1 Small Change – Accessibility made easier + New Header Design!

Hello again! I gave the blog a bit of a slight redesign, and to make the accessibility easier around the blog, I have made a home button, so if you want to get back to the home-page, the home button is in the top left-hand corner. I have also done away with the title and tagline of the blog, as I have designed a header, placing both the title of this blog and the tagline in the middle of the home-page, making it easier to view, so that the blog stands out.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the new ‘Home’ button, or drop me an email via the contact form on this blog.

20131013-090926 pm.jpg

Autumnal September! – Changes to the Header of this blog.

Hello again!! I apologize if I have changed the header more than once because I gave the blog this new theme called ‘Adventure Journal‘, but on the other hand, I have designed a new header which is live above this post, and I have also used cropped versions of the photos I already have on this blog and made them smaller to fit underneath the name and tagline of this blog.

You might notice that I have made the photos look tiled, like as if they were printed on a canvas.

Feel free to give feedback on what you think of the new theme and header.