The Blossoming Feels of Spring

Yesterday was such a wonderful day. It was nice and sunny and the temperature was just right, and I ceased the opportunity to photograph some parts of my garden. Mind you, it’s long overdue but I’ll be making sure to completely cut down my garden soon as it really needs to be cut. It’s like a forest. In terms of my garden, I did make sure to capture the beauty and essence of my garden with a forest-like approach and I had also made sure to experiment with the ISO frequently to see what ISO suited the lighting conditions best.

I am pleased with the end result I have received from these photographs, though I do feel that I need to improve better on taking photographs from a perspective where the scenery can be a mockup of a forest, but in a conceptual style that makes it more forest-like and not just as a plain garden that’s overgrown.

If you feel there are improvements I can make to my photography skills, please let me know. I would love to hear your feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

Photography: Mother Nature’s Path into Darkness

As the sun was beginning to set earlier yesterday afternoon, I wanted to make sure to show Mother Nature’s Path into Darkness by taking these photos. Thankfully, because it wasn’t as cloudy as I thought it would be, and thankfully because there was some forms of clear sky, I was able to take these photos in the style that I wanted them to turn out.

Please keep in mind that these photos were taken just as it was getting dark, so some of the photos may look like they were taken in broad daylight because of how my camera took them. I can point out that there is a dutch angle in photo 7, as I’ve tilted the camera to make them look like as if it has tilted on its side, when in reality, it hasn’t.

I took these photos to show you all the small, but noticeable improvements that I’ve been making to my current photography skills. As I’m currently doing this UAL Level 3 Diploma Film & Photography Course at Croydon College, this course will be able to help me expand on the photography skills I currently have, and over time, you’ll begin to notice differences in the photos that I take.

Despite it being freezing cold, luckily I had a fleece on to keep me warm as I could feel the breeze of the freezing cold weather impacting my face. I did find that I liked the photographs from photo’s 13 to 21 more, the rest I thought were somewhat okay, but a few were somewhat either out of focus or the lighting was just a little bit too bright. Apart from that, I felt that all of the photographs I took were pretty good overall.

Please feel free to feedback what you thought of my photography skills, and if possible, please feedback in the comments what I did good and what I could improve on. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

The IMOS Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the 1st Generation & 2nd Generation iPad mini (Review)

Hello everyone, as the laptop I currently use went off to be repaired last week due to a faulty USB port, I wanted to create this review of the new iPad mini keyboard case that arrived today which I’m using now as I type, and for a good £18.00, it was a perfect choice, as this keyboard case beat’s the cost of an expensive value-based keyboard case you could find, for example, if you were to buy a keyboard case that includes the same functionality in stores such as PC World or Currys, you would be looking at a price range of around £64.99. This case that arrived from today blows the expensive and hefty price tags out of the water, and this was certainly a bargain that was worth going for.

This keyboard case also proved to be the perfect product as it also came with a USB charger, so if you wanted to charge your Bluetooth keyboard case up, you are able to. There were a choice of four colours of the same keyboard case, which I’ve listed below:

1. Silver
2. Black
3. Pink
4. Blue

For £18.00 + Free Delivery on top from Amazon, it was a great deal and was definitely a fantastic price that beats all the other top technology companies looking to compete in the global technology market.

Below, I have provided pictures of how the keyboard case looks from certain view-points, and have also provided some close-ups of the case in terms of cut-outs for general use. I apologise if a few of the photos are nearly un-viewable due to dim lighting conditions:


















Thank you for reading this blog post.

-Alex Smithson