Ready for the Clocks to Go Forward?

The time went quicker than expected, and it only felt like yesterday we had just put the clocks back one hour. Time sure does fly.

Are you ready for the clocks to go forward at 1:00 AM on Sunday 26th March 2017? I’m most certainly ready for the clocks to go forward.

One thing to note:

If Airplane Mode is turned on for any devices you own, whether it be any smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, including a Laptop / PC, you will need to switch it off in order for the device to automatically go forward one hour. After the clocks have gone forward one hour on every device, Airplane Mode can be switched back on and time will continue as normal.

Alex Smithson

Welcome to March!

Welcome to March on Mother Nature! As you can see, I have decided to go retro with the article image and do it up in the inspired style of Sonic Mania, considering that Sonic Mania is set to be released within the next few months. There is news just around the corner surrounding Sonic Mania and Project Sonic 2017, which I am excited about and I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on Sonic Mania when it comes out. If Project Sonic 2017 gets an official title and if there’s all-new gameplay featuring both Classic Sonic & Modern Sonic, then I shall consider the possibility of buying the Project Sonic 2017 if it lives up to the hype. I know SEGA & Christian Whitehead both have one heck of a great year ahead so I am pretty sure they will exceed our expectations any which way.

The next few weeks are going to be much busier considering my Summative Assessment deadline for the Self-Directed Curiosity Project is right near the end of this month, so I will be making sure to work my socks off as I am so determined to pass and bump last year’s grade up to a Merit or Distinction at least. Also, I will be working harder than usual over the course of the next few weeks as I have a GCSE English Speaking & Listening Assessment coming up which I am currently preparing for, so I hope it goes well, so fingers crossed! Meanwhile, I will be making sure to put all of the hard work in with my GCSE Maths coursework as I seriously want to pass this time around.

Spring is ready to embrace its beautiful side and with the clocks going forward towards the end of the month, it is safe to say that Mother Nature will blossom with vibrant colours and displays. Not only that, but with the temperature of the weather slowly going back to normal, I cannot wait to enjoy the lovely Spring weather once again. The clocks are set to go forward as part of Daylight Saving Time on Sunday 26th March 2017 at 1:00 AM so I thought it would be wise to let you all know in advance so you know exactly when the clocks go forward.

I should warn you as I read something a short while back for when the clocks went back that if you have any devices with Airplane Mode switched on, such as an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch and any Android devices and smartwatches, then it’s recommended that Airplane Mode must be switched off very briefly in order for every device’s clock to go back or forward an hour. I am prepared for the clocks to go forward so to speak, but even so, why waste time when you make the most of it by making the best out of it?

If I am able to find the free time over the next few weeks, I may consider doing some drawings that I can publish on here, or if I head out to certain places in and around London over the next few weeks to photograph anything nature-based for my coursework, then I will make sure to publish any photography work I produce on this website.

Until then, Welcome to March!

Alex Smithson

Welcome to February!

Welcome to February on Mother Nature! As this month is expected to be just as busy as last month, it’s safe to say this month will be a lot busier considering I have a mock exam just around the corner, but also because I will be making sure to get out more and make use of the free time I have on my days off to photograph nature-based places for my Self-Directed Curiosity Project.

I should note I will be publishing less frequently considering I have a lot of revision and coursework to do, but also because I will be dedicating a whole lot more of my time to my studies, as I’ve only got the last few months of my education to think about, so I will be making sure to make use of the free time to head out to places that I can photograph for my coursework and publish any collections I can create on this website so that I can at least say I’ve worked hard and gone the extra mile to showcase my passion for photography, as well as nature and other core areas of photography.

January sure flew by real fast. I hadn’t realised how busy the beginning of 2017 would be, but I am pleased to say I have worked hard and done the best I can in the space of the first month of this year. February will be no different because I am used to being busy and I would rather work hard and achieve the best I can and also work on publishing articles for Mother Nature as I love to stay active. Inactivity and me simply don’t go together unless I decide to take a break and relax and recuperate, but still, I love to keep as active as possible so that I can have the energy to balance my coursework, revision and publishing articles for this website effectively.

Still, I will be making sure to dedicate more of my time to my studies, but I will try to publish articles here and there when I can find the free time.

Until then, welcome to February!

Alex Smithson

The Clock Goes Back 1 Hour Tonight! Are You Prepared?

