In the Midst of Summer!

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I feel I’ve managed to capture nature in the Midst of Summer in style with this photo, as A Color Story has helped me to make sure this photo pops and gets to the most important detail: Colour!

How have you found Summer this year?

I bet you feel a sense of relief after the two massive thunderstorms we had recently and I would love to hear what you thought about the heavens opening with an almighty bang of a thunderstorm below.

Alex Smithson

Forking Hell!

It sure was a forking thunderbolt!

What a forking liberty!

Did you witness the forking thunderbolt?

I want to hear how the storm made you feel after the intense heatwave. Please tell me in the comments below.

Alex Smithson

Bleeding Crimson!

Mother Nature is bleeding crimson because of this extreme heatwave!

The sunset was absolutely beautiful and despite the extreme heatwave, it’s always the best opportunity to seize the moment.

Did Mother Nature bleeding crimson where you are?

Please tell me in the comments below. I would love to hear your responses.

Alex Smithson

Droplets of Nature’s Goodness!

Ready for some droplets of nature’s goodness? Come and get some!

She’s willing to hydrate you and keep you going even during the best and worst of heatwaves!

Love nature’s goodness?

I would love to know.

Alex Smithson

Voluptuous Violet!

Mother Nature unleashed her voluptuous violet and made it rain with an almighty bang in the UK!

I was so excited when it rained yesterday that I actually ran out of my workplace after finishing my shift for the day and I got absolutely soaked, and it felt liberating!

Did Mother Nature unleash her voluptuous violet for you?

Did she make it rain with an almighty bang for you after so many weeks of extreme hot weather?

Did it feel good for you to, for once, run out of work or any place you were in to get absolutely soaked?

I would love to hear your responses. Please feel free to submit your comments below and I hope this made you laugh like it did for me.

Alex Smithson

Frantic Friday!

The weather for Friday was absolutely frantic, not to mention boiling hot!

This has to be one of the most extreme heatwaves the UK has ever had in a long time.

The fans and air conditioners have all been all systems go for this weather, but with a thunderstorm following shortly after this extreme heatwave, it had to be the case considering this weather has been extraordinary!

Was your Friday afternoon as frantic as it was for me weather-wise?

Please tell me.

I would love to hear your responses on this extreme heatwave and how you’ve been dealing with the hot Summer weather.

Alex Smithson

Rays of Summer Sunshine!

It feels so good to soak in the rays of Summer sunshine, though the weather at the minute is intensely humid and sultry.

This Summer is the hottest Summer on record so far, and it’s set to get even hotter, though it will be nice to see a gigantic thunderstorm erupt soon.

Are you looking forward to a potentially gigantic thunderstorm? Are you making the most of soaking in the rays of Summer Sunshine? How have you been managing with this Summer heatwave?

I would love to hear your responses. Please tell me in the comments below.

Alex Smithson

Suntastic Summertime!

It has been a suntastic summertime so far!

It’s been quite the scorcher, however, as a lot of greenery recently has become scorched land due to the intensely sultry weather, though it’s good to make the most of the Summer whilst it’s here.

How have you been making the most of this heatwave? Have you witnessed areas of scorched land where you are?

I want to hear your responses. Please tell me below in the comments. I’m keen to find out if you, have, like me, witnessed areas of land that have been scorched by this extreme heatwave.

Alex Smithson

Mediterranean Monday!

Whilst the UK witnessed the hottest day of the year, dubbed the ‘Med Melt’, with the Met Office claiming “…Britain is one step away from a NATIONAL EMERGENCY…”, sun-seekers, myself included, defied the warning to stay indoors by photographing nature at her most spiritual on the way home from work.

Did you defy the weather warning to stay indoors by going out and making the most of the beautiful hot weather?

I want to hear your responses. Please tell me in the comments below. I want to hear how you made the most of this hot weather.

Alex Smithson