The Discomforting Perceptions of Airbrushed Photographs.

On every magazine cover or newspaper you’ve read, you may notice there’s been the odd airbrushing or two on all of the magazine and newspaper covers of someone famous you know.

Every photograph I’ve produced that features any friends of mine have never been airbrushed and have never been photoshopped. Of course, I’ve edited some of my photographs by changing some of them to black and white to bring out the facial features of the subjects I photograph so that you still see an all-natural look, but I would never even dream of airbrushing any photographs I produce as I would rather you all see the subjects I photograph for what they actually look like naturally, not what society wants them to look like when airbrushed as airbrushing is not normal.

Airbrushing was the topic of conversation on today’s edition of Loose Women, as body dysmorphia is becoming worryingly common, as a vast majority of some people feel insecure about how their bodies look and they feel they should fix what makes them insecure when they shouldn’t.

Personally, I find airbrushing to be completely uncomfortable, as I would rather look at a photograph of someone famous, especially if it’s a close friend of mine that shows them completely natural with no airbrushing applied rather than look at a photograph of someone famous, especially if it’s a close friend of mine that shows noticeable airbrushing because airbrushing is a complete turn-off. It also promotes negativity for mental health, as airbrushing is another leading example of the stigma that surrounds mental health, considering mental health is only just being taken notice of after so many years of being ignored.

Airbrushing is the vanity card of the future that will alter anyone’s appearance and personally and honestly, I would rather be realistic by saying I would rather see a famous celebrity or close friend of mine all-natural rather than see constant airbrushing in photographs.

I know I’ve probably repeated myself over and over again but I will say this. Don’t ever expect to see any airbrushed photos on here as I am going all natural with my photographs so you actually see what any of my subjects actually look like rather than see any photos that are unnatural.

Mother Nature intends to stick to the all-natural realism of photography, and as for airbrushing, airbrushing is banned!

Do you find airbrushed photographs to be discomforting?

Does it make you uncomfortable knowing you’re looking at the discomforting perceptions of an airbrushed photograph as opposed to an unedited, all-natural photograph?

Do you believe airbrushing promotes negativity for Mental Health in the sense people should be made to look at a photograph that isn’t natural, but is airbrushed?

Please tell me in the comments. I would love to hear what you’ve got to say about the whole unrealistic world of airbrushing.

Alex Smithson

Need a Quick Hair Fix? Try L’Oreal’s Matt & Messy Putty!

As I use this hair product on a regular basis to make sure the style of my hair stays as trendy as possible, I wanted to recommend L’Oreal‘s Matt & Messy Hair Putty to all of you.

Whether you’re someone who likes to style your hair in a certain way, no matter what the occasion, L’Oreal’s Matt & Messy Putty will leave your hair feeling refreshed and not only that but when you put the putty in your hair and style your hair the way you want it to look, the putty isn’t noticeable and you’ll feel like you didn’t put any putty in, which goes to prove how good this product really is.

I use this product on a regular basis as I always love to make sure first impressions count, and even after the first impression, I still love to use L’Oreal’s Matt & Messy Putty as I can still look the part even if I do or don’t choose to go out.

The benefits you’ll get from this hair product is that it doesn’t leave visible clumps of putty in your hair at all, as it’s not clumpy in any shape or form. This hair product will really benefit you for any occasion and this product is so easily workable in your hair, no matter what hairstyle you choose to have and because L’Oreal’s Matt & Messy Putty gives your hair that roughed up natural look, it makes your hair look as natural as possible whilst keeping the hairstyle you have in check.

L’Oreal make sure to deliver, and if that doesn’t convince you, then I know this will. L’Oreal’s Matt & Messy Putty can be washed out easily and doesn’t leave any clumps of putty in your hair, and it doesn’t even create clumps of putty in your hair when you apply the Matt & Messy Putty to it.

I use this hair product on a daily basis and it has always delivered the best results each time.

If you are in need of a quick hair fix, I recommend L’Oreal’s Matt & Messy Putty.

Alex Smithson

The Natural Roots of June

Almost two weeks ago, I took the opportunity when we had the lovely sunny weather to take some photos out in my garden, and for the first time with my Nikon D3300 DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex), I used the Aperture Priority function on all of the photos, which delivered spectacular results that I didn’t achieve as much as I used to before.

