Ben Haenow / One Night Tour / Special Tour Review! – Tuesday 19th April 2016

As the Croydon-born talented musician, also the winner of The X Factor 2014, Ben Haenow, kicked off his One Night Tour on the 15th April 2016, which ran until the 23rd April 2016, everyone was full of excitement, including myself, as he came back to his hometown, Croydon, on the 19th April 2016, to perform his One Night Tour at Fairfield Halls / The Ashcroft Theatre, which promoted his self-titled debut album, Ben Haenow, which was released on Friday 13th November 2015.

As I waited for this night to arrive since I purchased my pre-sale ticket in November, I knew from the moment I purchased my ticket to see him perform that this night would be the best night I would ever have. The last time I saw him perform was at his homecoming just outside the HMV store in Croydon, connected to the Whitgift Centre, when it was chucking down with rain, and he performed Jealous Guy (originally by John Lennon) and Come Together (originally by The Beatles).

The One Night Tour was out of this world. Ben instantly took the roof off of Fairfield Halls off and everyone in the auditorium stood up, and hearing him perform on tour gave me goosebumps, as I knew that this night was the night I waited for, and not just that, but on the closing song that he performed, which was his X Factor winner’s single: “Something I Need (originally by OneRepublic)”, everyone at the front of the stage got up on the stage to sing with him, and I did too. None of us got into trouble at all because he wanted us to join him on stage, and I won’t lie to you, it’s my first ever time going to see a musician perform on tour.

After the tour ended, I was able to get a photo with Ben’s brother, Alex Haenow, the Opening Act, James Plimmer, including the main man himself, Ben Haenow!!!!! Tuesday night was absolutely worth the wait, and I would do anything to go back to that night. Ben Haenow is such a down-to-earth guy, and it is an absolute honour to have met him.

Below are the best photos I took at Fairfield Halls before, during and after the One Night Tour, including some photos with Ben Haenow, Alex Haenow and James Plimmer. I have also got video footage from the One Night Tour which will also be included as a YouTube video, documenting parts of the tour as it happened.

Opening Act: James Plimmer

Ben Haenow & Alex Haenow!!!!!!!!!!

Below is the video of the 18 video clips I recorded at Fairfield Halls during Ben Haenow’s One Night Tour, featuring James Plimmer and Alex Haenow. These small clips, which are combined into a 12-minute video give you a taster of what Ben performed on his One Night Tour on the 19th April 2016 at Fairfield Halls / The Ashcroft Theatre, in Croydon, opposite Croydon College.

To Ben Haenow, Alex Haenow and James Plimmer, thanks so much for a perfect night, and I hope to see you guys perform again in the future 😉👍👌

Alex Smithson

© Ben Haenow 2016

The Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games | The Opening Ceremony in Review


Hello everyone, as promised, I will talk about the Opening Ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games as it unfolded.

All the crowds that purchased their tickets to see the Opening Ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games were certainly over the moon with the wonderful and energetic display that was put on tonight. Crowds gathered around the stadium to witness the afterglow of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as some or most of the athletes that took part in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games made their appearance in the Celtic Football Club stadium where the Opening Ceremony was held.

Many famous faces, such as Victoria Pendleton, Sir Chris Hoy and the Royal Majesty herself, the Queen, including Prince Philip (The Duke of Edinburgh) made a substantial and remarkable appearance upon the progress of the Opening Ceremony.

More than 70 Commonwealth countries are set to take part in this year’s 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow as part of an ongoing timeline of events that are set to begin.

One of the true world leaders was recognised tonight and will always be remembered, Nelson Mandela. He was recognised for the Commonwealth Games while the Opening Ceremony was in progress. He is a world leader who will never be forgotten.

To draw the Opening Ceremony to an astounding and fantastic close, a large firework display unfolded before everyone’s eyes, and everyone was cheering on for each country that would be participating in this year’s 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow for 2014.

Before I conclude this blog post, I would like to say that tonight’s Opening Ceremony was fantastic, was also flawless, and went according to plan. It was one of the best, remarkable display’s that has ever been put on in history. Glasgow have done such a wonderful job delivering a flawless performance for the Opening Ceremony, and they have also truly done themselves proud.

Thank you for viewing this blog post :-).

Alex Smithson