

Alex Smithson

ADELE | 25 | Special Music Feature

With her third album becoming the number one most pre-ordered album, with her album still remaining number one just after it was released, Adele has finally delighted us all with her much awaited album, 25, which is the first album in a while since she last released music. In just the space of the first week alone, Adele has officially broken the sales records in the US with 3.38 million in sales, with her ‘Hello’ video spanning over 500,000,000+ views, also with the sales record in the UK showing that a whopping 800,307 copies of Adele’s 25 album were sold in the first week alone, which also beats the 18-year long record that the former music group, Oasis, once held with their 1997 album: “Be Here Now”.

Before the album was announced, Adele sent the whole of Twitter into meltdown after premiering a 30-second advert of her comeback record: “Hello”, which aired while The X Factor was on an ad break. In theory, she kind of did a Beyoncé moment, because the advert was completely unexpected, but once I heard her voice, I thought: “Oh my god!!! It’s Adele!!! She’s finally back!!! At last!!!! Welcome back Adele, we missed you!!!”, which just goes to prove that none of us knew what type of new music was to come.

On the day of Adele’s 25 album release, I listened to Adele’s new album after it arrived through the post, and I must admit, I thought it was absolutely fantastic, because her voice has matured and she appears more and more relaxed now given that she spent a two-year long hiatus from the music industry altogether to focus on bringing up her son, Angelo, who she gave birth to on the 19th October 2012.

This new album brings with it a new kind of sound that is absolutely enjoyable and also happy, but also at the same time, absolutely heartwarming, because you can listen to Adele all day and never get tired of her music, because her music and her voice are timeless, and her music will never date, which just proves that if she has managed to get three albums out in her time, and have all three of them become chart-topping albums as well, including winning 2 Ivor Novello Awards, 10 Grammy Awards, 4 Brit Awards, 1 Academy Award, 1 Oscar Award and 1 Golden Globe Award, including many more other various awards, then that just indicates that a musician doesn’t have to prove themselves in order to have a big success, and Adele has sold 3 albums, 25 involved, with massive successes across the board without needing to prove herself to anyone, and that is why I love her music because she has the bubbly personality and a powerful voice that go well together with absolutely no problem at all.

Since the release of 25 on the 20th November, Adele’s album, at the end of the first week, became the Official Number 1 album on the Official Charts, as well as being Number 1 on iTunes.

Adele most recently said that she was inspired by Madonna’s 1998 album, Ray of Light, which was the main influential album that inspired her to write 25.

Below is the Official Album Artwork for Adele’s third album, 25:

© Official Album Cover - ADELE & XL Recordings 2015
© Official Album Cover – ADELE & XL Recordings 2015

Below are two of the latest music videos released by Adele from her 25 album: “Hello” and “When We Were Young“:

What do I think of the whole album overall? I absolutely love 25, because Adele has taken all of the much needed time to make this album, in order to produce the perfect sound possible. I love this album as well mainly because it is heartwarming, and 25 is completely open, as Adele has explored so many emotions from so many different perspectives and aspects, but the different kind of perspectives and aspects that we are all more familiar with.

The album is like a story, because it shows her mature from her 19 and 21 days into the 25 days, when she was at that age, even though she is now 27. Overall, I absolutely love the album, and I believe that Adele’s 25 album and her “Hello” video, including her live rendition of “When We Were Young” will certainly keep her album in the Top 10, the Top 20, the Top 50 and the Top 100.

Overall Rating for the Official “Hello” Music Video: 10/10

Overall Rating for the Official “When We Were Young” Music Video: 10/10

Overall Album Rating for 25: 10/10

Alex Smithson

© ADELE 2015

© XL Recordings 2015

© The Adele Logo, the 25 Album Logo, the Official 25 Album Artwork and the wide-scale Featured Image have all been used courtesy of the record labels and the artist. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

iOS 8.4 Available Now. Go & Get it!!!!!

Coming just weeks after iOS 9 was unveiled at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (also known as WWDC), iOS 8.4 has just officially been released to the masses. With this update comes the official Apple Music service, as well as many of the other new features that are now available in this update. This update came two hours early ahead of the usual release time that Apple have normally stuck to since the first ever iPhone, iPod touch and iPad were released.

Also, the Music app has officially been redesigned and includes new features, such as Recently Added, which is seen most commonly in iTunes. As well as that, the music player has finally got a mini player as you would most commonly see in iTunes as well, and to top it all off, Up Next and other further features in the Music app have finally been added.

Upon opening the Music application, you’ll be greeted with the Apple Music logo and background, with two options that will come up, giving you the chance to choose whether you want to start your 3-month free trial with Apple Music today, or if you don’t, you get the chance to just go to your music library.

Here is the full changelog for iOS 8.4, covering the features that are new to the software, as well as the music application’s icon being given a redesign, ready for the iOS 9 update coming in the Autumn:

This update introduces Apple Music — a revolutionary music service, 24/7 global radio, and a way for fans to connect with their favourite artists — all included in the redesigned Music app. iOS 8.4 also includes improvements for iBooks and bug fixes.