Below are all of the 31 photographs I took on the 5th June 2016:

I have picked 5 of the 31 photos at random to receive the black and white treatment and here they are in their full glory.

If you enjoyed my first proper set of professional nature photographs in Aperture Priority mode, please feel free to submit feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

Also, as of today, I am officially 18 Years Old 😉🎉🎊🎁🎂🎇🎆👍💯👌!!!!!!!!!!

A Great Day Out At Kelsey Park!

Hello again!

To round off an incredible end to July, I took a lot of flowery photos at Kelsey Park, and to much of a surprise, there were a lot of Canada geese, and it was a great opportunity to get shots of them almost close-up.

The texture on one of the Canada geese however was so detailed, and also made it clear to see how structured their feathers were when in the water.

As an unusual surprise, a Canada goose certainly wasn’t camera shy, because it looked directly at the camera when I took the picture, but you could say he was definitely quite a poser.

I noticed that most of the geese were preening at their feathers. I thought it was weird, as I have never seem them do that before, but then I realised it’s something they do naturally.

I got a photo of a squirrel, just as it thought about running off. It seemed like it was in a rush to get some nuts.

Out of the two dandelion photos I took, one of them featured a drone bee, and the other also had a White Cabbage butterfly, but I did however get them with such sharp detail. The butterfly as a whole had a veiny structure to it, while the antenna on the butterfly itself stood out.

I wasn’t exactly sure what some of the plants were called, as I have never seen some of these new ones before.

Please could you leave comments underneath this blog post of the plants that I was unable to name, as I wasn’t sure what they were, as I never saw these new ones before.

But again, thank you all for another incredible month, and I’ll post more over August.

20130731-103051 PM.jpg

20130731-103107 PM.jpg

20130731-103128 PM.jpg

20130731-103119 PM.jpg

20130731-103152 PM.jpg

20130731-103159 PM.jpg

20130731-103206 PM.jpg

20130731-103234 PM.jpg

20130731-103225 PM.jpg

20130731-103322 PM.jpg

20130731-103342 PM.jpg

20130731-103350 PM.jpg

20130731-103357 PM.jpg

20130731-103403 PM.jpg

20130731-103414 PM.jpg

20130731-103423 PM.jpg

20130731-103433 PM.jpg

20130731-103441 PM.jpg

20130731-103503 PM.jpg

20130731-103512 PM.jpg

20130731-103519 PM.jpg

20130731-103533 PM.jpg

20130731-103539 PM.jpg

20130731-103554 PM.jpg

20130731-103545 PM.jpg

20130731-103602 PM.jpg

20130731-103621 PM.jpg

20130731-103627 PM.jpg

20130731-103634 PM.jpg

20130731-103649 PM.jpg

20130731-103657 PM.jpg

20130731-103710 PM.jpg

20130731-103719 PM.jpg

20130731-103726 PM.jpg

20130731-103744 PM.jpg

20130731-103733 PM.jpg

20130731-103805 PM.jpg

20130731-103818 PM.jpg

20130731-103829 PM.jpg

20130731-103853 PM.jpg

20130731-103907 PM.jpg

20130731-103913 PM.jpg

20130731-103900 PM.jpg

20130731-103938 PM.jpg

20130731-103931 PM.jpg

20130731-103956 PM.jpg

20130731-104008 PM.jpg

20130731-104021 PM.jpg

20130731-104032 PM.jpg

20130731-104108 PM.jpg

20130731-104115 PM.jpg

20130731-104125 PM.jpg

20130731-104135 PM.jpg

20130731-104141 PM.jpg

20130731-104203 PM.jpg

20130731-104216 PM.jpg

20130731-104223 PM.jpg

20130731-104236 PM.jpg

20130731-104247 PM.jpg

20130731-104309 PM.jpg

20130731-104258 PM.jpg

20130731-104344 PM.jpg

20130731-104400 PM.jpg

20130731-104421 PM.jpg

20130731-104434 PM.jpg

20130731-104441 PM.jpg

20130731-104447 PM.jpg

20130731-104457 PM.jpg

20130731-104524 PM.jpg

20130731-104534 PM.jpg

20130731-104604 PM.jpg

20130731-104613 PM.jpg

20130731-104620 PM.jpg

20130731-104629 PM.jpg

20130731-104640 PM.jpg