Ben Haenow / One Night Tour / Special Tour Review! – Tuesday 19th April 2016

As the Croydon-born talented musician, also the winner of The X Factor 2014, Ben Haenow, kicked off his One Night Tour on the 15th April 2016, which ran until the 23rd April 2016, everyone was full of excitement, including myself, as he came back to his hometown, Croydon, on the 19th April 2016, to perform his One Night Tour at Fairfield Halls / The Ashcroft Theatre, which promoted his self-titled debut album, Ben Haenow, which was released on Friday 13th November 2015.

As I waited for this night to arrive since I purchased my pre-sale ticket in November, I knew from the moment I purchased my ticket to see him perform that this night would be the best night I would ever have. The last time I saw him perform was at his homecoming just outside the HMV store in Croydon, connected to the Whitgift Centre, when it was chucking down with rain, and he performed Jealous Guy (originally by John Lennon) and Come Together (originally by The Beatles).

The One Night Tour was out of this world. Ben instantly took the roof off of Fairfield Halls off and everyone in the auditorium stood up, and hearing him perform on tour gave me goosebumps, as I knew that this night was the night I waited for, and not just that, but on the closing song that he performed, which was his X Factor winner’s single: “Something I Need (originally by OneRepublic)”, everyone at the front of the stage got up on the stage to sing with him, and I did too. None of us got into trouble at all because he wanted us to join him on stage, and I won’t lie to you, it’s my first ever time going to see a musician perform on tour.

After the tour ended, I was able to get a photo with Ben’s brother, Alex Haenow, the Opening Act, James Plimmer, including the main man himself, Ben Haenow!!!!! Tuesday night was absolutely worth the wait, and I would do anything to go back to that night. Ben Haenow is such a down-to-earth guy, and it is an absolute honour to have met him.

Below are the best photos I took at Fairfield Halls before, during and after the One Night Tour, including some photos with Ben Haenow, Alex Haenow and James Plimmer. I have also got video footage from the One Night Tour which will also be included as a YouTube video, documenting parts of the tour as it happened.

Opening Act: James Plimmer

Ben Haenow & Alex Haenow!!!!!!!!!!

Below is the video of the 18 video clips I recorded at Fairfield Halls during Ben Haenow’s One Night Tour, featuring James Plimmer and Alex Haenow. These small clips, which are combined into a 12-minute video give you a taster of what Ben performed on his One Night Tour on the 19th April 2016 at Fairfield Halls / The Ashcroft Theatre, in Croydon, opposite Croydon College.

To Ben Haenow, Alex Haenow and James Plimmer, thanks so much for a perfect night, and I hope to see you guys perform again in the future 😉👍👌

Alex Smithson

© Ben Haenow 2016

My Journey Through a Lens: Out Now!!!

After just 9 months of hard work, effort and designing, My Journey Through a Lens is finally available, starting from today. With this book being over 400+ pages long, this book is indeed the largest book I have ever made, which follows up from my previous book: “A Year in Photography”, which was released last September.

As this book has pieced together bit-by-bit like a puzzle for the past 9 months, I have talked about certain famous icons, such as Henry VIII, Queen Victoria, Guy Fawkes, Mary | Queen of Scots, Winston Churchill and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and as well as that, I have also talked about the former president, Nelson Mandela.

In this book, I have also talked about our Croydon lad, Ben Haenow, who was crowned the winner of the X Factor 2014, and not only that, but I have also talked about the Queen of Pop, Madonna, who has been given 3 special mentions in terms of her recently released album, Rebel Heart (released on Monday 9th March 2015), along with her two recently released videos that followed on from her “Living for Love” video, Ghosttown and Bitch I’m Madonna.

There is so much in this book that I have offered, and I feel absolutely glad to have worked hard on this book, as it has given me the strength to continue writing not just for Mother Nature, but also the strength to write a 4th. Now that this book is finally out in the open, I will begin working on Book #4 soon, as I will be making sure to get this third book printed for my own use via the regular printing service, DoxDirect.

It was a lot of effort to work on this book, despite my college studies over the past year, which I have since finished and passed as well, but the most important thing is that I have taken all of the time that I need to design this book, and also format the layout of the pages, so that everything I’ve talked about has pieced together nicely.