Apple Music

  • Become an Apple Music member to play from millions of songs in the Apple Music catalogue, or keep them offline for playback later.
  • For You: Members can see playlist and album recommendations, hand-picked by music experts.
  • New: Members can find the latest, greatest new music available — direct from our editors.
  • Radio: Tune in to music, interviews and exclusive radio shows on Beats 1, play radio stations created by our editors, or create your own from any artist or song.
  • Connect: See shared thoughts, photos, music and videos from artists you follow, then join the conversation.
  • My Music: Play from all your iTunes purchases, songs from Apple Music, and playlists in one place.
  • Completely redesigned music player that includes new features such as Recently Added, Mini Player, Up Next and more.
  • iTunes Store: Still the best place to buy your favourite music — one song or album at a time
  • Availability and features may vary by country.

iBooks improvements and fixes

  • Browse, listen and download audiobooks from inside iBooks.
  • Enjoy the all-new Now Playing feature, designed specifically for audiobooks.
  • Books that are Made for iBooks now work on iPhone in addition to iPad.
  • Find and pre-order books in a series straight from your library.
  • Improves accessibility of widgets, glossary and navigation in books made with iBooks Author.
  • New default Chinese font.
  • New setting to turn off Auto-Night theme in your library.
  • Resolves an issue that may have prevented Hide Purchases from working.
  • Resolves an issue that may have prevented downloading books from iCloud.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixes an issue where receiving a specific series of Unicode characters causes device to reboot.
  • Fixes an issue that prevented GPS accessories from providing location data.
  • Fixes an issue where deleted Apple Watch apps could re-install.

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

After an extremely long wait, iTunes Radio has officially arrived in the United Kingdom, and can now be found next to the playlist icon. Also, Beats 1 and many other various radio stations are now available within the Music app. Apple Music Connect is also a welcome of open arms, meaning that after some time, you can now follow your favourite musicians, either through tapping on the “Follow” button, or by tapping on the “Automatically Follow Artists” button when you add the music from your iTunes Library to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad device.

At last, after a long wait, landscape mode for music videos has officially returned to the Music app, a commonly used feature that was in iOS 6.

The Music application has had a major design overhaul and has also been more of a focus for Apple, considering that the Apple Music service has just officially been launched today.

Below are the screenshots that show iOS 8.4, and the redesigned Music application all in action (including iTunes Radio UK & Beats 1 Radio).

I have checked in the Music app, and it’s a luck of the draw, if you feel that you don’t want to subscribe to Apple Music, there is an option to say no, as Apple have put an option below the “Start 3 Month Free Trial” button, saying “Go to My Music”. This is a wise move from Apple, as this means that you don’t have to worry about it, you can still use the Music app for free, and making purchases in the iTunes Store and the App Store, including the desktop version of the iTunes Store mean that you can still use iTunes and the Music app for free without having to pay, unless you’ve already started the 3-month free trial with Apple Music today.

If you haven’t already, please make sure to go ahead and upgrade your iPhone, iPod touch (5th Generation) or iPad to the latest software. This iOS update is much better now and is worth the upgrade. It is also the most stable software update that Apple have released before the final version of iOS 9 arrives in the Autumn.

To update your iOS Device, go to the Settings app, then to General, and then to Software Update, where the update will be available to download and install.

Until then, enjoy the update!!!

Alex Smithson

© Apple 2015

© iOS Logo Copyright of Apple.

© Any of the logos, including the screenshots that have references of musicians and their album artwork, that’s including the changelog that was used in this article are all courtesy of Apple. No Copyright Infringement Intended.

Monthly Roundup: May 2015

As May rounds off on a good note, I will take a look back on the articles I have published on Mother Nature over the course of this month.

1.5.2015 – I welcomed you all back to Mother Nature for a month that would begin on a relaxing and delightful note. As we have been getting a lot of good weather recently, which is a first in a while, the Whitsun holiday was just around the corner, despite the fact there was a bit of a chilly breeze, which I was fine with. I also announced that there would be a 6th Case Study included in my third book: “My Journey Through a Lens”, given the fact that this book had just recently crossed over the 300-page target mark.

Also on this day, I published an article that focuses on the YouTube Vlogger, Alfie Deyes. As I share my love for YouTube, I wanted to dedicate this article to Alfie Deyes who, over the past few years, has taken to YouTube to upload videos to his YouTube channels, one of which is a gaming channel, while the other two are based around his life, as well as a lot of the funniest things that he has done with his girlfriend, Zoe Sugg (a.k.a. Zoella), and their little pug, Nala, who is so cute.

7.5.2015 – On the 15th April, I took a trip up to the Victoria & Albert Museum (a.k.a. the V&A), as I went with my class to take some photos that I could use to stick into my A3 Sketchbook for my UAL Level 2 Art & Design Course, and because of the fact I took those photos, this gave me the chance to showcase my photos here, and as well as that, I had thought that this trip was a lot more interesting than the previous one, given the fact that this museum had a lot of interesting works, artefacts, and not only that, some, if not, a lot of model designs that focused on certain building elements, such as the Model of the Crystal Palace.