As Daylight Saving Time comes to an end at 2:00 AM, it is safe to say that the much-needed extra hour of time is not long now. I’m prepared for the extra hour of sleep as I seriously need it, plus it is useful as I tend to get more work done with an extra hour in hand. It sounds like an excuse, I know you may have every reason to think that and I would never hold that against you, but it’s true, I tend to get a hell of a lot more of work done with the extra hour hand. Plus, I tend to be a whole lot more productive when it comes to writing articles for Mother Nature, as I can prepare articles in advance and then publish them at the times that I feel are best suited for anyone.

Are you prepared to get back that much-needed extra hour tonight? Please let me know by commenting below. Your feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

A Splash of Vividness

On the 1st July, I took the opportunity to get some photos of the raindrops after a downpour of rain, as the calm before the storm came and went, and then the calm after the storm came after the storm passed.

I ceased the opportunity to take these photos, as I wanted to create an updated set of photographs, with inspiration from the photos I took last year for the article: “Raindrops on Crystal Clear Glass“.

Below are the photographs in their natural glory, including a photo of the rainbow as the storm from the 1st July passed.

I feel pleased with the overall result I achieved from these photographs, as I was able to change the exposure to make these photos receive the results that I wanted. I am continuously making improvements to my photography skills so I can promise you that there is more to come. I feel quite pleased with the way these photos turned out, though I will make sure to retain an improved set of photographs for my photography collection next time.

If you enjoyed this photography article, please feel free to submit feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

Tranquility & Euphoria

We all experience certain moments of tranquility and euphoria at certain stages in our  lives, but there’s always one question that needs to be answered. What’s so good about tranquility and euphoria?

What is so good about tranquility and euphoria is that they both connect and merge together very well, as tranquility can be recognised from certain angles; peaceful, tranquil, quiet. Euphoria, on the other hand, can be recognised from other certain angles; happiness, excitement and paradise. Having a mixture of both can create a sense of joy and happiness which can be found to be overwhelming at the best of times.

At certain stages in my life, I have experienced senses of tranquility and euphoria, and it’s great how both tranquility and euphoria connect at the best of times. For instance, when you study hard, like I have been over this past year, you create for yourself the senses of tranquility and euphoria, as you suddenly find that you have a massive bag of free time that you didn’t use to have before.

Life is better when both tranquility and euphoria are involved, as you can enjoy a relaxing and peaceful life without needing to worry about what isn’t important.

Overall, I love the thought of tranquility and euphoria, but at the same time, both of those come at times when you’re hanging out with a group of friends and the same can happen for both especially when you’re around your family.

If you liked this article based on tranquility and euphoria, then please feel free to submit feedback.

All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

Success: How Good Does it Feel to Achieve Something?

When it comes to success, we all love to share our joys and excitement of succeeding at something that we have worked so hard for, but just how good does it feel to achieve success?

To me, it feels good to achieve success, as I always like to work as hard as possible to make sure that work is completed ahead of a deadline, so that I can stand more of a chance of completing other pieces of work quicker.

With success comes a lot of free time, and to get that free time, I always like to make sure I can get something done as soon as I’m given something to complete, as I hate to leave everything to chance.

In the past, I used to have the knack of procrastinating in my work, and everytime I procrastinated when it came to my studies, I used to become stress on a near-frequent basis as I would leave work to the last minute and cause myself a lot of untold stress as a result.

Procrastination is something that I use to have, but now I don’t, as I believe in completing anything work-wise that is given to me the second I am handed any pieces of work.

I have noticed that because of the fact I have completed all of my work ahead of each and every deadline, I’ve noticed that I have more free time on my hands to do my own thing, and I love the fact that I have a lot more of free time on my hands now than I did before, and it feels good to achieve success everytime I complete something early.

I hate the thought of not doing anything, as I get bored easily and it puts a drain on my energy, but I love the thought of keeping myself occupied with something as I can keep myself as active as possible with whatever I do.

I love writing and publishing articles, as writing articles for Mother Nature is like a job for me, as I like to write and publish as and when I can, and it feels so good to achieve success and also keep active.

So when it comes to success, how good does it really feel for you to achieve something that you have worked hard on? Please feel free to submit feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

The Two-Week Holiday: How Was Yours?

