iPhone X Wallpaper Pack #1

Ahead of Friday’s release of the hotly anticipated tenth anniversary iPhone, the iPhone X (officially pronounced 10), I have created some new wallpapers, some with the logo’s cube on and some without, depending on the wallpaper and colour choice you may have for your choice of wallpaper.

They are sized exactly to the wallpaper specifications of the iPhone X, as noted in the tech specs on Apple’s website, though if you want to create your own iPhone X wallpapers, here are the width and height dimensions of the iPhone X screen:

Width: 1125

Height: 2436.

Mother Nature Cube


Please feel free to download these wallpapers. To save these wallpapers to your iPhone X on release day, press and hold the image and then press ‘Save Image‘.

Are you excited for the iPhone X? I sure am. Please let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the iPhone X. All comments welcome.

Alex Smithson

A Blossoming Friendship!

Hello!! I was away for a few days after getting snaps of Mallows and Roses. To cut this short, I took lesser photos as I’m doing another blog post tomorrow from when I get back from Battersea Park, so I’ve put the photos below for a full-size download.

I have provided a Dropbox link below of these photos (cropped) in a folder named ‘Nature’s Wonders’, so if you want to save these photos for your iPod touch and iPhone 5, you just tap on the picture you want to save, then tap & hold, and then press ‘Save Image’ and it.


Stay tuned, as I’m also uploading a video to YouTube of these photos.

Update: Just as promised, the video is now available to watch, it plays better in 1080p HD.

20130821-085548 PM.jpg

20130821-085557 PM.jpg

20130821-085604 PM.jpg

20130821-085611 PM.jpg

20130821-085627 PM.jpg

20130821-085621 PM.jpg

20130821-085639 PM.jpg

20130821-085647 PM.jpg

20130821-085653 PM.jpg

20130821-085705 PM.jpg

20130821-085659 PM.jpg

20130821-085728 PM.jpg

20130821-085712 PM.jpg

20130821-085741 PM.jpg

20130821-085754 PM.jpg

20130821-085748 PM.jpg

20130821-085802 PM.jpg

20130821-085816 PM.jpg

20130821-085821 PM.jpg