17.5.2015 – This day was an absolute honour for me to talk about the YouTuber, Joey Graceffa. On this day, I published a special music feature article about this YouTuber, as Joey released his music video: “Don’t Wait” to the world on the 16th May, which had instantly blown me away, given the fact that it had so much sentimental value, and also a lot of meaning to it. Just days before Joey Graceffa released his debut memoir: “In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World“, he officially came out as gay to the world. After a few years of speculation from a lot of his fans, he officially announced he was gay before the release of his book. As I support him and everyone else entirely that are gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender, I wrote this:

I support the LGBT Community entirely because for those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, I believe in equality, LGBT equality and gender equality entirely, no matter what sexuality the person is. I respect all of those who have come out and expressed their sexualities to the world, because everyone in this world deserves to be treated equally, no matter what sexuality they are, and everyone should be respected for who they are and also be treated with the full respect that they deserve. – Alex Smithson

Joey Graceffa’s music video: “Don’t Wait” is available now to watch on YouTube, and if you want to buy the song, it is now available for purchase via the iTunes Store, Google Play, and any other major music outlets that offer the song for purchase. If you want to watch the music video, please make sure to head to the “Related Articles” section below to view the article, or, if you want to get to the video a lot quicker, it can be found on the sidebar under “YouTube Music Favourites“.

31.5.2015 – As it was almost a year since I left school for good, I wanted to take a look back on yesteryear, given that my nostalgia for yesteryear has been really strong. I chose the colours, Purple & Green, as they are how I sense nostalgia, as those two colours combined symbolise my own nostalgic views with reality.

Until then, thanks so much to all of you for a fantastic month, and I’ll see you all in June!!!

Alex Smithson

Don’t Wait / Joey Graceffa / Special Music Feature

It is an absolute honour to talk about Joey Graceffa’s new record, Don’t Wait.

Since Joey Graceffa released this record earlier this week, I was instantly hooked on it after I gave his record its first listen yesterday, and my god, it is absolutely fantastic.

Joey Graceffa uploaded the “Don’t Wait” Official Music Video to YouTube last night, and I was blown away, it’s that good, as it document’s some of his life struggles, with a friend of his being by his side to this day.

You may be wondering why I’ve used a wide range of colours on the image’s text. This is because I have made sure to celebrate Joey Graceffa for who he is, and for what he does. It has been revealed by Joey Graceffa himself that he has officially come out as gay, in the debut release of his first ever book: “In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World“, which comes out and hits store shelves on Tuesday. I am absolutely proud of Joey Graceffa, because it takes a lot of guts for someone like him to come out and reveal their sexuality to the world, and I am absolutely proud of him for the fact he has chosen to reveal his sexuality in his own, and official style.

I support the LGBT Community entirely because for those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, I believe in equality, LGBT equality and gender equality entirely, no matter what sexuality the person is. I respect all of those who have come out and expressed their sexualities to the world, because everyone in this world deserves to be treated equally, no matter what sexuality they are, and everyone should be respected for who they are and also be treated with the full respect that they deserve.

After watching the music video, I was blown away, it’s fantastic, it has a lot of personal, yet interesting values to it, and Joey has managed to create this video in a way where everyone can watch it, and also find out more about not just his personal life, but some of the bad and good parts of his life as well. This music video has a kind of video-game effect behind it, because some of the clothing that Joey Graceffa wore in this music video has a similar, yet realistic approach to the video-game character, Link, from Nintendo’s Gaming Series: “The Legend of Zelda“.

After being hooked on this song, I took to the iTunes Store to purchase Joey Graceffa’s “Don’t Wait” Single. The single’s artwork can be found in its full, High-Definition glory below.

Don't Wait - Single
© Don’t Wait – Single – Official Artwork – Joey Graceffa 2015

In its full glory, here is the Music Video of Joey Graceffa’s latest record: “Don’t Wait”, which is now available to watch below in Full HD.

I recommend that you go and buy Joey Graceffa’s single: “Don’t Wait” on iTunes, Google Play and any other music services that are selling this record now. It has a lot of sentimental value to it, and it is the type of record that you’ll want to keep on listening to. This record by Joey Graceffa has a personal, sentimental and bold value to it, and it is something that will most definitely tug at your heart-strings. You’ll love it instantly on its first listen. Go on, you know you want to buy it.

Alex Smithson

© Joey Graceffa 2015

Note: Homophobic and sexual comments will not be allowed, and if any homophobic and sexual comments are made, they will be deleted.

2014: A Year in Review

As New Year’s Day 2015 is just around the corner, I will take a look back on 2014, which will focus on this year in review, and also on those who we lost this year, and also the happy and sad moments of 2014.

