Nature’s Bliss!

To end the weekend on a high and positive note, this photo moment from yesterday, for me, was a positive and vibrant moment considering nature beamed with vibrant colours for the Royal Wedding Celebration, not to mention that she created a blissful atmosphere that was tranquil.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and please tell me how your weekend went.

I would love to hear your responses.

Alex Smithson

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

In life, we all go through difficult stages over the course of time that break us all down eventually.

Never keep your emotions inside and open up to everyone, tell them how you feel, and you’ll soon begin to notice you’re a lot stronger than before.

We’ve all been through it, I should know because I’ve been there myself, been through it all and opened up and I’m so much more confident and so much better than I felt before and I want for you to know that if you’ve ever been there and can relate to how I feel, especially to how you feel, just know that you are never alone.

Never be afraid to open up about how you feel; the release of emotions you once felt will slowly but surely disappear and you’ll be stronger than before.

Never give up, never hide your emotions; open up and never be ashamed to admit you’re not okay even when you’re okay. It’s okay to not be okay and there is no shame in how you feel. So what if some people don’t see it that way, it’s their loss and your gain.

I hope these words brighten up your life and give you hope and know that it’s okay to not be okay. Don’t be afraid to open up and show everyone how you feel. Life is never easy, it is hard, but with the courage to open up to everyone, you’ll regain that lost strength and your willpower will be much stronger than before.

Alex Smithson

Make a Difference for World Mental Health Day!

Today is World Mental Health Day, so if you are someone or know someone who has a mental health condition, today is about coming together and supporting everyone regardless of what mental condition you and everyone else has or may have.

The ‘Mental Health Organisations‘ page is designed to help all those like yourself who may be suffering from Mental Health, and as this page I set up earlier this year aims to provide help, support and treatment for those who may have a mental health condition or may have a condition not connected to mental health, so if you want to reach out to someone or to a support line that will specialise in whatever kind of mental health condition or condition you may have, this page, I hope, will help you.

Let’s come together and end this stigma once and for all.

Alex Smithson

Should We Listen to the Non-Believers?

I personally think none of us should listen to the non-believers; the bad people who spread poison wherever they go, intentionally bringing others down when they don’t deserve it.

The non-believers all too often make the lives of those around them a misery whilst they get a thrill out of doing it. The non-believers intentionally make the lives of those around them hell whilst expecting to drag them down, when in reality, the non-believers who treat those around them like dirt are often the ones who end up in the cold on their own, purely because the people they hurt are often the people that go on to do the best in life.

My message to the non-believers:


That’s better. It’s my way of saying to the non-believers that if they carry on being the non-believers they are, then they will end up going nowhere in life.

It actually feels good to let off steam now and then and I feel so much better now I have had the chance to say this.

Should we listen to the non-believers?

Please let me know your thoughts.

I would love to hear what you’ve got to say about the non-believers and please feel free to let off steam.

All responses welcome.

Alex Smithson

Insecurities: How Do They Define Us As People?

“We are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words won’t bring us down.” – Christina Aguilera – Track: Beautiful

Insecurities are what make us the people we are. So what if we were born imperfect. So what if we were born different. So what if we were born imperfect. We should realise that we are all beautiful no matter what anyone says or thinks about us.

Insecurities define us all as the people we are. It’s perfectly acceptable and perfectly normal to be different, because we are all beautiful. We are all different. So what if anyone judges you, they’re insecure themselves but you should never feel the same way as they do. They just don’t realise how insecure they are themselves.

We were born with a purpose, and that was to never change a single thing about ourselves. We were born to never let anyone’s words bring us down. We were born to never let judgement define us as people. But most of all, we were born to never judge others for who they are.

We were born to be ourselves and to never let anyone make us insecure no matter what they would say or do, including what they may have already said and did.

I will conclude by saying this. Never let anyone’s words bring you down. Never let anyone make you feel insecure and never let anyone make you feel that you’re something that you are not when they’re insecure themselves. Always realise you are beautiful in every single way, and never change who you are or what you look like to suit others. Be yourself and never change for anyone, that’s all that matters.

Alex Smithson

Life after Mother Nature.

What would life be like for me without a computer?

It would be quite a tough challenge for me, as it would mean I would have to go the extra mile and work harder, even if it means I have to rely on my iPhone, including having to take notes quicker than before, as well as having to complete any work that requires a computer on a notepad or on my iPhone, or possibly on my iPad mini.

Of course, there would come times when I wouldn’t be able to rely on technology, but instead rely on the use of a notepad, a pen, a pencil and all the usual stationery pieces of equipment, but at the same time, I would need to use any resources that wouldn’t involve technology at all to get through each day, meaning I would have to take each day as it comes and face the music.

Life after Mother Nature would be hard for me, because it would mean that I would have to focus on something that would be able to keep me occupied for long periods of time.

It would also mean I would have to make sacrifices for a few weeks whilst working on something in order to get somewhere, as I would have to, in other words, make choices that could ultimately define whether I have a good future or not, even if things become difficult along the way.

Overall, life after Mother Nature without a computer would be difficult for me, because using a computer, as well as writing articles for Mother Nature would always keep me productive.

Without a computer altogether, I would have to work extra hard to keep myself as productive as possible like I would if I did or didn’t have a computer to use.

What would life be like for you after your blog/website without a computer?

Please feel free to submit feedback below.

All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

Does Everyone’s Lives Really Matter Regardless of Who We Are?

It is painfully distressing when we all hear the news about a certain event or events that are always talked about around the world. Just recently, and even now, the news of the shootings in Minnesota, Dallas & Louisiana have caused a mass fruition which has sparked protests in America, as well as in other places around the world.

In the last few days, there were protests being held in London in light of the shootings in Minnesota, Dallas & Louisiana, as well as the horrific killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, including at least five police officers, including 9 other people being injured and also most recently, a Black Lives Matter protest, which was held up in London, resulted in a man being punched in the face.

All lives matter, regardless of skin colour, race, gender, sexuality, religion and background and if there is more bad blood in this world, then life is just not worth living.

Since these events occurred, every news source around the world reported this news, as well as photos surrounding the web of some people either being attacked or being arrested for possible violence in light of the attacks.

There’s been a lot of controversy, even a lot of backlash and criticism and even now, it’s still a touchy subject.

Black lives matter, white lives matter, but most of all, all lives matter regardless of anyone’s skin colour, as well as who we are. If there was no hate, no crimes and no violence in this world, the world would be a better place.

It kills me to see that the world is, at this moment, a bad place, and there is so much violence going on in this world. My thoughts, my heart, condolences and full respects go out to all those affected by these shootings at such a sad time. You will always remain in mine and everyone’s hearts forever. All lives matter, regardless of skin colour, race, gender, sexuality, religion and background and we all deserve to be treated equally and be treated with respect.

To all of you reading this, I can only apologise if any of you reading this article get offended. It is not my intention at all, I just wanted to give you all the outlook I have based on the world at the moment.

If you think black lives matter, including white lives and all lives matter, then please let me know by submitting feedback below. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

Below are some links regarding the shootings in Minnesota, Louisiana and Dallas if you want to find out more: