There’s no denying that inspiring someone can spread positivity; inspiration holds the key to positivity.

To inspire everyone around you not only allows you to spread positivity, but gives you the ability to give everyone around you the best outlook on life, and that life is special, even if at times it can be dull.

Inspire someone today. Your positivity is what this world needs, and is also the key to giving you the best possible start in life, and also the best possible career you want in life.

I believe with my hand on my heart that we should inspire others and spread positivity because this world needs to drown out inequality and negativity and bring out the best in everyone with inspiration and positivity.

Start today by drowning out all negativity and inequality and filling the empty spaces where the negativity and inequality were with equality, diversity, love, care, compassion, respect and diversity.

If this inspired you, please let me know. I’m here to inspire and want to make this world a better place and I want for all of you to be in a world where equality and diversity stomps on hatred, inequality and a lack of diversity.

This world needs equality and diversity, and with love, compassion, care, acceptance and respect, this world can be a better place.

Alex Smithson

Maturity & Communication in Modern Society: How Has Our Generation Affected the Way We Mature & Communicate Over the Years?

In modern society, maturity is something that shouldn’t really go amiss, especially in our generation and in this day and age, but when it comes to maturity in modern society, among many other areas of life, our generation unfortunately lacks almost all of maturity.

I personally feel that if our generation took a look at the previous generation and compared them to our own generation, our generation would be shocked, because in the 1960s, there were no digital mobile phones, except for the old-style retro wired telephones, which came with just a number dial and the phone, including the occasional ringing noise everytime someone went to pick up the phone. Nowadays, that doesn’t happen. Why? Because, as technology has become so advanced in the past 50 to 100 years, all is takes for you to do nowadays is to open an app, type in the phone number and ring that number, and even back then, apps weren’t even a thing.

Our generation, I’m sorry to say, has become so wrapped up in technology that at least half or most of the time, I’ve seen some people who have had their eyes pasted to their phone screens, computer screens, and even handheld consoles and gaming consoles, whilst other people have been speaking. I know I may sound like a fine one to talk because I use much of what I’ve mentioned above, but I only use a phone for emergency purposes, and most of the time, I can’t use any consoles because I always put my studies first before anything else.

Maturity is key in everyone’s life, but so is communication, and communication is always key as well, as communication is also something that goes amiss in the current generation. I’m sorry to say this, but maturity and communication are the two most important key factors that our generation lacks, and I forgive you if you feel annoyed about the way modern society has turned out.

The reasons why maturity and communication have become tarnished over the years is not just because of technology, but also because of gun and knife crime, as we all have to live in fear for our own safety almost each and every day. It’s pretty sad, don’t you think?

Over the course of last year, there were a large number of gun and knife crimes, which could have been prevented if the police numbers here weren’t cut. If there was more of police on the streets, our generation would have been just that extra bit maturer and would have possibly communicated a lot better.

One of my followers on here made a very interesting observation shortly after I published the article: “My own views on Violence and why it is never the answer.” and said to me that it is up to us young ones to do all of the good work, and to be honest, that follower that told me was right, and there’s no denying that maturity and communication are two of the most important things that are often not thought about and always put upon.

In my eyes, maturity and communication, as well as respect are the three most important key factors in life that we should not take for granted, and I believe at the end of the day in maturity, communication and respect, because, to me, they are the three most important factors in life that we should always appreciate having.

If there was one day in this world and in our generation where no-one was to use anything at all, and if everyone was to respect one another, communicate with one another, and even mature with one another, the world would be a better place. I think of the three main keys that connect to these as well; perception, perspective and persistency.

I just feel that with three of the most important things in life, this whole world could get on, but at the moment, the whole world is a bad place to be, and it is up to all of us, especially the young ones, like myself, to do the good work.

To conclude, I personally believe that we should all communicate with each other properly, and that we grow up with a mature mindset and attitude that allows us to respect each other for everything that life is worth.

If you feel that maturity, communication and respect should be some of the things we should see in this world, please feel free to feedback your opinions and thoughts on what you think of maturity and communication in modern society.

Alex Smithson

Audience Subjective Confidence Builder: My 3 Key Tips That Could Help You Build Your Confidence When You’re Giving a Presentation or Speech.

Confidence is mainly a major key factor that plays a big part in our lives, and it’s something that can be put upon once too often if it’s not used correctly, for instance, if you were to discuss a topic based on, for example, modern society, technology, as well as how certain things work, having some confidence is good, but would you want 25% to be confidence, and the 75% to be nerves? From my perspective, no. Why? Because it’s normal to have nerves, but if you were to have 50% of both confidence and nerves, these are mainly useful as you can use both to your advantage. When I say using them both to your advantage, I mean that if it was to come to something, such as speaking and listening, both of these are useful and good in certain cases for if you really want to capture your audience.

To start, I will give you all my 3 Key Tips based on how these could help you build your confidence when you’re giving a presentation or speech.

Tip 1: Have a Clear Tone of Voice That the Audience Can Hear.

To make sure you get your voice heard by your audience, you have to make sure to speak at the correct tone where everyone can hear you, especially those in the audience who are sat at the very back, as you want to be able to make sure that what you talk about is clear and precise, and that what you’re talking to your audience about is suitable and clear. Also, a clear tone of voice can really prove to be beneficial when you’re giving a presentation or speech based on what your presentation or speech about.

Tip 2: Controlling Your Nerves When Your Giving a Presentation or Speech.

In order for your presentation or speech to be the best presentation or speech possible, taking deep breaths here and there can help to control your nerves, especially at times when you feel really nervous, like as if you want to cease up. Controlling your nerves while giving a presentation or speech can really prove to be beneficial if you’re either speaking in front of a class, a whole school or even in front of thousands upon thousands of developers.

Tip 3: Keep offering to go up and speak about something that you’ve been working on.

This is where my confidence really grew, because when I was in school, going up in front of the class was nerve-wracking for me, considering that I didn’t feel confident and was often nervous, but it was offering to go up and speaking about what I was working on that made me feel more confident, because I often went up in front of my Year 11 Form Group to talk about my blog, as well as the types of things that I would be doing once our final exam season came to an end.

For me, it was going up in front of my class more and talking about my blog that made me feel more confident when I spoke, as I felt more confident after going up again and again, and I didn’t feel as nervous as much as I used to, and now that is doing me a lot of favours now that I’m re-taking the GCSE English course, as I recently did my Speaking & Listening assessment, which came back as a B grade, which could make up the final exam grade I get at the end of this course. Fingers crossed I pass this time around.

But back to the subject of things, I believe that the more you offer to go up and give your presentation or speech, the more confident you’ll become, and you’ll also find that you won’t feel as nervous as before, as confidence can really help you to give your presentation and speech with more of a clear overview, without your presentation or speech becoming compromised. If, for example, you want to have something that connects to what your presentation, you would want what you’re talking about to have the three main keys; Prepare, Produce, Persist. For me, these three keys are what help me to feel confident, and I believe that these three keys will help you if you’re looking to build your confidence further.

To conclude, I believe that the less nervous you are at giving presentations or speeches, the more confident you’ll become.

I hope my 3 key tips have helped all of you, and please feel free to feedback your thoughts based on whether you thought my 3 tips helped you, and whether they have made you feel more confident in giving a presentation or speech.

☺ Alex Smithson ☺