Gracious Greenery!

The weather continues to be wonderful as ever as it’s been nice and warm and I couldn’t resist photographing the natural landscapes and trees whilst I was on my way to work and on my way home from work.

Below are more than 200 photos I took whilst I was on my journey to work, including the photos I took whilst on my way home from work.

It was graciously green today and it was so nice and warm, so much so that I actually decided to walk to work and from work rather than get the bus to work and from work for a change. The sunglasses came out today and because of the lovely weather, it felt good to walk to work and from work while the hot weather was about, with a breeze in the air to make the weather feel more relaxing and peaceful.

Did you enjoy the wonderful weather? Please tell me.

If you enjoyed this photo-set I produced of Mother Nature showing off the gracious greenery of Spring with weather that feels like Summer, please tell me.

I would love to hear your responses.

Alex Smithson

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Welcome to April!

Welcome to April on Mother Nature! As this month is set to be just as relaxing and as peaceful as last month, it’s safe to say that the weather is set to get better, and this month is also set to be quite the busy month for me, because I will need to travel up to places in London that I can photograph, including heading to certain galleries in London to further my research and development for the Facial Expressionism Final Major Project that I am currently working on.

During the holiday break, I will be doing coursework and revision, as I’ve got my GCSE English exam on the 5th May which I have to prepare for and I also have my GCSE Maths exams coming up soon as well, so I can only apologise in advance if I don’t publish as much on here over the next few weeks.

It’s hard to think, by the end of June, beginning of July, I will have just finished my last year of being in education. The time has flown so fast! I wish it could slow down but time isn’t slowing down anytime soon, so it’s time to make the most of it and make use of the time available whilst I am still in education to work hard and to succeed in my coursework.

Who has been loving this nice and sunny weather lately? I’d love to know if you love the nice and sunny weather that we’ve been seeing more of lately.

Until then:


Alex Smithson


Last Friday, considering we have had such lovely sunny weather lately, I ceased the opportunity to photograph Croydon from different perspectives that I felt stood out the most, and I used the traditional Camera app that comes pre-installed with all versions of iOS.

The weather has been absolutely peaceful lately, and it’s good to see that the weather is finally looking up and it is most certainly shaping up to make the two-week holiday as relaxing and as peaceful as ever!

Below are the photographs I have produced, including two of the same photos that have notable edits.

Which photography hotspots interest you the most? Please let me know. I would love to hear which photography hotspots interest you the most.

Alex Smithson


Kicking off 2017 with a bang, I decided to revisit the photographic collection I took on the 15th December 2016 by publishing this more up-to-date collection that will revisit Croydon with more of a positive approach and given the lovely weather in my first few weeks back at Croydon College, I couldn’t have picked a better time to take these photographs. Some of these photographs consist of the Pret a Manger & Caffé Nero, including other parts of Croydon I may have not visited in a while.

I also used the opportunity to snap a few photos of Reeves Corner, considering it is more or less quiet now considering it will be six years in August since the riots took place in Croydon, which saw the bigger half of the Reeves Furniture Store being burned down as a result.

I must admit, I was taken aback by just how quiet it was around Reeves Corner, because I last went down to Reeves Corner two years ago when I was studying Art & Design, and even then it did feel uncomfortable, much like it does now.

I want this photographic collection to help you explore what Croydon is like as a place, including how Croydon is in general. For instance, there are so many stores in Croydon that you cannot exactly miss, including banks, landmarks, restaurants etc. and many more.

As I was lucky to snap these photographs when the lovely weather arrived before the slight snow storm, I was pleased to have achieved much better results this time compared to the previous collection and I wanted to make sure that you saw Croydon from a much better perspective than before.

If you enjoyed this photographic collection of Croydon, please feel free to let me know. I would love to hear your feedback.

Alex Smithson

Recommended App: Camera+

It’s a Beautiful Day.

Lovely Summer weather today.

Here is the downloadable version of the photo. Please feel free to download and use as your Laptop / PC screensaver, and also please feel free to use this photo as a mobile wallpaper or as a wallpaper for a gaming console.

Original Version
Edited Version (as seen in featured image).

Have you all got this lovely Summer weather where you are? Please feel free to submit feedback.

Alex Smithson

The Lovely Silhouette Sunset Shift.