1.1.2014 – I changed the name of what used to be: “Photography | Nature – Capture Every Valuable Moment” to “Mother Nature | Life at the touch of a button.” This would make sure that this website would have “a better focus around nature”, and that Mother Nature would focus more around the photographical life of plants, insects, animals and city landscapes that I would create specifically for this website overall.

4.1.2014 – I created an article which would show you all how you could feature your blog post/article on the Twenty Fourteen theme. This would give you all a chance to find out how you could make sure that your article would get noticed a lot better than before.

5.1.2014 – A Cold, Wet Start to 2014 followed the New Year’s Day 2014 fireworks display that took place on the 1st January 2014. With this article, I would talk about the wet weather that had continued to pour down all the way from the end of November 2013 to the beginning of March this year.

I also took a few photos of the raindrops on the glass, one of which would scale perfectly as a fully functional wallpaper for the iPhone/iPod touch (5+ & up) and the iPad mini, showing two further screenshots of the same wallpaper, and what the wallpaper would look like after they have been set as the main wallpaper. As well as this, I put some of the video clips that I recorded together, and I uploaded a full length 4:06 video to YouTube, titled the same as the name of this specific article.

9.1.2014 – The Dusty Miller of Battersea Park article would take a look back to the day that I went to Battersea Park, which would focus around this main plant on it’s own, given it’s wintry appearance that made it look like it was associated well with the wintry snowflakes. To find out the name of this particular plant, I did some research on the internet via Google Images, and the final result was that this plant was indeed a Dusty Miller.

This photo, in particular, appeared to have a glowing appearance around the edges of the plant. I also talked about the scorching hot weather that we had during the Summer season of 2013, and again, I also provided different sized wallpapers for the iPad & iPad mini, the iPhone & the iPod touch, for Laptop/PC and also for Apple’s iMac/Macbook.

15.1.2014 – While my laptop was off for repair due to a ‘faulty USB Port’, which I found out weeks after that all of the USB ports went wrong, I did a review on the IMOS Bluetooth Keyboard Case which is compatible with all of the current iPad mini models (1st Generation & up), and as I was typing the article on the iPad mini with this keyboard, I mentioned that it was a perfect choice of keyboard, which, for £18.00, would beat the cost of an expensive value-based keyboard case that you could find, for example, if you were to purchase a keyboard (i.e. Logitech) that includes the same functionality in stores such as PC World or Currys, you would be looking at a price range of around £60-£100.

As the keyboard case arrived on this day from, this blew the expensive and hefty price tags out of the water, which was a bargain that was certainly worth going for. This keyboard case also came bundled together with a USB charger, which would allow you to charge up the Bluetooth Keyboard case when the battery eventually goes flat. There were a choice of four colours of the same keyboard case, which were: Silver, Black, Pink & Blue.

For this keyboard case to come with an £18.00 price tag, plus Free Delivery, it was a great deal, which was also worth its asking price, beating all of the other top technology companies that are looking to compete in the global technology market. I also provided some photos of how the keyboard case would look from certain viewing points, and I also provided some close-up photos of the case in terms of the cut-outs that are for general use.

18.1.2014 – This day was a special day for me, as I surprised you all with my first book installment: “My Journey Through Photography”. This book is a free digital book that is based on my journey through photography, which meant I would pick out the best and worst parts of photography, with 2 pages focusing on my days out at Kelsey Park & Battersea Park, including a page that would talk about this website, Mother Nature. I thanked all of you blogging friends, including Vijay Shah of the news blog: “Half-Eaten Mind: News & Views from a Partially Digested Brain” and Ajay Mody of the photography blogs: “Ajaytao2010: My Personal Opening to the World” and “Ajaytao Botanical Photography”, who sadly passed away in August this year after a short illness.

I also thanked my two main role models, which are Rhys Brown & Zofia Niemtus (I call her Miss Niemtus as a mark of respect) for being the biggest inspirations overall. These 2 bloggers and my two main role models are and always will be a true inspiration to me and to us all. I hyperlinked the book link in the tagline I put, titled as: “Click here to download your free copy of “My Journey Through Photography”, as I had uploaded this book to Dropbox.

This article would count as my last article for January 2014, before I took a short, one week break to recover from a throat infection.

3.2.2014 – Shortly after I recovered from my throat infection that I came down with at the end of January 2014, I crafted the first article for February, as I felt better than ever, and I also wanted to bring a change to Mother Nature, plus a lot of photos, which was a way of me saying thank you to all of you after you wished me the speedy road to recovery.

By marking a new beginning to February, I added the Spotify playlist: “The Mix of 2014” to the content sidebar on this website (when the Twenty Fourteen theme was in use) for your listening comfort, and while I was recovering from the throat infection, I used my free time to take some photos of the Crystal Palace tower from a view-point.

I also mentioned that if you wanted to be able to play: “The Mix of 2014” Spotify playlist, you would have to sign in or sign up to Spotify, so that the widget would work, as I had thought initially at first that it would play without the need of signing in, but it turns out that you have to be signed in to your Spotify account in order to play music from this particular playlist, or, if you had the Spotify app installed on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, a notice would appear showing the “Download Spotify” and “I have Spotify” buttons. I also provided a few screenshots of the Spotify widget, and also the notice of the usability of this widget, along with the photos that I took during the time that I was recovering from my throat infection, given the fact that we were slowly approaching Summer at this particular stage of 2014.

4.2.2014 – The WordPress article: “2013 in Review” would take a look back on the statistics from 2013, how many people that had visited Mother Nature, and how many followers that I gained within the space of the first 6 months that I used WordPress. An excerpt was made by WordPress, which was: “A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,500 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 25 trips to carry that many people.”

8.2.2014 | 23.2.2014 – From the 8th February to the 23rd February, I would do some articles that would focus around the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Despite a faux pas with the fifth Olympic ring not opening on the night of the Opening Ceremony, this instantly went viral worldwide, and was also re-enacted during a dance at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games Closing Ceremony. On the 23rd February, I did an article based on the Closing Ceremony in Review, which would also be my last article for a ‘5-month hiatus’ which, in turn, actually lasted almost 4 months, as I was focusing more on my studies and also for my final exams, which I would be preparing for over the course of the last 3-4 months, up until my final exam on Friday 13th June.

15.6.2014 (actually meant to be 16.6.2014) – After roughly 5 very long months of intense revision, exams and loads of coursework, I made my comeback to Mother Nature. I missed writing articles quite a lot, but it felt so good, knowing I could get back into the swing of things. I also thanked all of you for all of the awards and wonderful messages that you had all sent in.

I was also reeling from finishing school a few days previous to my comeback, as I finished my last ever exam on Friday 13th June. There were a lot of tears, as I cried a bit on my way home from school, as I knew straight away that I was going to miss everyonem even a few of the teachers, which would allow me to round off the last 5 years of going to Oasis Academy: Shirley Park on a wonderful note.

The 16th June also marked my 16th birthday, and I also thanked you all for the love and support over the first year that Mother Nature has been around for, including my two main role models for their support as well, as I wouldn’t have got so far in life, but again, I thank you all so much, I couldn’t have done it without you all.

I also went to places, such as Kelsey Park and Shirley Hills, during the hiatus, which would also mean that I would post another article, focusing on Shirley Hills. I would go on to announce that I had a lot of new things to add to Mother Nature over those next few weeks.

16.6.2014 – I wrote an article based on my visit of Shirley Hills, including the photos from the day that I went, when I went there back in April. The view was panoramic and surreal, and was also an experience that reminded me of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. It was like a journey of London in one full view. I absolutely enjoyed Shirley Hills, as it was a photographical opportunity that I didn’t want to miss. This day would also see my first article based on the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

18.6.2014 – I revisited Kelsey Park in April, which marked almost a year since my last visit. This day also gave me the chance to get a glance at getting some more photos of the squirrels, geese and some new kinds of ducks that were at the park. One of the new ducks that I saw when I visited Kelsey Park in April was the Male Mandarin duck, and it had feathery wings and the tonal colours of its wings showed the overall vibrancy. They can often be found on land or in water, and I saw at least one or more of them when I was there.

22.6.2014 – As I share my love for games, I did a review on the classical first-person shooter, R•TYPE DELTA. This game was the game of my childhood, as I had always loved playing this game for hours one end. It was the type of game that, despite being killed more than once by enemy drones, I could still play it. It is an addictive game that continues to be played today by almost everyone.

25.6.2014 – This day marked 5 years since the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, passed away. I wanted to celebrate Michael Jackson’s life for who he was, and how I came to love the music of someone who was famously known for the famous dance, the moonwalk. By leaving behind a truly magical legacy of his own, Michael Jackson’s latest posthumous album, XSCAPE, was recently released. This album is one of the best posthumous albums I’ve heard, and to make things better, I announced on here that the Spotify playlist of Michael Jackson’s XSCAPE (Deluxe) album would remain as a permanent fixture on Mother Nature.

16.6.2014 – 13.7.2014 – From the 16th June to the 13th July 2014, I would regularly post articles based on the Brazil 2014 World Cup. Every day was filled with mixed emotions, and at the end of the World Cup in Brazil, Germany won the Brazil 2014 World Cup after defeating Argentina in the final game of this year’s World Cup.

23.7.2014 – 3.8.2014 – From the 23rd July to the 3rd August 2014, I would write an article every day, focusing around the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games. There were a lot of tributes in place following the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 disaster, which is currently the most talked about at the moment, with investigations going on to find out what caused the plane disaster, and who did it.

At the end of the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games, England won the 20th Commonwealth Games, finishing at the top of the table with 174 overall medals, with Australia finishing with 137 overall medals, and Canada also finishing with 82 overall medals.