I have also dedicated this book to a small number of people, which you’ll see on the back cover of the book, as I have dedicated this book to Ajay Mody, who sadly passed away on the 10th August 2014 after a short illness. I have also dedicated this book to the former Loose Women panellist, Lynda Bellingham, who had also sadly passed away on the 19th October 2014 from Colon Cancer. I have officially dedicated this book to the cricket player, Phillip Hughes, who had sadly passed away on the 27th November 2014, after a sudden accident.

Also, in light of this book, I have dedicated this book to a full-time working regular blogger, and that is Vijay Shah of the Half-Eaten Mind. This book is dedicated to Vijay, as he has guided me “along the way since I began my blogging journey, and is currently updating the Half-Eaten Mind with all new information”. He is a regular blogger who likes to study and keep people up-to-date on the things that he feels may interest everyone else, for example, Vijay recently studied Virtual Vexillology, which was split over 6 articles. If you’re wondering what vexillology is, vexillology is the studying of flags. If you want to at any time, please feel free to head to Vijay’s blog/website: “Half-Eaten Mind: News & Views from a Partially Digested Brain.

To round the book off on a high note, I have decided to celebrate and dedicate this book to our Croydon lad, Ben Haenow, who was crowned the winner of the X Factor 2014, with his debut single: “Something I Need (Originally released by OneRepublic) [Released by Ben in December]” going straight to Number 1. We are absolutely proud of you Ben Haenow!!! Proud to be a Croydonian!!! We will and shall always love you Ben!!!!!!!!!

If you want to download this book now, it can be found in the “Free Books” section on this website.

Enjoy :-)!!!!!!!!!

Alex Smithson

Welcome to May!!!!! A Relaxing & Delightful Month Awaits!!!!!

Hello everyone, and welcome to May on Mother Nature!!!!! As this month begins on a relaxing and delightful note, I wanted to take the chance to ring in the nice and lovely weather that the UK has been getting most recently. I absolutely love this weather, as it is not too hot, not too cold, but just right, even though there has been a bit of a breeze which has been quite cold, though I’ve managed quite well to just brave the cold breeze.

May is also the month of the year where the Whitsun season kicks in, with the Whitsun holiday being set to fall on Sunday 24th May 2015. As there is a month left to go until the start of Summer arrives, this will be the perfect time to make the most of these next few weeks while the temperature is just right, as we will all need to prepare ourselves for any of the scorching hot weather which is set to arrive around the end of June, into July.

In about 5 to 6 weeks from now, Mother Nature will be celebrating its 2nd Year on WordPress, as this website was started up on the 6th June 2013, and for Mother Nature to come this far in that time, I feel so proud to have come this far and I also feel proud to have achieved a huge amount in that time. It gives me the absolute pleasure to say a massive thank you to every single one of you, because without you all, my friends, my family, and even my teachers, I wouldn’t have got this far. Again, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, I love you all so much, and I want to make sure that the journey continues forever.

There is exciting news in store for this month, as I will be finishing up work on my third book, which is being penned for a release sometime around the end of this month, so I will be working my socks off as much as I can to make sure that this book is completed and ready for release. Don’t worry, this book will be free to download, and will become available for download on the day of its release in the Free Books Widget.

This book is set to not just be the biggest book I will have ever produced, but it will also be the longest ever book I’ve written over the course of around 7 months. Packed with over 300+ pages, this book will focus around some of the photographical articles I have created and published on Mother Nature, as well as some of the articles that focus entirely on many other different subjects that I have covered.

6 Case Studies will also be included in this book, which will focus around some notable historical icons of our past time, and as well as this, there will be some pages that focus on the musical songstress, Madonna, following the recent release of her 13th Studio Album, Rebel Heart, with our Croydon lad, Ben Haenow, the X Factor Winner of 2014 (WE LOVE YOU BEN!!!!!), being featured in this book.

I have so much in this book to offer to all of you, and trust me, you won’t be disappointed, because I have been making sure to fine-tune this book and correct any possible mistakes that have been made along the way, and I have also been very cautious as to how I have created this book, because I want to make sure that it’s perfect for all of you to read, and that this book doesn’t suffer from any form of confusion.

Aside from that, there is a lot I have to offer in store for this month, so stay tuned for the latest updates on the articles that I publish.

Until then, Welcome to May!!!!! A Relaxing & Delightful Month Awaits!!!!!

Alex Smithson