I’ve had two very productive weeks, which I’ve absolutely loved, as I’ve been publishing more articles than what I would usually publish in one month alone, and I even achieved something as a result of publishing so many articles, I managed to publish more than 18 articles in just one week alone, and not just that, but I’ve been finding that I’ve been far more productive considering I’ve had absolutely no work to do, and with tons of free time available.

I’ve loved the fact that these two weeks have dragged on because with the speed of time slowing down over the course of the past two weeks, it’s helped me to keep being more productive, with the ability of publishing 2-3 articles, if not up to 4, and I feel pleased to have had so much energy to produce that many in one week. I didn’t think I would be able to produce that many articles in one week.

Over the course of the two weeks that I’ve been producing these articles, I’ve been coming up with new ideas, and not only that, but I felt that doing the article about whether protective headgear should be worn at all times in boxing was the article that I felt was close to my heart, as I wanted to express my feelings for why protective headgear should be worn in boxing as well as the benefits of how it can help both sexes reduce their chances of injury.

It feels so good that I’ve kept as productive as possible, as I’ve been able to dedicate more of my own free time to writing and publishing more articles for Mother Nature, as well as being able to publish these articles at certain times during each day.

I feel more relaxed than ever now and I feel so relieved I’ve kept as active as possible with publishing articles on Mother Nature, as I’ve made sure all of you are kept up-to-date as much as possible.

How was your two-week holiday? I would love to know how your two-week holiday went. Please feel free to submit feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson

April Showers Bring Blossoming Flowers

As this month has had some of the odd occasional showers, given that earlier today, there was a small bout of rain, along with some gusty winds, it’s good to say that these April showers have brought blossoming followers for Spring.

As the gusty winds are slowly dying down now that the evening is upon us, with nightfall slowly approaching, it’s safe to say that today was quite gusty, but it’s great to see the day end on a warm and positive note.

I love Spring because it’s that time of year where the weather gets back to normal after the clocks have gone forward, and not only that, but I love Spring because of the fact the weather and the temperature are usually just right, where it’s not too hot and not too cold, but just right.

Today has been the calm before, during and after the storm, and I’m glad to see the storm has passed and the weather is more relaxed now that sunset has begun and nightfall soon beckons.

What did you all get up to today? I would love to hear your feedback based on how all of you got on today despite the weather. All feedback is much appreciated :-).

Alex Smithson

Broaden Your Horizons With All-New Ideas. Here’s How.

We all have ways of being able to come up with a range of new ideas, but it’s the kind of ideas that we come up with that can depend on how we bring something to fruition.

For the most recently published articles that I’ve done within the first few days of this month, you may have noticed that I’ve published more in the last few days than what I would be able to publish in one month alone. This is because I’ve been making sure to come up with all new ideas planned for the following day, as I’ve been using a lot of the free time I’ve got over the two-week holiday to produce more articles, given that I have absolutely no work to do until I go back to college next week.

Coming up with new ideas, whether it would be to do with something that makes the world a better place, or whether it would be to do with something that helps us get around in the world, coming up with fresh, new ideas can help us to develop something good into something far better than what we first imagine.

An idea is like a concept, and that concept can be produced with fresh ideas that bring it together.

Here’s my 5-Step Guide on how you can broaden your horizons with all-new ideas:

  1. Refer to what you’ve already created and build on some new ideas based on what you’ve already created, so that you can create something new.
  2. Come up with a concept that can support your new ideas as to how you want to produce something.
  3. Once you have the concept in mind following the new ideas you have come up with, make sure to bring them to life by developing that concept either on paper, or in a software program, such as Microsoft PowerPoint.
  4. If you want to improve the concept you had in mind initially, make sure to develop it further until you have a final concept that you can work from.
  5. Once that final concept is ready, put all those new ideas, including your final concept into motion.

Once I publish any articles, I like to make sure to use any new ideas, including any unused ideas from the previous articles to put them into something new. It’s a bit like my way of recycling the unused ideas and new ideas and putting them together again, but this time in a new form. Call it like a form of reinvention, you take what you didn’t use before and you reimagine it into something completely new, but something completely different, so that no two things are the same.

Hoping this little 5-step guide helps :-).

If you liked my guide and if it’s helped you to reinvent and reuse any ideas you didn’t use before, then please feel free to submit feedback. All feedback is much appreciated.

Alex Smithson