4.8.2014 – This day marked 100 years since the beginning of the first World War. Focusing on the World War I celebrations, 888,246 ceramic poppies were planted outside the Tower of London. Before I concluded this article, I included 10 handy links based on the war celebrations should any of you feel that you want to delve deeper for some more research.

16.8.2014 – Following the shocking news headlines that Robin Williams died on the 11th August 2014 at the age of 63, I paid tribute to Robin by taking a look back at a few of the films that I had grown up watching. Films, such as Aladdin, Jumanji, Flubber and Mrs. Doubtfire were the best films that I grew up watching. Robin Williams starred in a large number of Television shows and films over the course of his life. He starred in 79 films, plus one film he did just before he died, titled: “Absolutely Anything”, which is his final, completed film that is set for release sometime during the course of 2015. He starred in an overall 80 films and also 27 Television shows. He will be missed so dearly, but he will also live in our hearts forever for the legacy that he has left behind. We will miss you so much Robin.

18.8.2014 – Following on from my R•TYPE DELTA article that I did, I was granted permission by the gaming developer, Whitaker Trebella, to write a gaming review which is based on his own, famously crafted masterpiece, which is Pivvot. Pivvot is a thrilling game of strategic avoidance, and is also a fast-paced action game that will speed up your reaction times like never before.

Recently, the cleverly crafted masterpiece itself has recently become a multi-platforming game on Laptop/PC, and also on Apple’s iTunes Store, the Humble Store, Amazon App Store, Google Play and Valve Corporation’s gaming engine, Steam.

The tagline: “A Thrilling Game of Strategic Avoidance” lives up to its name very well as you have to avoid any obstacles that come your way.

Pivvot has a similar ring to Terry Cavanagh’s game, Super Hexagon, as the elements from both games always match up well.

Packed with 8 different modes, Pivvot will increase your reaction times as you progress through the whole game. The 8 modes that are included in this game are:

  1. Voyage
  2. Endless
  3. Expert Voyage
  4. Expert Endless
  5. Berserk
  6. Random Endless
  7. Random Expert Endless
  8. Looper

The Verge commented on what they thought of the game, and they said: “You might not be able to stay alive much longer than a minute, but those minutes quickly add up to hours of bleary eyed gameplay.”

I said in this review article just before I concluded it that: “A flawless masterpiece such as this game should never be underestimated or mistaken for how well it performs. This is truly one of the most fantastic masterpieces that will always be classed as state-of-the-art in my eyes, and will most possibly be the type of game that will carry on for many, many generations to come.”

© 2014 Fixpoint Productions Limited & Whitaker Trebella

21.8.2014 – This day was one of the most nerve-wracking days for me, as this day would mean I would find out the results that I got from the exams that I finished back in June. I was absolutely delighted though, as I had just managed to pass my exams with 6 GCSEs, and also being able to have the chance to do photography in college.

The day before I collected my results, I was absolutely petrified, thinking I would get a bad result at the end of it, and I took to Twitter to show that I was absolutely scared about Results Day. I received a tweet from the X Factor singer, Marcus Collins, who wished me the best of luck, and also, my fellow blogging friend, Vijay Shah, tweeted: “All the best, Alex…don’t worry, this one’s in the bag!”

After I passed my exams with flying colours, I tweeted my excitement, and wrote status updates on Facebook, thanking everyone for supporting me along the way. Again, thanks so, so much to all of you, my friends, my family, my teachers, and also everyone else who wished me luck before I collected my results on Results Day. I couldn’t have done it without you all, and also, I wanted to make a special mention, and also thank the X Factor singer, Marcus Collins, for wishing me the best of luck for Results Day.

25.8.2014 – I updated you all on my 2nd book about the release of “A Year in Photography” being released on the 1st September at 6:00pm, and I also showed you all an early preview of the final design of the book, which was set to be the second biggest installment. Much bigger than the first, this book contained over 50 pages of information, with some page fonts being shrinked to certain sizes, and some also being enlarged for some pages to fill up any gaps left near the bottom of certain pages that had finished information beforehand (69 pages overall on the final release).

31.8.2014 – The last article that I crafted for August, titled: “Wooah!!! The Summer Holiday Ran Like the Wind!!!!!” took a look back on August as it unfolded, as well as the articles that I published over the course of that month.

1.9.2014 – This day marked an exciting month ahead, with the release of my book: “A Year in Photography” being made available as a free, standalone, downloadable PDF via Dropbox. I also made changes to the social buttons on Mother Nature, and I had also created a Facebook page for Mother Nature, which regularly updates everyone on Facebook with every article I publish on this website.

4.9.2014 – I announced some small changes to the Menus on Mother Nature, plus a small, but quick book update, as I was putting some of the website’s pages into drop-down menus, and as for the book, I slightly tweaked the book: “A Year in Photography”, after one of the page’s titled fonts appeared to be somewhat squished. This book will always remain free.

7.9.2014 – I wrote an article especially on this day, as Phil McNamara caught some shocking footage of the moment that Mount Tavurvur erupted. The footage was captured one week before, but instantly went viral worldwide shortly after Phil uploaded it to YouTube. The volcano itself is suspected to have erupted around the 29th, 30th or the 31st of August.