As we had such lovely weather today, it was perfect to see a beautiful sunset taking place. I ceased the opportunity to take a photo of the sunset, but in turn, I also ended up creating a lovely silhouette sunset shift at the same time.

The last time I created a silhouette in a photograph was around September & October 2013, when I published the article: “The Silhouette of Darkness, Light & Wonderwebs”. That photograph was of a plant that hadn’t blossomed at all and had practically perished due to a lack of sunlight, given the bad weather we had that month of course. The plant in question was a rosebud, and because I used to use my old Samsung ST200F, that camera took that photograph of the rosebud, but it darkened the rosebud, which also made the sky around it look cloudy and dark like as if a thunderstorm was developing.

Below is the lovely silhouette sunset shift photograph I took earlier this evening, just as the sun was setting.

The Lovely Silhouette Sunset Shift.
The Lovely Silhouette Sunset Shift.

I must admit, I was pleased with how the final result of this photo had turned out. Please keep in mind though this photo was edited slightly in the Photos app as I wanted it to show the real appearance of the sunset, as well as the silhouette that the sunset created as well. I wanted to make sure this photo was exactly how I saw the sunset earlier this evening.

We’ve had lovely weather today, and I hope that this lovely weather we’ve had continues for the next few weeks before Summer starts.

If you loved this photograph I took of the lovely silhouette sunset shift, then please feel free to submit feedback. All feedback is much appreciated and if you enjoyed this article, please feel free to share this article around with everyone you know.

Alex Smithson

A Bright & Beautiful Good Friday!

As today is Good Friday, I thought it would be a great idea to take this photo of the lovely weather.

Good Friday Weather

It’s amazing how the relaxing Spring Weather is back, which has been something we have all wanted for a while. It just feels so refreshing that we get that kind of weather where it’s just right and where it’s just spot-on.

Today has been quite a lovely day, and I really hope this good weather continues.

I wanted to keep this little photo article short as I wanted to relax a little bit just for a change, considering all of the hard work I’ve been producing for my film and photography course most recently.

What have you been getting up to this Good Friday? I’d love to know what all of you have been doing today in this lovely weather .

Also, just wanted to say:


Alex Smithson

Recommended app that I used to take this photograph: Camera+

A Bright, Beautiful & Joyful Day in the Borough of Croydon.

As we had relatively mild but refreshing Spring weather in Croydon over the course of yesterday, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity during my lunch break to get a large number of photos whilst I had the free time available.

Luckily, because there was not a spot of bad weather at all, I did find taking these photographs a lot better than how I would normally take them when there’s bad weather, but I did take some dangerous risks in taking photos while standing on the pavement between the bus routes and the tram lines, as I was making sure to take the photos while there was no form of transport coming from either direction. Don’t worry, I was being extremely cautious of my surroundings, so I did make sure to keep an eye out for my own safety.

I was lucky I had plenty of free time on my hands during my lunch break, as I wanted to get some more photos in of Croydon, but this time focusing on the parts of Croydon that I haven’t had a chance to photograph properly before.

These photographs which I took with the Camera+ app (Recommended) is just an insight of the kind of photography skills I am currently learning to put to good use considering I’m studying on the UAL (University of the Arts London) Level 3 Diploma Film & Photography Course at Croydon College.

In the first two weeks back at college, I’ve already completed the filming of my final stop-frame animation film (using two sock puppets and some building blocks), as I’ve shot 100 photos for my film, and yesterday, I was using the Ultra Key (Chroma Key) in Adobe Premiere at Croydon College to get rid of the green screen in all of the photos I took, as I would be using one of the Natural History Museum photos I took as a backdrop for my film, given that my film is based around depression, as the concept of my film focuses on a teacher who is on the edge after receiving the sack from his job, though the character I’ve made, who is the teacher that is depressed, bumps into someone who helps him to turn his life around and to get him back on his feet.

I’m hoping, if it’s possible over next week, to get the film finished, and then possibly publish it in full on YouTube, so that I can embed the video in another article. The video has been a lot of hard work, but hopefully I’ll be able to finish it, and then publish it.

But back to the subject of things, I thought yesterday was a lovely day, considering that it was relatively mild, but nice and sunny as well, and I hope to get out more during this year by going places to get some more photos, which I can hopefully publish on here.

If you enjoyed viewing the photos I took and added to this article, please feel free to feedback your thoughts on this article, including the photos I took. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson