Insecurities: How Do They Define Us As People?

“We are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words won’t bring us down.” – Christina Aguilera – Track: Beautiful

Insecurities are what make us the people we are. So what if we were born imperfect. So what if we were born different. So what if we were born imperfect. We should realise that we are all beautiful no matter what anyone says or thinks about us.

Insecurities define us all as the people we are. It’s perfectly acceptable and perfectly normal to be different, because we are all beautiful. We are all different. So what if anyone judges you, they’re insecure themselves but you should never feel the same way as they do. They just don’t realise how insecure they are themselves.

We were born with a purpose, and that was to never change a single thing about ourselves. We were born to never let anyone’s words bring us down. We were born to never let judgement define us as people. But most of all, we were born to never judge others for who they are.

We were born to be ourselves and to never let anyone make us insecure no matter what they would say or do, including what they may have already said and did.

I will conclude by saying this. Never let anyone’s words bring you down. Never let anyone make you feel insecure and never let anyone make you feel that you’re something that you are not when they’re insecure themselves. Always realise you are beautiful in every single way, and never change who you are or what you look like to suit others. Be yourself and never change for anyone, that’s all that matters.

Alex Smithson

Don’t Wait / Joey Graceffa / Special Music Feature

It is an absolute honour to talk about Joey Graceffa’s new record, Don’t Wait.

Since Joey Graceffa released this record earlier this week, I was instantly hooked on it after I gave his record its first listen yesterday, and my god, it is absolutely fantastic.

Joey Graceffa uploaded the “Don’t Wait” Official Music Video to YouTube last night, and I was blown away, it’s that good, as it document’s some of his life struggles, with a friend of his being by his side to this day.

You may be wondering why I’ve used a wide range of colours on the image’s text. This is because I have made sure to celebrate Joey Graceffa for who he is, and for what he does. It has been revealed by Joey Graceffa himself that he has officially come out as gay, in the debut release of his first ever book: “In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World“, which comes out and hits store shelves on Tuesday. I am absolutely proud of Joey Graceffa, because it takes a lot of guts for someone like him to come out and reveal their sexuality to the world, and I am absolutely proud of him for the fact he has chosen to reveal his sexuality in his own, and official style.

I support the LGBT Community entirely because for those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, I believe in equality, LGBT equality and gender equality entirely, no matter what sexuality the person is. I respect all of those who have come out and expressed their sexualities to the world, because everyone in this world deserves to be treated equally, no matter what sexuality they are, and everyone should be respected for who they are and also be treated with the full respect that they deserve.

After watching the music video, I was blown away, it’s fantastic, it has a lot of personal, yet interesting values to it, and Joey has managed to create this video in a way where everyone can watch it, and also find out more about not just his personal life, but some of the bad and good parts of his life as well. This music video has a kind of video-game effect behind it, because some of the clothing that Joey Graceffa wore in this music video has a similar, yet realistic approach to the video-game character, Link, from Nintendo’s Gaming Series: “The Legend of Zelda“.

After being hooked on this song, I took to the iTunes Store to purchase Joey Graceffa’s “Don’t Wait” Single. The single’s artwork can be found in its full, High-Definition glory below.

Don't Wait - Single
© Don’t Wait – Single – Official Artwork – Joey Graceffa 2015

In its full glory, here is the Music Video of Joey Graceffa’s latest record: “Don’t Wait”, which is now available to watch below in Full HD.

I recommend that you go and buy Joey Graceffa’s single: “Don’t Wait” on iTunes, Google Play and any other music services that are selling this record now. It has a lot of sentimental value to it, and it is the type of record that you’ll want to keep on listening to. This record by Joey Graceffa has a personal, sentimental and bold value to it, and it is something that will most definitely tug at your heart-strings. You’ll love it instantly on its first listen. Go on, you know you want to buy it.

Alex Smithson

© Joey Graceffa 2015

Note: Homophobic and sexual comments will not be allowed, and if any homophobic and sexual comments are made, they will be deleted.

Ben Haenow | Croydon | Winner of The X Factor 2014


4 months ago, Ben Haenow auditioned for the ITV Studios programme, The X Factor, and with much delight, this marked the beginning of what would be one of his biggest challenges yet.

Over the course of the 4 months since the beginning of The X Factor, Ben has fought his way through every week, making sure to guarantee his spot in the final on Saturday & Sunday night’s shows. Every week, Ben has rapidly got better and better as his journey progressed, and, last night, Ben Haenow, from Croydon, won this year’s X Factor.

I kept my fingers crossed, hoping for Ben to win, as I went to see his homecoming performance last Tuesday, which was fantastic, despite braving the wind and rain with no coat on until I got on my bus home. The two songs that Ben performed at his homecoming in Croydon was Come Together by The Beatles and Jealous Guy by John Lennon.

I must admit, despite the heavy workload I took on to complete by the 3:45PM deadline today, this weekend just gone was funny and emotional, because, during the course of Saturday’s first part of the X Factor Final, I noticed I was on TV twice on the left hand side of the audience, because I was at the front, and I did nothing but crease up in fits of laughter, because, when you’re having a good time, generally you wouldn’t think about it, and even though I knew the camera was panning on my side, I just cheered because I wanted Ben to win, and it was hilarious to see that I made two TV appearances in just a few split seconds. I still think about it even now, and always will for the rest of my life.

The X Factor Finals on both Saturday & Sunday were absolutely tense and so close, but, after hearing Ben’s name being announced that he had won the X Factor for 2014, I burst out shouting: “YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” because it was a long journey, but my goodness, I have followed Ben’s time on the programme since his first audition, and I will always continue to follow the future aspects of his career now he has become a star.

I am absolutely proud of Ben, and I feel absolutely proud to be a Croydonian, we love you Ben, the whole world loves you!!!!!!!!

Since last night’s final, Ben Haenow’s debut single: “Something I Need” has shot straight to the Number 1 spot on iTunes, and has since become one of the fastest selling singles in the 10 year history of The X Factor.

It gives me the absolute pleasure to announce that Ben Haenow’s debut single: “Something I Need” is now a permanent fixture on Mother Nature via Spotify, starting from today.

To download Ben Haenow’s debut single: “Something I Need”, head to the iTunes Store by clicking here.

I want to congratulate our Croydon lad, Ben Haenow, for fighting for the winner’s crown all the way to the end, and I am absolutely proud of him. I’m absolutely proud of you Ben Haenow. We love you Ben!!!

Alex Smithson