8.9.2014 – This day marked my first day at Croydon College, which I can say I had absolutely enjoyed. The atmosphere was relaxed, as I knew that I could go into the college to begin my first day, and with the relief of being able to wear my own clothes instead of a suit, it made my first day at Croydon College feel absolutely peaceful.

9.9.2014 – U2 announced at the Apple Media Event and released their latest album: “Songs of Innocence”, which coincided with the release of Apple’s two new iPhones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Alongside the event, Apple also completely redesigned the look of their website to blend in with the new iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8.

10.9.2014 – This day marked the beginning of the Invictus Games, which would hold many different events over the next 4 days, focusing on the soldiers who were wounded while they were out fighting in Afghanistan. The Invictus Games also shines a light on the soldiers, as the soldiers would show all of us what it’s like and how they would send a positive message to those with a life beyond disability.

14.9.2014 – After completing my first week at Croydon College, I mentioned in this article that my first week at the college was absolutely perfect, despite the fact I go in for only 3 days every week. I was relieved to have moved on from school life quicker than I first imagined, because Croydon College gives you not just confidence in yourself, but to also give you a way to map out a future you have always longed for. I love photography so much that I took some photos around the outside of Croydon College.

24.9.2014 – Following months of excitement, speculation and software rumours, iOS 8 became available to the public on the 18th September. The article I wrote, titled: “iOS 8: A Groundbreaking Software Update” allowed me to showcase the software, purely because as I also love technology, I found iOS 8 to be a lot more stable than ever, and with the battery life lasting longer on this software update, I was absolutely relieved to have got back the long battery life for my iPod touch (5th Generation). The photo I took to use as the featured image for this article was taken on the new Nikon D3300 DSLR.

30.9.2014 – After having an absolutely perfect month, I did a quick monthly roundup of September by taking a look back on the articles I did over the course of this particular month.

1.10.2014 – I welcomed you all to October, a month that is Autumnal in many different aspects. Just the same as it is every year, October is the month where everyone goes around trick-or-treating and knocking on everyone’s doors. This month, in particular, would be my busiest month yet, as I would be given more work, and I found out that my maths re-mark was still a D grade, despite being just 1 mark off from a C grade. This month also would be the month when Autumn would slowly kick in.

17.10.2014 – As part of a special music feature, I featured the Sydney-born musician, Vander, and his record: “Back to the Sun” on Mother Nature. Vander, also known as William Vandermade, is a Sydney-born musician who, over the last few years, has enjoyed worldwide success in both the international and local industries. His music has also been played around the world on many of the various radio stations, that’s including countries such as the UK, Australia and the United States. Not only that, but his music has also been featured in several newspapers, radio shows, magazines, podcasts and blogs.

20.10.2014 – The Big Draw Event filled October with a month of hard work, drawing, and also a lot of wide-scale designs. As I’m a part of The Big Draw now I study at Croydon College, it was a fantastic opportunity not just for me, but also for those of you who want to take part in such an important drawing event. The world also lost someone special, as the OXO mum, Lynda Bellingham, passed away from colon cancer the day before. The news broke on this day while I was at college, and I broke down in tears when I was at home, just 15 minutes into the Loose Women episode that aired on this day. I paid tribute to Lynda Bellingham by writing an article on her, which would pay tribute to her for all of the wonderful laughs that she has left behind.

31.10.2014 – I wrote an article based on the BBC Genome Project, where I would ask you all what programmes were on the day you were born. I put up on this article the TV listings of the programmes that were on Television on the 16th June 1998, which was the day that I was born. I also wrote the final article for October, which would be a Monthly Roundup that would look back on October as it unfolded.

1.11.2014 – This day marked the beginning of a month of remembrance, as November was the month that focused around remembering those who fought in the first World War 100 years ago. I also mentioned on this day that Guy Fawkes night would take place on the Wednesday, as Wednesday would be the night where everyone remembered Guy Fawkes, as he was famously known for attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament on Bonfire Night, though his plan to blow up the Houses of Parliament failed because he had inadvertently placed the highly dangerous explosives (TNT – Trinitrotoluene) in the worst place where the gunpowder wouldn’t ignite. This lead to Guy Fawkes being caught, and eventually being hung, drawn and quartered.

Remembrance Day would also take place on the 11th November (also known as Armistice Day), as this day would mark almost 100 years since the end of the First World War.

5.11.2014 – Because I wanted to mark the occasion, considering this night was Guy Fawkes Night/Bonfire Night. I used this day to cease the opportunity of getting some photos at night, as the neighbours next door to where I live were setting off quite a lot of fireworks. The photos I took on this night were my best photos yet, because, for the first time, I was able to get some decent photos at night, which I had never thought I could do before. I was taken by surprises as to how well these photos came out, because I was aiming for this type of result for my night photos for a very, very long time, and I was over the moon to have achieved it.

