The Harsh Reality of Social Media (Parental Guidance is Advised)

This is a topic of discussion that needs to be talked about and I want to make sure this happens.

I’m just throwing this out there if you’re willing to read this article as there is a bit of fruity language included in this article, so my sincerest apologies in advance. I’m just expressing my views and venting my frustrations at certain core areas that revolve around social media.

Social media, as we know it, is often a foregone conclusion to the digital world nowadays, as it is used in many different ways, either to criticise someone based on their appearance and how they choose to appear, as well as what they look like.

The harsh reality of social media is this; a messed-up overzealous world that looks to criticise and judge those around them to make others feel low when they don’t deserve it.

It’s all well and good using social media where other’s comments are concerned, but how do people expect to treat others with total disrespect and then not have the bottle to say what they say to someone over social media to their faces? It is hypocrisy gone wild! The art of communication now has truly gone out of the window and it is no thanks to social media and the media in general, and I shan’t be ashamed, to say the least.

I always live by this rule. If you can’t say anything nice about someone on social media and then not have the bottle to say what you said to them on social media to their faces, then keep your mouth closed. No one wants to know your business. No one wants to know what you’ve got to say about others, so stop bitching about someone on social media if you haven’t got the nerve to say it to their faces.

To clarify, I do apologise if you feel I am aiming this at you because I’m not, I’m only aiming it at those who are willing to twist and manipulate others whilst also criticising them without them having the bottle to say it to the person’s face.

I had that fair share of experience last year when someone twisted and manipulated my kindness emotionally and it did get to me briefly, much like it would for anyone else who has had that fair share of experience themselves and I shan’t deny that but I felt better about myself after learning that that person who did that to me got nowhere and took control and learned to not take shit.

I won’t lie, for me to take no shit and give it back to those who gave it to me first has made me feel better and has made me more confident as I will treat that person the same way back if they aren’t willing to be nice.

Like they say, when push comes to shove, if you cannot handle the heat, then get out.

If the language I have used in this topic of discussion did by chance offend you, I sincerely apologise.

Have you had that fair share of experience from someone who has made comments about you or to you on social media but they didn’t have the bottle to say it directly to your face? Please feel free to sound off in the comments. I would love for you to express your views freely on the harsh realities of social media.

Alex Smithson

Headshot #9 / Facial Expressionism / Final Major Project / Kasra Soltani

Continuing on from Headshot #8, I have photographed my close friend, Kasra Soltani, for Headshot #9 of my Facial Expressionism Final Major Project.

For these headshot photographs, just like I did with Jonathan McCartney, Steven Geer, Oli Regan & Leonardo Mouza, I have used a black backdrop to bring out the emphasis of the facial expressions I have asked him to make.

As my research has influenced, informed and helped me to develop my critical thinking and photography skills further, I have made sure that these photographs stand out and give the facial expressions I have asked Kasra to make a better insight, so that each facial expression brings to the surface the emotion that goes with that specific facial expression.

As well as the facial expressions I have asked Kasra to make, I have also photographed him doing different facial expressions naturally, so in this case, when I say natural, I mean he has been able to do facial expressions I wouldn’t usually expect him or anyone else to do. I’ve even got him to do some of the expressions again, but this time, in his own way, so at least then his natural facial expressions compared to the facial expressions I have asked him to make put more emphasis on the photography work I have produced.

Below are the headshot photographs, including the WordFoto Edits and the Black & White Versions of these photographs I have produced featuring my cl0se friend, Kasra Soltani.

Canon EOS 1200D

WordFoto Edits

Black & White Versions of Original Photographs

I feel that these photographs I have produced of my close friend, Kasra, for Headshot #9, show dramatic improvements in my photography skills, as I have made sure to adjust the position of the light to set the tone of these photographs correctly to the emotions I have asked Kasra to make, and I have noticed that my photographs have more of a shallow depth of field. I have also noticed and improved over the course of time with the clarity of the photographs I have taken, and I strongly feel that Headshot #9 has helped to inform and note the improvements and changes I have made to make these photographs stand out. To improve for next time, I will be making sure to explore the emotions effectively as opposed to Kasra’s body language, so that his body language can reflect the facial expressions I have asked him to make, as well as the facial expressions he has made himself.

These photos of my close friend, Kasra Soltani, that I have produced for Headshot #9 can be found in my E-Folio.

I am open to your responses, so please let me know if there are any improvements I can make for next time and if so, please highlight the areas you feel I could improve on for next time when I publish Headshot #10. which will be the final headshot article to close much of the practical side of my Facial Expressionism Final Major Project.

Your responses and critique are greatly appreciated.

Alex Smithson

If you want to follow my close friend, Kasra, on Instagram, I have provided his Instagram username here: @Kass.ll7