7.11.2014 – This particular article came hot on the heels from the book that I recently published, which was: “A Year in Photography”. As DoxDirect are now a special featured printing service which I was absolutely delighted to feature on Mother Nature, this gave me the absolute pleasure to announce to all of you that my second book was printed as a proper A5 Paperback, Matte Laminated book.

Louise Gipps of DoxDirect has been getting a lot of positive feedback all across the board from many of the customers that have used this service. As this was my first time printing my book through DoxDirect, who I must say is an absolute credit to the company. I recommend DoxDirect to all of you, as it is one of the most fantastic services I have ever come across, and I would recommend you to try it out.

I would like to thank DoxDirect for printing my book, and also to Louise. You and this company have been an absolute help, and with the third book: “My Journey Through a Lens”, I will release it digitally for free first, and after that, I shall use this service again to print this new book. Again, thanks so much to Louise and the whole of the DoxDirect company, you have been an absolute help along the way with printing my 2nd book, and I shall continue to use DoxDirect again.

20.11.2014 – As I wanted to mark the launch of the new Famous Icons page, considering the fact that I managed to get myself on top of my studies, which I had worked effortlessly to complete, I wanted to mark the birth of the new Famous Icons page by doing the first case study based on Henry VIII. This would also mean that after launching the new Famous Icons page, I decided to do some tidying up by condensing the web pages I had created into drop-down menus, so that they would still remain accessible for use, putting all of your worries at ease.

28.11.2014 – Following the sudden death of Phillip Hughes the day before, I paid tribute to Phillip by dedicating an article to him, as his death hadn’t just shocked me, but also the whole world, and even the World of Cricket. This news came just 3 days before he was due to mark what would have been his 26th birthday, and his death shocked everyone. This article would take a look back on his career in Cricket, and the achievements that he has made along the way up until his sudden death on Thursday 27th November 2014. We will miss you Phillip Hughes, but you will never be forgotten for the legacy that you have left behind.

29.11.2014 – Following Case Study #1 came Case Study #2, which would focus on the Queen of the United Kingdom & Ireland, which was Queen Victoria. This case study came hot on the heels of the first case study that I did that made the King of England, Henry VIII, the centre of attention on Mother Nature. Case Study #2 would take a look back on Queen Victoria’s life as it unfolded, and how she reigned for 63 years, 7 months and 2 days as the Queen of the UK & Ireland.

30.11.2014 – After Case Study #2, came Case Study #3, which would focus on Guy Fawkes, who was famously known for attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament in order to attempt to kill King James I. Guy Fawkes was also the man famously known for being behind the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. On this day as well, I created the final monthly roundup for November, with 2014 quickly beginning to draw to a close, by taking a quick look back over November as it unfolded.

1.12.2014 – The first article of this month would welcome you all to the final month of the year, as December would be a month full of festivities, happiness and comfort, given the fact that I had given Mother Nature a Christmas makeover with the logo and backgrounds to match. Christmas is also a time of the year for festivities, and also for the whole family to come together to mark such a special occasion, including the day when everyone would open their Christmas presents on Christmas morning.

15.12.2014 – The 14th December, and this particular week also was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had, as our Croydon lad, Ben Haenow, won the X Factor. 4 months ago, Ben Haenow auditioned for the ITV Studios programme, The X Factor, and with much delight, this would mark the beginning of what would be one of his biggest challenges yet. Over the course of the 4 months since the beginning of The X Factor, Ben has fought his way through every week, making sure to guarantee his spot in the final on Saturday and Sunday night’s shows. Every week, Ben has rapidly got better and better as his journey progressed, and on the 14th December 2014, Ben Haenow, from Croydon, won this year’s X Factor.

15.12.2014 – 16.12.2014 – Since his win on The X Factor 2014, Ben Haenow released his debut single, which shot straight to Number 1 in the Official Charts, and Ben’s record has just become the Official Christmas Number 1. I headed out to HMV just outside the Croydon Town Centre to buy the physical copy of Ben’s new single: “Something I Need”, which came with a few extra tracks, with his debut video being released just over a week later. As always, WE LOVE YOU BEN HAENOW!!!!!!!!

31.12.2014 – As today marks the last day of 2014, I created an article based on the former President of South Africa, Nelson Rolihlahla Madiba Mandela, who sadly passed away on the 5th December last year. The 5th December 2014 marked one year since his passing, and also a year since the world lost a true icon. He fought for everyone’s human rights during the apartheid that occurred during his life, and Nelson Mandela also spent a lot of his life fighting for everyone’s human rights, the right to equality and also for everyone to be equal and to share different things. This article I did would take a look back on the former President himself, not just for the legacy that he has left behind, but also for the timeline of events that unfolded throughout his life.

…and finally, this article mark’s the end of 2014 on an absolutely perfect note. This year has been an absolutely busy, energetic and happy year, so I wanted to take this opportunity to say HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR, AND I’LL SEE YOU ALL IN 2015.

Alex Smithson